Penn Can Speedway Cancels Small Car Sunday Series

SUSQUEHANNA, PA – Mother Nature is no friend of racing for the 2017 season. Promoters up and down the northeast are at wits end with scheduling the remainder of the season.
Penn Can Speedway promoter, Doug Borger, faces the same dilemma but on a different note.

“It is so frustrating. All week the weather is perfect until you wake up Friday morning. Rain, rain and more rain. A few Sundays ago, we had a show and the track did not do well with full sun and no humidity. The track is nowhere near ready for any day racing. It would be a dust bowl and become a safety concern.

“The water truck would see more track time than the cars. The small car divisions are a quick reaction, very sensitive type car. One lane racing and limited vision is just an accident waiting to happen. I have decided to cancel the remainder of the Small Car Sunday series. This includes the August 20th and September 17th shows.”

Big improvements are expected for the 2018 season. New clay is on the premises and the day after King of the Can weekend, the work will begin. The front stretch wall will be pushed back before the clay is put down.

Borger feels the new clay will turn the track around and he will be able to add Sunday races and some mid-week shows.