Toth Wins 7th Annual “Mr. Crate” Classic At New Egypt

NEW EGYPT, NJ – With the Modifieds taking the night off, the 602 Crate Sportsman took center stage for the 7th Annual “Mr. Crate” Classic and it was Joe Toth who came home with the $1,500 win.

Johnny Bangs finished in second with Mike Toth, Pat Wall and Dan Fleming completing the top five.

(Full story to follow)

Sportsman Feature (40 Laps): 1.) JOE TOTH 2.) Johnny Bangs 3.) Mike Toth 4.) Pat Wall 5.) Dan Fleming 6.) David Burns 7.) Ryan Simmons 8.) Aaron Weaver 9.) Ryan Heim 10.) David Miloszar Jr 11.) Joe Brown 12.) Amanda Buchel 13.) Nick Van Wickle 14.) George Gareis Jr. 15.) Will Protinick 16.) Dakota Kohler 17.) Ricky Moran 18.) Joe Nappi