Patriot Sprint Tour to Launch A New Podcast Series, PST Weekly

SODUS – After what was an unprecedented 2020 racing season, the Patriot Sprint Tour just
recently launched a new series, PST Weekly. A podcast that focuses on connecting with the 360 Sprint Car congregation here in the Northeast.

“I am very excited for this new podcast and we have already received a lot of great feedback” commented PST Media director, Paul Harkenrider. “You listen to the Open Red Podcast and hear all the great stories and the rich history of the World of Outlaws where I know we can bring that type of content to this region as well.”

So far guests that have joined the show are the Joe and John Trenca, Jordan Poirier as well as former series champions, Bryan Howland, and Scott Kreutter. You can currently listen to these full-length interviews on YouTube by searching “PST Weekly”.

“Sometimes you want to have these types of interviews at the racetrack, but you always seem to run out of time whether you are in the pits or on the track in victory lane” Harkenrider continued. “I am hopeful that the fans can listen to this whether its on their way to work or in the shop, wherever and however they want.”

This podcast will not just be about drivers as the plan is to also interview the crew guys, product partners, family members, and even on track staff.

“We are very thankful for the drivers but there are so many people that make this division of racing in the Northeast so special and I think this is the perfect spotlight to give them the recognition they deserve.” Harkenrider said.

PST Weekly’s Podcast interview with Scott Kreutter just recently launched on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts. All the other interviews that are currently on YouTube only will also make it to those platforms for a more user-friendly experience while listening.

Those interested in becoming a marketing partner to the show can contact Paul Harkenrider at or by phone at 607-237-6372.

In other PST related news, the 2021 is coming together nicely with several staple tracks
returning to the schedule with possible returns to some for the first time in several years.
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