Grammes Takes the Win and Bounty at Penn Can

SUSQUEHANNA, PA – Hold over races, the hunted and the hunters and a helmet drive kept Penn Can Speedway on their toes. Friday June 2nd was the day Dan Pompey became the hunted. After “The pistol” Pompey claimed three consecutive wins, the bounty was set in motion. Any modified driver was taking home a $1600 payday.

Palmerton, Pa native Joey Grammes is hungry for a championship. The 5j car co -owners Brad Grammes and Butch Getz wanted to make a change in the second week. Joey didn’t think the change would work and went home with a second place.

Previous plans had the Big Creek Concrete miss a week and pulled in ready to rock. Grammes made the change and never looked back. “Pompey has his business on the money. He set a high level right out of the shoot. You need to change or you don’t get better”.

What a difference a week makes. Grammes made his way to the door of leader Pompey by lap #9. Kevin Hartnett stirred the pot by lap #11 making it a three-way dance. Grammes earned the top spot on the following lap. At the next circuit, Hartnett would make the move on Pompey with Grammes taking advantage of the battle brewing for spots 1 and 2.
There was no breathing room for Grammes when the top three scenarios would change. Lap #22 caution saw the #88 of Hartnett at the back of the field. The stage was now set for a classic Grammes and Pompey battle.

The nose of Pompey’s #11 would come to the 5j corner panel but couldn’t make it stick. The race would stay green for the final 8 laps which is all Grammes needed to bring home the $1600 payday.

The Holly wood smile greeted many fans who made their way to victory lane. He invited the kids for a group photo and soaked up every congratulations and high fives he could get. After things settled down it was time to get his thoughts on the night and the year so far. Joey is not a man of many words but he is a man who will give it to you straight.

“Man, I just don’t get it. All winter all you heard was Penn Can has a new promoter. There was new ideas and people couldn’t wait to get started. Well now we are here and where are the people. I can name five guys who should be running here weekly and after one week jump ship. You can’t base anything on previous years either and Penn Can has nowhere to go but up. These last weeks had the best racing this track has seen in a while so don’t let the car count fool you”.

“Doug and his crew are working their butts off to give the best they can. We need to stand with him so the track can get back to where it was. Next week is Gary Folk’s Bike night so come out to support the kids, the track and the people”.

Mike Schane was another driver who became the hunted. After dominating the first feature, the 602-crate sportsman driver of the M16 earned a $250 bounty. Mike Nagel jr. also wanted the bounty to bring home a $850 payday. Schane held off Nagel and Milford, Pa native Brian Mady to take home the win and bounty. Next week Mike gets a chance to do it all over again. The bounty will roll over until Schane is beat.

The Factory stocks ran double features. Jeremy Williams brought the popular #57 to victory lane over Chuck Culbertson. The second feature earned Chris Groover his first victory followed by Jim Sykes and Jeremy Williams.

Travis Fichter was on the cusp of his first win until Bailey Boyd changed his plans. The pilot of the #163 has earned 2 in a row. Will the “young gun” bring the ammo needed to have a bounty on his head?

The always entertaining 4 cylinders put on a show from start to finish. Just has the drivers run close so do the friendships. Frankie Kennedy broke up a Robinson sweep. Mike took the checkers with Dylan taking third. Coming out of turn four, three wide racing had the crowd waving whatever hey could to help their favorite driver. There is no lack of passion for the division.

Big plans are in the works for nest weeks most popular night. Gary Folk has been working harder than ever for this year’s Bike Night. “Folky” put some drivers to work with a helmet drive. Modified drivers Brian Weaver, Nick Petrilak, Dan Pompey, Joey Grammes and Kevin Hartnett walked the stands collecting money.

Visitors for the nights events are lining up. McDonalds of Hallstead will have the Hamburglar on hand. The Sheriff department will have a booth with a few surprises. Wagner Lumber will provide the pace truck for the evening. The question is how big will it be. Wagner will be supplying frisbees and hats. This year we will be doing a twist on the frisbees. We can’t give all the secret away. The Grammes family will be providing t-shirts for a special give away also.

Of course, the biggest give away will be over 130 bikes to the kids. The biggest question will be “What will Gary be wearing”? Come join the fun and stay for the excitement.

1)JEREMY WILLIAMS 2)Chuck Culbertson 3)Alicia Towner 4)Stephen Simpson 5)Ned Fitch
6)Brian Delaney

1)CHRIS GROOVER 2)Jim Sykes 3)Jeremy Williams 4)Alicia Towner 5)Paul Conklin
6)Chuck Culbertson 7)Ned Fitch 8)Brian Delaney 9)Brady Simpson

1)MIKE SCHANE 20DUSTY Barton 3)Marty Bunker 4)Brian Mady 5)Moose Gulley
6)James O’Hara 7)Nick Banning 8)Jimmy Zacharias 9)Tyler Lawrence

1)MIKE SCHANE 2)Mike Nagel jr, 3)Brian mady 4)Marty Bunker 5)James O’Hara
6)Dusty Baron 7)Nick Branning 8)Moose Gulley

1)JOEY GRAMMES 2)Dan Pompey 3)Mike Colsten 4)Kevin Hartnett 5)Alan Rudalavage
6)Darwin R Greene 7)Nick Petrilak 8)Brian Weaver 9)Joey Colsten 10)Daniel Morden
11)Nicholas Mady 12)Kevin Bates 13)Dan Solomon

1)Mike ROBINSON 2)Frankie Kennedy 3)Dylan Robinson 4)Casey McPherson 5)Jeremy Warren
6)Dave Shafer 7)Joshua Wilder 8)Mike Wilmot 9)Ken Washburn 10)Nick Kennedy 11)Keith Beach
12)Ronald Welch 13)Frank Kennedy

1)BAILEY BOYD 2)Travis Fichter 3)Kamdin Maby 4)Travis Rigante 5)Will Eastman 6)Grant Schibilia
7)Dusty Decker 8)Shawna Schibilia 9)Doug Lattner 10)Ken Moody jr 11)Bryce Higgs 12)Jamie Frantz
13)Hunter Diehl