Godown Gets Back on Track with New Egypt Win

NEW EGYPT, NJ – Current point leader, Ryan Godown, turned in another impressive performance Sunday night winning the thirty lap modified main event. The win was his third of the young season and the fifty second of his career at the New Egypt Speedway. Paul Mancini grabbed the lead as the initial green flag fell with Anthony Tramontana second and Ryan Godown Jr. third. Jack Butler replaced Godown Jr in third on lap two, and as he did, the first of many caution flags flew for an incident involving Danny Bouc, Ryan Krachun, and DJ Hunt. All three were able to return to action as Mancini once again picked up the pace on the restart. Butler became the number two man on lap three, but was quickly replaced by Brandon Grosso on lap four.

A spinning Bryan Kuhl brought out another caution period on lap six, and when the race resumed, it was Grosso who out ran Mancini to become the new leader of the race. Methodically working his way to the front of the field from his twelfth starting position, Godown cracked the top five on lap five and was preparing to make a move when Butler saw a good run slip away as he spun in turn two on lap eight. The restart played into the hands of Godown as he made a bold move to now run second as lap nine was posted on the scoreboard. Looking to turn his season around, defending champion Grosso appeared to have the race well under control as he held a three car length lead over Godown.

Jordan Watson was third with former track champion Billy Pauch Jr. fourth. With no caution periods over the second half of the race, it was good hard racing which prevailed. Godown began to inch closer to the Grosso Homes #32 and on lap twenty four saw the opening he was looking for to take the lead. Grosso fought hard to regain the number one position, but to no avail, as the Ringoes driver took home the win. Making a late race charge to finish in fourth behind Pauch Jr. was Matt Stangle with Watson rounding out the top five. Justin Grosso had by far the most impressive run of the night starting twenty fourth and finishing sixth. Bouc, Krachun, Louden Reimert, and Tramontana filled positions seven thru ten.

In a race which took less than seven minutes to complete, Dan Fleming took the win, his first of the season. A late arriving Aaron Weaver, due to tow vehicle issues, was able to qualify for the twenty lap main event and quickly take command at the start. Coming back after a hard crash the event prior, Johnny Bangs was second and patiently pacing himself behind the Weaver #10 as Fleming moved into third on lap five. The trio were tightly bunched when lap ten was posted on the pylon, and on lap thirteen Fleming not only passed Bangs but Weaver to take the lead.

Running second with four laps remaining, defending champ Joe Toth quickly zeroed in on Fleming, but came up short as the Washington, NJ driver took the win. Bangs finished third with John Miloszar Jr. fourth, and Ryan Heim fifth.

In the extra distance twenty five lap NEWS feature, it was popular Al Cheney recording his first ever win in the division. Taking the lead on lap two, Cheney held off many time champion Rich Mellor to record the memorable win. Defending champ Mick D’Agostino was third followed by Shea Wills and Larry Drake.

Twenty two cars lined up for the four cylinder twenty lap main event, and when it was all over, Richie Page, making his first start of the season, sat in victory lane. Dominick Antonelli led the first fifteen laps of the event and finished second followed by Joe Garey Jr., Ed Ford, and Robby Dunn.

Robert Stack bested Gary Burton in the fifteen lap Factory Stock event. Kristin O’Shea was third with John Carpenter fourth.

Ryan Maher took the lead with two laps to go, winning the Crate Rookie feature. The victory was his third of the year. Isaac Elsner was second followed by Duncan Molesworth, Tim Franks, and Zach Cook.

Next up on the schedule is the big Salute To Our Veterans program featuring a forty lap modified feature. Joining the modifieds will be the NEWS, Street Stocks, and Vintage cars. Warmups begin at 6PM with green flag action set to go at 7 PM.


