Bouc Takes Checkers at New Egypt Speedway

NEW EGYPT, NJ – Pipersville, Pa’s Danny Bouc proved that determination and a fast car pay off as he captured the thirty lap modified feature at the New Egypt Speedway Saturday night. The victory was his first of the young season and the sixteenth at the Route 539 oval. Taking advantage of a pole starting position, Ryan Simmons quickly darted into the lead as the green flag fell with D J Hunt in second and Brandon Grosso third.

Hunt wasted no time in becoming the new leader on lap two, and with the lap completed, the caution flag was needed for Davey Sammons who spun in turn two. Sammons was able to refire his machine and rejoin the field as Grosso showed his strength on the restart becoming the third different leader in as many laps scored. Hunt continued to pace himself behind Grosso as Bouc, who originally lined up in the number ten spot, was in third by lap four. Setting a fast yet comfortable pace, Grosso saw his night quickly come to an end when smoke billowed from the Grosso Homes #32 on lap eleven. Hunt now found himself back in the lead with two time track champion Billy Pauch Jr. in second as lap twelve was recorded.

Pauch and Bouc were wagering their own battle as current point leader Ryan Godown joined the duo on lap fourteen. While the race for the number two spot was a heated one, Hunt continued to run a consistent line around the speedway holding a four car length lead. With the white flag flying, Bouc saw the opening he needed to pass Pauch and move into second. The pass proved to be a very rewarding one as coming out of turn two the Creston Hydraulics #24 slowed allowing Bouc to assume the lead. Pauch valiantly tried to make a move as the two went into turn three but to no avail as the 33 year old driver recorded the win behind the wheel of the BDR Speed/C & S Equipment #6.

Finishing behind Pauch and Godown were Louden Reimert and Matt Stangle. Finishing in sixth was John McClelland, as Hunt coasted across the line in seventh, Ryan Krachun eighth, Justin Grosso tenth, and Kevin Vaclavicek tenth.

In the twenty lap Crate Sportsman 602 feature on Taylor Ham night, it was Ryan Heim who drove a brilliant race to win his first of the season. With veteran Steve Davis lined up in the number one position, the large crowd in attendance knew he would be a tough customer to pass, and for the first twelve laps that was the case, But Heim was not giving up and made a nice move to pass the Premio Sausage #13 on lap thirteen. Having his hands full holding off a tough foursome behind him, the 2018 Crate Rookie champion did a masterful job to take home the $1,000 for the win. Nick Van Wickle took home second place money with defending champ Joe Toth third, Stephen Kemery fourth, and early leader Davis fifth.

In the twenty five lap Delaware Auto Exchange MASS 305 main event, Brian Carber took top honors. Having the misfortune of running out of fuel while leading the race in the season opener, Carber methodically worked his way into the lead from his tenth starting spot on lap ten. A caution on lap twenty four set the stage for a one lap shootout which saw Carber hold off Buddy Schweibinz for the win. Jeff Paulson, Eddie Wagner, and Aiden Borden rounded out the top five.

Joe Garey Jr. bested Doug Ashford to win the fifteen lap 4-Cylinder feature. Tim Jones crossed the finish line in third with early leader Eric Degler fourth, and Joe Garey Sr fifth.

 Issac Elsner led the eight lap Crate Rookie feature from start to finish taking his first career feature win. The former 4 Cylinder campaigner kept his composure throughout the race and held off a late race challenge by Ryan Mahler to take the win. Tim Franks finished third.

Next up on the schedule is Little League Night featuring the Modifieds, Crate Sportsman 602, NEWS, Street Stocks, and the Rookies. Racing begins promptly at 6 PM.

Modified Heat Race Quick Results (10 Laps):
Heat #1: 1.) Billy Pauch Jr 2.) John McClelland 3.) Matt Stangle 4.) Ryan Simmons 5.) Clay Butler 6.) Bryan Kuhl 7.) Jack Butler 8.) Will Dupree 9.) Paul Mancini
Heat #2: 1.) DJ Hunt 2.) Brandon Grosso 3.) Anthony Tramontana 4.) Jim Housworth 5.) Kevin Borden 6.) Frank Venezia 7.) Ryan Godown 8.) Justin Grosso 9.) Tim Apgar
Heat #3: 1.) Danny Bouc 2.) Louden Reimert 3.) Davey Sammons 4.) Ryan Krachun 5.) Ryan Godown Jr 6.) Kevin Vaclavicek 7.) Chris Grbac 8.) Wade Hendrickson
DNS: Jack Swain

Modified Feature Quick Results (30 Laps):
1.) DANNY BOUC 2.) Billy Pauch Jr. 3.) Ryan Godown 4.) Louden Reimert 5.) Matt Stangle 6.) John McClelland 7.) DJ Hunt 8.) Ryan Krachun 9.) Justin Grosso 10.) Kevin Vaclavicek 11.) Jim Housworth 12.) Jack Butler 13.) Ryan Godown Jr 14.) Bryan Kuhl 15.) Clay Butler 16.) Will Dupree 17.) Chris Grbac 18.) Kevin Borden 19.) Anthony Tramontana 20.) Paul Mancini 21.) Brandon Grosso 22.) Ryan Simmons 23.) Davey Sammons 24.) Frank Venezia

Heat Race Winners: Billy Pauch Jr, DJ Hunt & Danny Bouc

Flemington Department Store Rookie Feature Quick Results (8 Laps):
1.) ISAAC ELSNER 2.) Ryan Maher 3.) Tim Franks

