Costa Beats Johnson for Outlaw Win

DUNDEE, NY – Outlaw Speedway got back to racing on Friday night as Cory Costa secured the win in the 30-lap Modified feature.

Costa held off Danny Johnson for the victory.  Steve Paine finished third behind Johnson with Tyler Siri and Will Shields completing the top five.

MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH (30-LAPS): 1 Cory Costa 2 Danny Johnson 3 Steve Paine 4 Tyler Siri 5 Will Shields 6 Ron Cartwright Jr. 7 Tommy Collins Jr. 8 Tommy Paine 9 Brady Fultz 10 Jim LaRock 11 Billy Paine 12 Kenny Hunt 13 Boyd MacTavish 14 Jeff Daugherty 15 Jimmy Zacharias 16 Ajay Potrzebowski Jr.

DNS Tony Pangrazio, Ajay Potrzebowski Sr.