Modified Heat Race Quick Results (10 Laps):

Heat #1: 1.) John McClelland 2.) Louden Reimert 3.) Paul Mancini 4.) DJ Hunt 5.) Jordan Watson 6.) Sammy Martz Jr. 7.) Wade Hendrickson 8.) Bryan Kuhl
DNS: Jack Swain

Heat #2: 1.) Brandon Grosso 2.) Ryan Godown Jr. 3.) Matt Stangle 4.) Danny Bouc 5.) Jim Housworth 6.) Tim Apgar 7.) Ryan Krachun 8.) Will Dupree

Heat #3: 1.) Ryan Godown 2.) Anthony Tramontana 3.) Jack Butler 4.) Billy Pauch Jr. 5.) Clay Butler 6.) Steve Davis 7.) Kevin Vaclavicek 8.) Justin Grosso

Modified Feature Quick Results (30 Laps):

1.) RYAN GODOWN 2.) Brandon Grosso 3.) Billy Pauch Jr 4.) Matt Stangle 5.) Jordan Watson 6.) Justin Grosso 7.) Danny Bouc 8.) Ryan Krachun 9.) Louden Reimert 10.) Anthony Tramontana 11.) Sammy Martz Jr. 12.) Paul Mancini 13.) Ryan Godown Jr. 14.) DJ Hunt 15.) Kevin Vaclavicek 16.) Will Dupree 17.) Clay Butler 18.) Tim Apgar 19.) John McClelland 20.) Wade Hendrickson 21.) Jim Housworth 22.) Bryan Kuhl 23.) Jack Butler 24.) Steve Davis 25.) Jack Swain

Heat Race Winners: John McClelland, Brandon Grosso & Ryan Godown

Flemington Department Store Rookie Feature Quick Results (8 Laps):
1.) RYAN MAHER 2.) Isaac Elsner 3.) Duncan Molesworth 4.) Tim Franks 5.) Zach Cook

602 Crate Sportsman Heat Race Quick Results (8 Laps):

Heat #1: 1.) Johnny Bangs 2.) Mike Toth 3.) Nick Van Wickle 4.) Matt Ellery 5.) Joe Toth 6.) David Miloszar Jr. 7.) Ryan Simmons 8.) Amanda Buchel 9.) Joe Nappi 10.) Dylan Morris

Heat #2: 1.) Dan Fleming 2.) David Burns 3.) George Gareis Jr. 4.) Ryan Heim 5.) Aaron Weaver 6.) Pat Wall 7.) Glenn McIntyre 8.) Ricky Moran 9.) Jared Kreider 10.) Shawn Cook 11.) Tommy Klimkowski

602 Crate Sportsman Feature Quick Results (20 Laps):

1.) DAN FLEMING 2.) Joe Toth 3.) Johnny Bangs 4.) David Miloszar Jr. 5.) Ryan Heim 6.) Pat Wall 7.) Aaron Weaver 8.) David Burns 9.) Mike Toth 10.) Nick Van Wickle 11.) Matt Ellery 12.) Ryan Simmons 13.) Amanda Buchel 14.) Ricky Moran 15.) Joe Nappi 16.) Glenn McIntyre 17.) Ryan Maher 18.) Jared Kreider 19.) Duncan Molesworth 20.) George Gareis Jr. 21.) Shawn Cook 22.) Tim Franks 23.) Dylan Morris 24.) Tommy Klimkowski

Heat Race Winners: Johnny Bangs & Dan Fleming

NEWS Feature Quick Results (25 Laps):

1.) AL CHENEY 2.) Rich Mellor 3.) Mick D’Agostino 4.) Shea Wills 5.) Larry Drake 6.) Stan Ploski III 7.) Heidi Hedin 8.) Zack Brown 9.) Joe Byer 10.) Eric Miller
DNF: Brenden Hires, Mike Thompson

Factory Stock Feature Quick Results (15 Laps):

1.) ROBERT STACK 2.) Gary Burton 3.) Kristin O’Shea
DNF: John Carpenter

4-Cylinder Feature Quick Results (20 Laps):
1.) RICH PAGE 2.) Dominick Antonelli 3.) Joe Garey Jr. 4.) Ed Ford 5.) Robby Dunn 6.) Eric Degler 7.) Joe Garey Sr. 8.) Dan Stein Jr. 9.) Bobby Drayton IV 10.) Mark Stein Sr. 11.) Ken Nealis 12.) Ian Ashford 13.) Brianna Hicks 14.) Corey Carr 15.) Garett Mull 16.) Bob Johnson 17.) Kelly Fleming 18.) Shawn Teal 19.) Doug Ashford 20.) Kyle Hurley 21.) Chris Gall 22.) Everett Taylor

TBM ‘Tough Brake” Award Winner: Jack Butler