602 Crate Sportsman Heat Race Quick Results (8 Laps):
Heat #1: 1.) Pat Wall 2.) Matt Ellery 3.) David Miloszar Jr 4.) Joe Toth 5.) Dan Fleming 6.) Will Protinick 7.) Sarah Napora 8.) Dylan Morris 9.) Joe Nappi
Heat #2: 1.) Steve Davis 2.) Ryan Heim 3.) Joe Brown 4.) Johnny Bangs 5.) George Gareis Jr 6.) Amanda Buchel 7.) Ryan Krushinski 8.) Frank Frasco 9.) Glenn McIntyre
Heat #3: 1.) Mike Toth 2.) Ryan Simmons 3.) David Burns 4.) Nick Van Wickle 5.) Wayne Weaver 6.) Stephen Kemery 7.) Aaron Weaver 8.) Tommy Klimkowski

602 Crate Sportsman Consi Quick Results (8 Laps):
1.) Ryan Krushinski 2.) Sarah Napora 3.) Tommy Klimkowski 4.) Joe Nappi 5.) Aaron Weaver 6.) Ryan Maher 7.) Glenn McIntyre 8.) Frank Frasco 9.) Dylan Morris

602 Crate Sportsman Feature Quick Results (20 Laps):
1.) RYAN HEIM 2.) Nick Van Wickle 3.) Joe Toth 4.) Stephen Kemery 5.) Steve Davis 6.) Joe Brown 7.) Matt Ellery 8.) David Burns 9.) Wayne Weaver 10.) Pat Wall 11.) Mike Toth 12.) George Gareis Jr. 13.) Ryan Krushinski 14.) Amanda Buchel 15.) Dan Fleming 16.) Joe Nappi 17.) Johnny Bangs 18.) Aaron Weaver 19.) David Miloszar Jr. 20.) Tommy Klimkowski 21.) Ryan Maher 22.) Sarah Napora 23.) Isaac Elsner 24.) Ryan Simmons 25.) Will Protinick 26.) Tim Franks

Heat Race Winners: Pat Wall, Steve Davis & Mike Toth

Factory Stocks Heat Race Quick Results (6 Laps):
Heat #1: 1.) John Carpenter 2.) Robert Stack 3.) Kristin O’Shea 4.) Gary Burton

Factory Stocks Feature Quick Results (15 Laps):
1.) JOHN CARPENTER 2.) Robert Stack 3.) Kristin O’Shea 4.) Gary Burton

Heat Race Winner: John Carpenter

MASS 305 Heat Race Quick Results (8 Laps):
Heat #1: 1.) Kenny Laureno 2.) Joe Kay 3.) DJ Tanner 4.) Eddie Wagner 5.) Buddy Schweibinz 6.) Cory Cornell 7.) Dale Eggert 8.) RJ Panella
Heat #2: 1.) Brian Carberry 2.) Bob Devault 3.) Jeff Paulson 4.) Aidan Borden 5.) Shelby Kelly 6.) David Luther 7.) Dave Brown
Heat #3: 1.) Mark Bitner 2.) Tim Iulg 3.) Phil Meisner 4.) Larry McVay 5.) Jacob Kreider 6.) Darren Cox 7.) Jason Dunn

MASS 305 Feature Quick Results (25 Laps):
1.) BRIAN CARBER 2.) Buddy Schweibinz 3.) Jeff Paulson 4.) Eddie Wagner 5.) Aidan Borden 6.) Phil Meisner 7.) Mark Bitner 8.) Jared Kreider 9.) DJ Tanner 10.) Tim Iulg 11.) Dale Eggert 12.) Larry McVay 13.) Bob Devault 14.) Joe Kay 15.) Darren Cox 16.) Shelby Kelly 17.) RJ Panella 18.) Jason Dunn 19.) Cory Cornell 20.) Kenny Laureno 21.) Dave Brown 22.) David Luther

Heat Race Winners: Kenny Laureno, Brian Carber & Mark Bitner

4-Cylinder Heat Race Quick Results (6 Laps):
Heat #1: 1.) Eric Degler 2.) Douglas Ashford 3.) Joe Garey Jr. 4.) Chris Gall 5.) Garett Mull 6.) Chris Mancini 7.) Dan Stein Jr. 8.) Mark Stein Sr. 9.) Jerry Stanzione 10.) Shawn Teal
DNS: Ian Ashford
Heat #2: 1.) Mike Fox 2.) Dominick Antonelli 3.) Joe Garey Sr 4.) Ed Ford 5.) Bobby Drayton IV 6.) Tim Jones 7.) Kelly Fleming 8.) Bob Johnson 9.) Dale Mull
DNS: Penny Horner

4-Cylinder Feature Quick Results (15 Laps):
1.) JOE GAREY JR. 2.) Douglas Ashford 3.) Tim Jones 4.) Eric Degler 5.) Joe Garey Sr. 6.) Ed Ford 7.) Chris Gall 8.) Mark Stein Sr. 9.) Kelly Fleming 10.) Chris Mancini 11.) Dan Stein Jr. 12.) Shawn Teal 13.) Bobby Drayton IV 14.) Bob Johnson 15.) Dominick Antonelli 16.) Mike Fox 17.) Garrett Mull
DNS: Jerry Stanzione, Dale Mull, Penny Horner, Ian Ashford

Heat Race Winners: Eric Delger & Mike Fox

TBM ‘Tough Brake” Award Winner: DJ Hunt