Penn Can Triple 20’s Go To Loney, Malcolm & Tonkin

SUSQUEHANNA, PA – Three winners, three features, three point races and three separate payouts in one night for the modifieds. Penn Cab Speedway upped the ante for the Triple 20’s on Aldrich Trucking night, June 26th.

Brett Tonkin went home with two guaranteed starting spots. The August 18th “Hot Summer Night” show and the Fonda 200 later in the year.

30 modifieds signed in and management decided to start them all. Heats would set the first feature. Mike Loney had the 17d on the charge at the drop of the green on the 20 lap feature. Brett Tonkin used any line he could to make his way up from 11th with Joey Grammes setting his sights on the leader by lap 5 from his 8th starting feature. Loney had a convincing win . Grammes and Brett Tonkin had a battle for second with Grammes coming out on top.

Since Loney was the winner, he pulled a chip out of the bucket and the top ten were then inverted. The modifieds then had a 10 minute fuel stop on pit road.

Marshall Hurd piloted the#58m to a 10th place finish in the first heat which put him on the pole for the second feature. Brian Malcolm could see clean air from his third place starting spot and by lap #1 led the modified field. Tensions were high as there was a lot on the line for the winner’s share. Hurd, Dan Creeden would cross the checkers behind Malcolm.
At this point, three drivers were in contention for the overall winner of the night. Brett Tonkin, starting 9th, Danny Creeden, starting 11th and Brian Malcom, starting 12th all had to make it to the front. 20 laps of hard core racing with Nick Pecko and Tonkin making the move on the final lap to bring home the win for the third feature. Brett will be representing Penn Can Speedway in the Fonda 200 and is now a guaranteed starter for the Aug. 18th Hot Summer Night race at his home track, Penn Can.

The junior division showcases the young talent we have at Penn Can. Liam Jackson, Josh Landers, Trevor Houghton and Gordon Smith learn something new each week. All four get faster each week. They also know you are a winner on and off the track. Liam was able to bring home a first place sticker with Landers, Houghton and Smith rounding out the field.

The 600cc modifieds had the top three in the same time zone for most of the race. Jared Green and the family owned #35 never opened the door to give Dana Davis any opportunity to go to victory lane. Jacob Waibel show consistent every week and will be in victory lane by the years end.

The 4 cylinder division had the race of the night. Josh Wilder would take the lead by lap #2 and had to keep 3 cars at bay until mid-race. On lap #6 Nick Kennedy made the pass on Jason Colwell for second and the battle would begin. Wilder knew he had Kennedy on his bumper on a lap #13 caution of the 20 lap feature. Both drivers knew each other’s racing style so Wilder knew Kennedy was waiting for the inch so he could take a mile. Both drivers respected each other’s abilities and had the finish of the night with Wilder taking the win over Kennedy.

A caution plagued 602 Crate Sportsman feature had the field shuffling except for AJ Miller. The driver out of New York hasn’t had much luck at Penn Can but look to turn that around. At the drop of the green, Miller took the top spot and never looked back. Mike Schane kept on the bumper of Miller but to no avail. AJ Miller would earn his first Penn Can trip to Victory lane.

The Factory Stocks would close out the night with Tommy Groover in familiar real estate taking the victory over Charlie Towner.

This Friday July 3rd Penn Can Speedway will celebrate our country’s birthday and the 65th year of racing with the biggest fireworks display. Our team led by DJ Dave plan a show that has never been seen at the track. We will also continue with giving back to the community. One dollar of every paid general admission will be donated to the Oakland Borough Emergency Food Pantry. Penn Can Speedway will then match the amount raised dollar for dollar. The Food Pantry and their tireless workers help all the residents of Susquehanna county. The number to reach them is 607-483-1571 to set up appointments or to get more info. Please consider making a donation if you cannot attend this week’s races.
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FEATURE #1 WINNER – 17D – MIKE LONEY 2)5j-Joey Grammes 3)15-Brett Tonkin 4)37-AlexTonkin 5)42-Nick Pecko 6)-72 Nick Petrilak 7)16x-Dan Creeden 8)119-Brian Malcolm 9)9-Ken Titus 10)58M-Marshall Hurd 11)16r-Richard Smith 12)15-Butch Getz 13)22k-Randall Paxton 14)44-Aleia Geisler 15)54-Paul Rooney 16)59j-Jesse Kline 17)3f-Leo McGurrin 18) 57-Dan Burman 19)15jr-Mike Walsh 20)84-John Morse DNF 21)7m-Mike Nagel sr.22)014-Brad Schaffer 23)111j-Jamie Bedford 24)34-Rusty Smith 25)145-Alan Rudalavage 26)63-Bryon Worthing 27)47-Joe Eisenhower 28)181-Kenny Hildebrandt
29)71-Jimmy Zacharias30)125-Ray Reynolds

