Alan Johnson Collects Feature Win At Outlaw Speedway

DUNDEE, NY – Matt Sheppard appeared to be on cruise control on Friday night at the Outlaw Speedway, but a flat tire derailed his bid to win.  The benefactor of that flat tire was Alan Johnson, who powered around Sheppard on a restart with just 3 laps to go and cruised to victory.

Greg Birosh and Corey Costa lead the starting field to the green with Costa jumping out to the early lead, but when the first yellow flag of the event would fly on lap 3, Matt Sheppard was already up to the 9th position.

By the 10th circuit Sheppard was working his way past Alan Johnson with his sights set on the leaders.  Just two laps later, he would take the lead he’d never relinquish driving past the 02 of Costa on the bottom of the speedway.

Matt Sheppard appeared to be on cruise control from there as he jumped to a big lead.  Unfortunately for Sheppard the yellow flag would fly on lap 27 and it revealed a right rear tire that was starting to lose air pressure.

Sheppard stayed on track for the restart but the soft right rear didn’t provide enough grip to hold off Alan Johnson on the restart.  Johnson cruised by but the yellow flag would fly again.  This time Sheppard pulled his 9s machine pitside to change the right rear tire.

On the restart Alan Johnson jumped out to the lead and collected another victory at the Outlaw Speedway.  Based on the race monitor results, Matt Sheppard did not complete all 30 laps, so the bounty offered by Tyler Siri was not eligible to be collected.


Friendly Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram Modifieds-
30 lap feature. Alan Johnson (2), Brady Fultz, Larry Wight, Danny Johnson, Kyle Coffey, Justin Wright, Steve Paine, Cory Costa, Ron Cartwright Jr., James Sweeting, Greg Birosh, Chris Ostrowski, Kailee Dimorier, Jim LaRock, Tyler Siri, Lance Dusett, Brian Swarthout, Eldon Payne, Russ Morseman, Matt Sheppard, Jordan Siri, Ajay Potrzebowski, Daniel Johnson, Derrick Podsiadlo

Sunrise Insulation American Racer Tire Crate Sportsman-
25 lap feature. Billy Paine, Zach Sobotka, Will Shields, Travis Grover, Dale Welty, Ajay Potrzebowski Sr., Dylan Cecce, Zach George, Bryan Rhodes, Karl Comfort, Chris Fisher, Bob Buono, Casey Williams, Alex Payne, Ray Bliss Sr., Chris Clemons, Kaiden Dgien, Troy Sperring, Chris Silvers, Doug Kline, Doug Smith, Eric Grise, Isabel Barron, Zach Zingenhagen, Lance Irwin.

Hoosier Tire Crate Sportsman-
25 lap feature. Will Shields (3), Alex Payne, Zach George, Zach Sobotka, JT Sperring, AJ Lloyd, Zach Payne, Dylan Duhow, Bryan Rhodes, Andrew Jacobson, Emmitt Waldron, Brandon Butler, Brett Buono, Todd Hayward, Jimmy Grant, David Mayo, Timmy Borden Jr., Garrison Kentz, Andrew Smith, Casey Williams, Tommy Collins Jr., Tim Guild, Lance Irwin, Jordan Moden, Travis Grover, Tommy Paine, Stacy Jackson, Ray Bliss Sr.

Stan’s No Tubes Street Stocks-
20 lap feature. Glen Whritenour (4), Aaron Miller, Quinn Sutherland, Aksel Jensen, CJ Guererri, Kane Stebbins, Colton Chappius, Jared Hill, Dylan Cecce, Carl Cleveland, Zach Teed, Jake Karlnoski, Frank Button, Brian Krause.

IMCA Modifieds-
12 lap feature. Shawn Bruce, Bumps Scutt, Brad Smith, Kevin Smith, Rick Watt, Rich Karlnoski

IMCA Hobby Stocks-
20 lap feature. Marc Minutolo, Wayne Ellison, Josh Oles, Jason Clugstone, Jamie Eldredge, Jeremy Trank, Bruce Kinner, Allison Pierce, Jamie Eldredge Jr., Jack Ayers, Casey Wagner, Justin Eldredge, Amber Pierce, Kenny Hunt

4 Cylinder’s-
20 lap feature. Ray Hyer, Jeremy Bunn, Derrick Evans, Bob Doolittle, Robert Decker, Brian Gregory, Scott Lehman, Scott Lehman Jr., Mike Stone, Jayson Smart, Steve Perkins Sr., Austin LaBar, Desi Force. DQ, Shawna Knapp, Dakota Spicer, Kenneth Evans. DNS, Mike Webster Jt., David Kinner, Lee Fritz, Matt Irwin.

4 Cylinder Make-up from July 10, 2020.
Bob Doolittle (3), Jeremy Bunn, Scott Lehman Jr., Ray Hyer, Scott Lehman, Lee Fritz, Dakota Spicer, Jayson Smart, Mike Webster, Desi Force, Derrick Evans, Kenneth Evans, Matt Irwin, Robert Decker, Jack Lamphere, Brian Scouten, Sean Beyea, Eric Stinson.