Big Block Modified Drivers Lock Themselves Into Eastern States 200

MIDDLETOWN, NY – With time trials officially in the books, the focus shifted to each of the 6 heat races for the Big Block modifieds.  Only 4 drivers out of each 10/11 car heat would qualify themselves for the 200 lap feature on Sunday.

In the end it was Brian Krummel, Danny Johnson, Tommy Meier, Eddie Marshall, Anthony Perrego and Jimmy Phelps who came away with heat race victories, but 24 total drivers locked themselves into the 200 lap race on Sunday via the heat races.


Big Block Modified Heat 1 Results:  BRIAN KRUMMEL, Craig Mitchell, Jimmy Horton, Matt Hitchcock  DNQ:  Jeff Heotzler, Shane Jablonka, Danny Creeden, Rob Rowe DNS:  Don Elliot, Chris Stevens, Kirk Horton.

Big Block Modified Heat 2 Results:  DANNY JOHNSON, Michael Sabia, Jimmy Spellmon, Steve Dodd DNQ:  Tyler Dippel, LJ Lombardo, Danny Cronk, Rich Eggers, Tim Hindley DNS:  Rich Ricci Jr, Tyler Jashambowski

Big Block Modified Heat 3 Results:  TOMMY MEIER, Jerry Higbie, Mike Mahaney, Chris Shultz DNQ:  Ric Hill, Gary Edwards Jr, Ric Hill, C.G. Morey, Ricky Davis, Chris Grbac DNS:  Dan Humes

Big Block Modified Heat 4 Results:  EDDIE MARSHALL, Rick Laubach, John Ferrier, Billy Pauch Jr. DNQ:  Richie Eurich, Scott Flammer, Yannick Mathieu, Billy Eggers, Paul Gilardi, Sam Marts

Big Block Modified Heat 5 Results:  ANTHONY PERREGO, Billy Dunn, Michael Maresca, Mike Ruggiero DNQ:  Frank Cozze, Ryan Godown, Dominic Buffalino, Patrick Reiser, Joe Falanga DNS:  Tom Hindley

Big Block Modified Heat 6 Results:  JIMMY PHELPHS, Kenny Tremont Jr., Mike Kolka, JR Heffner DNQ:  Matt Janiak, Richard Smith, Bob McGannon, James Bobitt, Corey Lowitt DNS:  Bob Hayes Jr.