Colagiovanni Conquers Patriot Tour Stop At Outlaw

DUNDEE, NY – Paulie Colagiovanni picked up a $4,000 payday on Friday night at the Outlaw Speedway in their annual “Fall Nationals” event for the Patriot Sprint Tour.

Jonathan Preston finished in the runner up position with Jordan Thomas, Davie Franek and Matt Farnham completing the top five.

(Full story to follow)

Outlaw Speedway Patriot Sprint Tour Feature (30 Laps) – PAULIE COLAGIOVANNI, Jonathan Preston, Jordan Thomas, Davie Franek, Matt Farnham, Tommy Wickham, Kyle Smith, Parker Evans, Kyle Drum, Dave Axton, Jared Zimbardi, Mike Koehler, Joe Trenca, Steve Glover, Dan Craun, Andrew Jacobus, Dalton Rombough, Denny Peebles, Devin Gundrum, Robbie Stillwaggon, Chris Jones