Balough “Building the Batmobile” Lecture at Centennial Weekend

MIDDLETOWN, NY – Gary Balough, the legendary driver who exposed his “dirty” past last year in a tell all autobiography will be back home at OCFS to celebrate 100 years of racing at our Centennial Race Weekend. After releasing his book, interest in Balough’s saga as a driver was up, and the disgraced legend has since been enjoying being a part of the world of motorsports again as a coach and mentor to Halmar Race Team drivers like Stewart Friesen.

Around the same time as the launch of his book, production began on a documentary that would cover Balough’s career as a driver, car builder…and drug smuggler. Throughout its production, Balough toured racetracks with his book and “Batmobile” and was even interviewed by Dale Earnhardt Jr. on national television.

Aside from the controversy, aside from Gary’s dominant driving career, there is one thing that Balough is especially legendary for, piloting the no.112 “Batmobile” the most dominant dirt mod in history. Gary and his team constructed something that would advance the sport of dirt racing while also shaking it to its core, and since it’s full restoration it has been on display to fans at dirt tracks across the East Coast. For OCFS’s 100th Anniversary celebration, Balough will be holding a special seminar in which he talks about the process of car building and what went into the “Batmobile” as well displaying the restored car at the speedway’s Arena building “The Fab Shop”. Other vintage cars will also be on display in the weekend’s “Museum” area at the Fab Shop.

Gary’s lecture, which will be kind of like a grittier Ted Talk, will go down at 3:00PM at the Orange County Fairgrounds “Fab Shop” precluding a night of racing with The Super Dirt Series and our own Sportsman division.\

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