Jim and Sandy Kline to Support Port Royal Speedway Sprint Car Drivers with Weekly $1000 Warrior Award

Tuscarora 50 - Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions - Port Royal Speedway


PORT ROYAL, PA – Longtime car owners and supporters of the Central Pennsylvania race scene, Jim and Sandy Kline will be the official sponsors of the J & S Fabrication “Warrior Award” for the 2021 race season at Port Royal Speedway.

The “Warrior Award” will allow some lucky sprint car driver each week to pocket a cool $1000 in cash and will benefit those who finish farther back in the field. Beginning March 7th with the 79th annual Port Royal Speedway Opening Day kickoff and running through the Sept. 11th 54th annual Tuscarora 50, a winner will be drawn weekly in victory lane to receive the first-year award and the money.

For all regular weekly 410 Sprint Car Weikert’s Livestock events, the numbers eligible will be from seven to 24 and whoever finishes in the position number drawn will receive $1000 as that week’s winner. For all six of the Ollie’s Bargain Outlets All Star Circuit of Champions events and the two PA Speedweek shows the numbers will represent positions 11 to 24.

“Being a part of this sport for so long as we have, we are well aware how tough it can be on a driver to compete and run well week in and week out,” said Jim Kline, owner of J&S Fabrication. “Only one driver comes home the winner each night and we want to make sure the guys who are working just as hard to compete and don’t win can be rewarded as well.

“Maybe it goes to a guy who gets caught up in a wreck and tears of equipment or maybe it goes to a low buck guy that’s just making ends meet? Everybody in the field works their tail off to go out there and put on a show and this is just our way of spreading the love and further giving back to the sport we love,” he added.

J & S Fabrication is located in Grantville, Pa and has been in operation since 1990. They are a commercial industrial HVAC contractor and can be reached at 717-469-1409 for all your needs. Kline noted that it was the desire to go racing at a high level that inspired him and his wife to start up the business and without racing they wouldn’t be as successful.

“It’s wild to think, but I actually started J&S Fabrication with the thought that if we could be successful enough as a business, we could fund a racing team and further support the sport even more,” said Kline. “I met my wife at a racetrack many years ago and some of the best times of our lives have been spent sprint car racing. So, we’re excited to do this for the drivers and teams and hopefully it’ll become a yearly deal.”

He added that he appreciates all the hard work that Port Royal Speedway has put into making it a premier racing destination and he wanted to reward that hard work by being part of the 2021 race season.

“Back when we raced at Port Royal years ago, everybody from the officials to the workers always treated us with respect and love and we’ve never forgotten that,” said Kline. “Now as I look around and see how much work they are doing to make their facility great and special; I want to reward that effort and I’m proud to be a part of a track like Port Royal Speedway.”

Speedway head promoter Steve O’Neal added that he appreciates everything Jim & Sandy Kline has done for the sport and is looking forward to continuing to build on a relationship that goes back decades.

“You can’t talk about Central PA racing and car owners without adding Jim and Sandy Kline to the mix and we are incredibly proud and happy to present this Warrior Award from J&S Fabrication in 2021,” said O’Neal. “This is a huge deal for our drivers and we could not do it without the support of the Kline’s. I can’t thank them enough for choosing Port Royal Speedway and I’m excited for 2021.”