Rudalavage Wins Modified Main at Penn Can

SUSQUEHANNA, PA — History was made on Monteforte Fireworks night. Penn Can Speedway hosted the biggest fireworks display July 3rd. Alecia Towner edged out Kevin McDonald by inches to take the factory stock divisional win. She is the first female winner in a weekly division at the 3/8 mile dirt oval.

Brandon Oleski made his first trip to victory lane in the 602 crate sportsman division. A distance of a foot over Tom Rudalavage had the spectators on their feet.

The Modified wouldn’t disappoint with Nick Petrilak throwing it all out there to try a take the spot from Alan Rudalavage. “Hollywood” Rudalavage would bring the #145 back to victory lane for the 2020 season. Alex Stanton piloted the #117 form a 15th starting spot to a well deserved 5th place finish. Byron Worthing recovered from a broken steering box last weekend to round out the top three. Richard Smith stalked the top three but crossed the line in the 4th position.

Trevor Houghton would lead the juniors to the checkered over Avery Decker and Marissa Lord. The juniors can be seen throughout the pits together and giving each other pointers. Lessons learned can be a lifetime of memories.

Brandon Oleski and his team represented the sportsman division in Victory lane for the first time in his career. Tom Rudalavage and Ray Leonard rounded out the top three.
Nick Kennedy bested a stout field of 28 4 cylinders. David Fox jr. has really stepped it up a notch running second and Josh Wilder rounding out the top ten.

Alecia Towner has seen the bad and the ugly side of racing. July 3rd, she saw the good. The factory stock driver comes from a long family line of racers. She has learned when to give and not to give. Never lifting after being run high coming out of turn 4, gave the fans a show. Towner edged out McDonald by inches. You never forget your first win and she now has something that no one can ever take away. HISTORY She will always be the first female to win a weekly division at Penn Can Speedway.

The 607 Wash Pro WRA sprints made an appearance. Steve Kyser, Cliff Pierce, Cliff Pierce and Brandon Clapperton were able to run a heat. Due to the show being called due to fog, they decided to use the heat as their feature giving the win to Kyser.

After a brief storm, Penn Can and their drivers held a moment of silence for two well respected local drivers. Tyler Vaughan and Pat Williams both passed away. To men who were to young and far too soon. Prayers to their families during this difficult time.

Monteforte Fireworks and the Pyro team of Penn Can put on a show that will be talked about for some time. DJ Dave set up victory lane and a musical tribute to our country as the fans enjoyed the show with some were on their feet by the end. At the end, most waited for the smoke to clear but fog had started to roll in. When 21 modifieds couldn’t keep the fog at bay, it was time to call the show. The street stocks and 600cc modifieds features will be rescheduled for a later date.

Penn Can Speedway is in its 65th year of racing and looks forward to continuing the traditions. You may keep updated on our Facebook page and also our website:

SUNOCO RACING FUELS INSINGER PERFORMANCE MODIFIEDS: WINNER – #145 – ALAN RUDALAVAGE 2)72-Nick Petrilak 3)63-Byron Worthing 4)16r-Richard Smith 5)117-Alex Stanton 6)15-Brett Tonkin 7)71-Jimmy Zacharias 8)17D-Mike Loney 9)014-Brad Schaffer
10)555-Leo Fotopoulos 11)42-Nick Pecko 12)29_Leo McGurrin 13)119-Brian Malcolm
14)15-Butch Getz 15)Mike Walsh 16)-Paul Rooney 17)7m-Mike Nagel Sr. 18)44-Aleia Geisler 19)111j-Jamie Bedford 20)125-Ray Reynolds 21)29c-Cory Oltz

WINNER – #30+ -BRANDON OLESKI 2)8-Tom Rudalavage 3)3R-Ray Leonard 4)14K-AJ Konopka 5)m16-Mike Schane 6)27k-Brett Tonkin 7)14aj-Aj Miller 8)m14-Moose Gulley 9)88-Alan Komar 10)71-Jimmy Zacharias 11)22x-Tommy Oleski 12)3f-Frank Payne 13)74d-David Von Boren 14)m7-Mike Nagel jr. 15)99jr-Devon Zona 16)52-Brandon Fritsch 17)44-Jim O’Hara 18)21/2-Tom Hampton 19)16-Ned Fitch 20)544jr-Jeremy Warren 21)b17-Randy Brokaw 22)1x-Mike Murphy 23)125-Ray Reynolds

Factory Stock
WINNER – 9X – ALECIA TOWNER 2)27m-Kevin McDonald 3)3-CJ Swanson 4)93/4- Brett VanTeeger 5)21j-Tim Parker 6)78-Jerry Fassett jr 7)91k-Cody Fassett 8)7r-Tommy Groover 9)5t-Charlie Towner

WINNER – N2 – NICK KENNEDY 2)7f-David Fox jr. 3)5-Josh Wilder 4)2-Scott Miller 5)77-Brian Salmini 6)354-Andy Bolles 7)38-Dave Simms 8)18j-Jeff DeGroat 9)17-Mike Greenfield 10)17z-Mike Ferris 11)27-Bryan Batzel 12)61-Dan Doster jr. 13)11a-Kevin Greenfield 14)25-Steve Lunn 15)8d-Kevin Duffany 16)17b-Cheyenne Bump 17)14c-Phil Clapper 18)22c-Charles Matthews 19)22-Dalton Matthews 20)73-Timothy Greenfield 21)14d-Scott Duffany 22)56-Jeff Sterling 23)301-Jason Colwell jr 24)61x-Gerald Rogers 25)72j-James Havens 26)16-Kenny Underwood 27)28-Dylan Hartman 28)28a-Dillon Hartman

WINNER – 10 – TREVOR HOUGHTON 22A-Avery Decker 3-Marissa Lord