Sheppard and VanInwegen Share Victories at Orange County

MIDDLETOWN, NY – Matt Sheppard and Billy VanInwegen both picked up wins on Saturday night at the Orange County Fair Speedway.

Sheppard picked up his second win in a row after taking home $17,500 on Thursday in the Big Block Modifieds over Dillon Steuer and Mike Gular.

VanInwegen earned his first win of the season in the 25 lap Small Block Modified feature over Charles Loidice, Chris Stevens and Craig Mitchell.

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Orange County Fair Speedway Big Block Modified Feature (30 Laps) – MATT SHEPPARD, Dillon Steuer, Mike Gular, Max McLaughlin, Anthony Perrego, Craig Mitchell, Charles Loidice, Jimmy Horton, Billy VanInwegen, Tommy Meier, Bob McGannon, Joe Bonetti, Danny Creeden, Chris Schultz, Donnie Wilson, Gary Edwards, Tanner VanDoren, Rich Eurich, Tyler Boniface

Orange County Fair Speedway Small Block Modified Feature (25 Laps) – BILLY VANINWEGEN, Charles Loidice, Chris Stevens, Craig Mitchell, Dillon Steuer, Gary Edwards III, Tommy Meier, Anthony Perreog, Pat Reiser, Danny Creeden, Roger Henion Jr, Bobby Flood, Jimmy Spellmon, Joe Bonetti, Allison Ricci, Alex Tonkin, Daniel Morgiewicz, Mike Bull, Mel Schrufer, Tommy Vigh, Ryan Walther, Brandon Daley, Joey Coppola