Matt Sheppard Punches Ticket To Orange County Championship 8

MIDDLETOWN, NY – Matt Sheppard redrew the 6th starting position for the 30 lap feature event and was able to get himself to the front taking the victory over Anthony Perrego, Max McLaughlin, Tommy Meier and Peter Britten.

The victory locks Sheppard into the “Final Eight” who will do battle for a $25,000 season championship.

(Full story to follow)

Orange County Fair Speedway Feature (30 Laps) – MATT SHEPPARD, Anthony Perrego, Max McLaughlin, Tommy Meier, Peter Britten, Billy VanInwegen, Tyler Boniface, Billy Decker, Matt Hitchcock, Tyler Dippel, Bob McGannon, Tyler Jashembowski, Craig Mitchell, Kevin Root, Keith Flach, Bobby Hentschel, Zach Vavricka, Rich Eurich, Ric Hill, Chris Whitehead, Jeff Heotzler, Allison Ricci, Jimmy Horton.