Davey Sammons Hits Career First on Little League Night at New Egypt Speedway

NEW EGYPT, NJ –  Davey Sammons of Bordentown, NJ captured his first Modified feature event of his career Saturday night at New Egypt Speedway. Sammons won his heat race and then led all 30 laps of the main event in front of car owner John Chemidlin who was in attendance despite still recovering from a neck injury.

“I am very happy to be able to do this in front of John (Chemidlin)’, stated an elated Sammons, “We have had a strong car this year but haven’t been able to put it all together until tonight!”

Sammons and John Packenham brought the 22-car field to the green flag with Sammons quickly leading the way with Bryan Kuhl immediately getting the runner-up spot and giving chase. These two drivers set the pace in the opening laps with Kuhl edging closer just before halfway while Brandon Grosso charged to the front from his 11th starting position. Grosso and 14th starter Billy Pauch Jr. were 4th and 5th and putting the pressure on third place Rich Rutski. As the second half of the race unfolded Sammons used his 410 sprint car experience to increase his advantage while lapping several cars. As Sammons approached heavy lapped traffic at the back of the field, the first yellow of the event for a three car tangle just ahead of the leader slowed the pace with just 6 laps remaining in the 30 lap affair. After running 1 lap and seeing a second caution appear, the field was set for what would be the final restart, now single file as only 5 laps remained. The final 5 laps saw Sammons remain in control as his very strong #747 was just too much for the rest of the field. Grosso, who had dropped back to fifth for the last restart, decided to try the far outside of the speedway over the final 5 laps and it paid off as he raced to a second place finish. Kuhl held on for a solid third, as Pauch Jr. and Rutski rounded out the top five.

The Delaware Auto Exchange Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series 305 sprint cars were back on hand for the second time this season already as “Mister Twister” Mark Bitner recorded his 8th career victory after passing young Logan Diehl in lapped traffic with 7 laps remaining. Diehl finished second, followed by defending champion Tim Tanner Jr., Jeff Geiges and Rick Stief.

The Crate Modified feature also had a first time career winner as young hot shoe George Garies Jr. claimed his first win in the 20 lap event. Joe Toth put the pressure on over the last couple of laps but Garies held him off for the popular victory. Toth settled for second, and Tom Princiotta with an excellent drive came home third. Point leader Ryan Simmons crossed the line fourth while Dan Fleming rounded out the top five.

The Lyons Construction/MetalFab Rookie feature found Anthony Tramontana Jr taking top honors for a third straight time. Nick Van Wickle and Vinny Troia chased Tramontana to the finish.

The Mike’s Performance 4-Cylinders were led by Mike Fox, who out ran the field for top honors in their 15 lap event. Defending champ Joe Garey Sr. raced home second followed by Justin Dunn, Joe Garey Jr., and Ian Ashford.

Next Sat. night May 11th is Bordentown/Chesterfield night at New Egypt Speedway as all residents of the two towns will get in for free with proof of residency. The Vahlco Wheels Modifieds will once again headline the show, joined by the Larry’s Hot Rods and Harley’s Northeast Wingless Sprints, Hammer Sportsman, Lyons Construction/MetalFab Rookie Sportsman & the Street Stocks. Gates will open at 4pm, with the first race taking place at 6pm.


Vahlco Wheels MODIFIEDS

Feature (30 laps): 1. Davey Sammons 2. Brandon Grosso 3. Bryan Kuhl 4. Billy Pauch Jr. 5. Rich Rutski 6. Ryan Godown 7. David VanHorn 8. Danny Bouc 9. JR Fulper 10. Pat Wall 11. John McClelland 12. Mike Butler 13. Wade Hendrickson 14. John Packenham 15. Brian Papiez 16. PJ Oliver 17. Cale Ross 18. Ryan Krachun 19. Kyle Kania 20. Eric Engstrom 21. TJ Lilly 22. Blaine Bracelin DNS: Dakota Kessler

Heat Winners: Davey Sammons, David VanHorn, Bryan Kuhl.

Delaware Auto Exchange MASS 305 Sprints

Feature (20 laps): 1. Mark Bitner 2. Logan Diehl 3. Tim Tanner Jr. 4. Jeff Geiges 5. Rick Stief 6. Dave Brown 7. Jason Dunn 8. Jon Haegele 9. Eddie Wagner 10. Scott Frack 11. Ricky Dieva 12. Larry McVay 13. Christopher Moll 14. Dave Bonner 15. Marie McVay 16. Randy Wilbert 17. Jon Brenfleck 18. Sam Lieberman 19. Steve Vorhees 20. Tom Carberry 21. Joe Kay 22. Ian Cumins

Heat Winners: Randy Wilbert, Sam Lieberman, Jason Dunn

Crate Modifieds

Feature (20 laps): 1. George Garies Jr. 2. Joe Toth 3. Tom Princiotta 4. Ryan Simmons 5. Dan Fleming 6. Aaron Weaver 7. Jeremy Martino 8. Steve Hicks 9. Ryan Godown Jr. 10. Nick Van Wickle 11. Anthony Tramontana Jr. 12. Johnny Bangs 13. Vinny Troia 14. Ryan Krushinski 15. Matt Miller 16. Darren Cox 17. Jim Van Wickle 18. Rob Mancini 19. Glenn McIntyre 20. Andy Walko 21. Bobby Holzwarth 22. DJ Hunt 23. Zach Merola 24. Eric Palmer 25. Kevin Borden 26. Robbie Dunn 27. Ryan Heim

Heat Winners: Eric Palmer, Rob Mancini

Lyons Construction/MetalFab Rookie Sportsman

Feature (8 laps): 1. Anthony Tramontana Jr. 2. Nick Van Wickle 3. Vinny Troia 4. Ryan Krushinski 5. Jim Van Wickle 6. Zachary Merola

DNS: DJ Hunt, Ryan Godown Jr.

Mike’s Performance 4-Cylinders

Feature (15 laps): 1. Mike Fox 2. Joe Garey Sr. 3. Justin Dunn 4. Joe Garey Jr. 5. Ian Ashford 6. Neil Rutt III 7. Dom Antonelli 8. Chuck McDonald 9. Penny Horner 10. John Ciallella 11. Ryan Cummings 12. Jim Avery 13. Scott Dunn