FEATURE #2 WINNER – 119 – BRIAN MALCOLM 2)16x-Dan Creeden 3)58M-Marshall Hurd 4)15-Brett Tonkin 5)16r-Richard Smith 6)72-Nick Petrilak 7)17D-Mike Loney 8)15-Butch Getz 9)7m-Mike Nagel sr. 10)22k-Randall Paxton 11)44-Aleia Geisler 12)42-Nick Pecko 13)3f-Leo McGurrin 14)34-Rusty Smith 15)111j-Jamie Bedford 16)9-Ken Titus 17)57-Dan Burman 18)54-Paul Rooney 19)15jr-Mike Walsh 20)014-Brad Schaffer 21)84-John Morse
22)125-Ray Reynolds 23)59j-Jesse Kline 24)71-Jimmy Zacharias 25)145-Alan Rudalavage 26)181-Kenny Hildebrandt 27)63-Bryon Worthing 28)47Joe Eisenhower DQ 29)5j-Joey Grammes 30)37-Alex Tonkin

FEATURE #3 WINNER – 15 – BRETT TONKIN 2)42-Nick Pecko 3)15-Butch Getz 4)44-aleia Geisler 5)72-Nick Petrilak 6)119-Brian Malcolm 7)16x-Dan Creeden 8)16r-Richard smith 9)17D-Mike Loney 10)3f-Leo McGurrin 11)57-Dan Burman 12)22k-Randall Paxton 13)111j -Jamie Bedford 14)34-Rusty Smith 15)15jr-Mike Walsh 16)84-John Morse 17)014-Brad Schaffer 18)7m-Mike Nagel sr. 19)58M-Marshall Hurd 20)9-Ken Titus 21)54-Paul Rooney
22)71-Jimmy Zacharias 23)63 Byron Worthing 24)125-Ray Reynolds 25)37-Alex Tonkin 26)59j-Jesse Kline 27)145-Alan Rudalavage 28)181-Kenny Hildebrandt 29)47-Joe Eisenhower

JUNIOR DIVISION – 33 – LIAM JACKSON 2)33-Josh Landers 3)10-Trevor Houghton 4)44-Gordon Smith

600cc MODIFIEDS – 35- JARED GREEN 2)138-Dana Davis 3)99-Jacob Waibel 4)0-Tim Frantz 5)42-Casey Plummer 6)5am-Adam Mudge 7)28-Brett Gray 8)101-Doug Lattner 9)77x-Nolan Smith 10)15-Samantha Mills 11)343-Jeff Baldwin 12)99a-Nick Kennedy 13)56-Devon Green DNF14)29-Zach Mills DNS15)32-Steve Welsh 16)54T-Travis Rooney 17)4MK-Sheldon Whitman

4 CYLINDERS – WINNER – 5 – JOSH WILDER 2)N2-Nick Kennedy 3)311-Jason Colwell 4)7F-David Fox jr. 5)77-Brian Salmini 6)56-Jeff Sterling 7)17b-Cheyeen Bump 8)7-Rich Wagner 9)8-Jesse Velez DNF 10)354Andy Bolles 11)9MM-Rob Williams 12)61-Dan Doster 13)42-Kevin Whitman

WINNER – 14AJ – AJ MILLER 2)M16-Mike Schane 3)71-Jimmy Zacharias 4)22x – Tommy Oleski 5)B17-Randy Brokaw 6)M7-Mike Nagel jr. 7)3F-Frank Payne 8)8-Tom Rudalavage 9)14k-AJ Konopka 10)16-Ned Fitch