Sheppard Scores Win and Title at Outlaw Speedway – DTD Exclusive


DUNDEE, NY – Many of Matt Sheppard’s nine Outlaw Speedway wins in 2020 came in dramatic fashion, this one no different. Sheppard battled Brady Fultz during the entire back half of the 30-lap Modified main, with Sheppard coming out on top with both the feature and track championship trophies.

Fultz used his front row starting spot to grab the lead and ditch the field at the drop of the green, putting nearly a straightaway between himself and Jordan Siri by lap five. With a handful in, Sheppard had already passed more than a handful of cars, up to third from tenth. Lap nine was when Sheppard snuck under Siri for second, then quickly working to erase Fultz’s gap.

Traffic hampered Fultz’s momentum, allowing Sheppard to pull within striking distance before a lap 13 caution. With Fultz up top, Sheppard went to the bottom, nearly drawing even before another yellow at halfway. Fultz fired well on restarts, holding off Sheppard once more until a lap 19 stoppage.

Both Fultz and Sheppard went to their respective lanes for the final dash to the finish, with Fultz throttle down on top and holding Sheppard at bay. As laps ticked away, Sheppard drew closer to Fultz inches at a time, pulling alongside Fultz’s door with five laps left. Multiple times, Sheppard appeared to be headed to the front, but Fultz kept fighting back.

After half a race trying, Sheppard finally got the launch he needed on the bottom to nose out in front of Fultz, immediately taking the top line away and leading lap 27. From there, Fultz was left to fend off a charging Alan Johnson while Sheppard darted away from the pack. With the checkered waiving, it was Sheppard winning over Alan Johnson, Fultz, Kyle Coffey, and Danny Johnson.

“We finished that one just in time because my left rear is going down,” Sheppard said. “We won nine races and I feel like we had about 14 flats this year, so hopefully I can use some of that bounty money to buy some tires. That bounty deal was cool, we held them off and won every race we finished for two months. The track was super fast tonight and Brady was rolling good up top, but we were able to get by him right at the end.”


FRIENDLY CHRYSLER, DODGE, JEEP, RAM MODIFIEDS- Matt Sheppard (9), Alan Johnson, Brady Fultz, Kyle Coffey, Danny Johnson, Tyler Siri, Jordan Siri, Jim LaRock, Eldon Payne, Dave Rauscher, Chris Ostrowsky, Steve Paine, Marshall Hurd, Ron Cartwright Jr., Brian Swarthout
Unofficial Track Champion-Matt Sheppard

SUNRISE INSULATION AMERICAN RACER TIRE SPORTSMAN- Will Shields (2), Karl Comfort, Casey Williams, Zach Sobotka, Troy Sperring, Chris Fisher, AJay Potrzebowski, Billy Paine, Bob Buono, Dean Laughlin, Lance Irwin, Chris Hall, Greg Crooker, Justin Schenck, Travis Grover, Chris Clemons, Dale Welty, Kaiden Dgien, Alex Payne, Justice Mayo, Doug Kline
Unofficial Track Champion-Karl Comfort

HOOSIER TIRE SPORTSMAN- Alex Payne (3), Tim Guild, Brett Buono, Tommy Collins Jr., Zach Sobotka, Zach George, JT Sperring, AJ Lloyd, Will Shields, Travis Grover, Casey Williams, Dean Laughlin, Lance Irwin, Brandon Butler, Stacy Jackson, Brandon Close, Tommy Paine
Unofficial Track Champion-Zach Sobotka

Glen Whritenour (9), Dylan Cecce, Shawn Boyton, CJ Guererri, Kane Stebbins, Chuck Winslow, Aksel Jensen, John Burritt, Zach Teed, Jake Karlnoski, Aaron Miller, Marc Minutolo, Jared Hill, John Carpenter, Quinn Sutherland, Brandon Morseman.
Unofficial Track Champion-Glen Whritenour

Jared Spalding, Brad Smith, Kevin Smith, Rodney Morgan, Shawn Bruce, Jeff Austin, Rich Karlnoski
Unofficial Track Champion-Brad Smith

Shawn Bruce (2), Kevin Smith, Rich Karlnoski, Brad Smith, Rodney Morgan, David Scouten Jr. DNS, Rick Watt, Bumps Scutt, Nicole Spalding, Matt Bergman, Keith Lamphere

Wayne Ellison (9), Jamie Eldredge Jr., Casey Wagner, Jack Ayers, Shawn Lloyd, Brian Lloyd, Allison Pierce, Justin Eldredge, Jamie Eldredge, Jeremy Trank, Kenny Hunt, Don Slover, Joshua Oles, Amber Pierce, Brian Austin. DNS, Bruce Kinner.
Unofficial Track Champion- Wayne Ellison

Ray Hyer (2), Kenneth Evans, Jayson Smart, Scott Lehman, Jeremy Bunn, Scott Lehman Jr., David Kinner, Rich Sharpsteen, ShiAnn LaBar, Derrick Evans, Robert Decker, Bob Doolittle, Lee Fritz. DNS, Mike Stone.
Unofficial Track Champion-Jeremy Bunn