Marks, Wagner and Satterlee Write Their Names in the Record Books on Living Legends Dream Night

Port Royal Speedway - Living Legends Dream Race - Brent Marks

PORT ROYAL, PA – On a night that saw more than 20 of the legends of the Port Royal Speedway return to the facility for a celebration during the 15th Annual Living Legends Dream Race, three current drivers did their best to leave their mark on the history books themselves.

Brent Marks piloted his No. 19 Sprint Car to victory during the $10,000–to- win River Valley Builders Greg Hodnett Classic Dream Race to start the night and three-time defending track champion Logan Wagner scored his second win of the season during the $5000-to-win second feature sponsored by Krill Recycling. Gregg Satterlee also earned the $3000-to-win late model portion of the Dream Race during a night that saw all three purses top $80,000 combined in one of the largest unsanctioned events on the East Coast.

Courtesy of a redraw, Lance Dewease and Logan Wagner led the field to the green flag for the 30-lap $10,000 to win feature event and it was Dewease getting the early jump to the lead. However, all eyes were on Marks as he went fourth to second on the opening lap.

His momentum was halted though when Jared Esh slowed to a stop on the frontstretch one lap later with a broken steering wheel to bring out the caution.

Marks jumped to the high side on the restart and he pulled even with Dewease down the backstretch. However, Dewease found just enough momentum to pull ahead by a nose to lead the second circuit. The two drivers jockeyed for the top spot the next two laps and Marks finally got by Dewease on lap five to lead by the narrowest of margins.

Dewease continued to try the bottom for the next handful of laps and was letting Marks know he wasn’t going away, but Marks used the top side to perfection lap after lap to hold down the top spot.

Lapped traffic played its part on lap nine and Marks was aggressive in putting as many lappers between him and Dewease over the next handful of laps. Dewease used the lapped cars to his advantage and he briefly closed the gap to a few car-lengths again with eight to go. However, Marks thwarted that comeback and again pulled away on the top side of the track.

With 10 laps to go, Marks held close to a 2.0 second advantage over Dewease. However, Dewease had Anthony Macri all over his tail tank for the runner-up spot and was just trying to hold on.

With the two cars duking it out for second and lapped cars making it difficult, Marks pulled away with ease over the remaining circuits. With five laps to go the advantage was close to 3.0 seconds and at the checkered flag, Marks was in his own area code by a whopping 4.967 seconds.

Macri got by Dewease on the white flag lap to take the second place and Dewease rounded out the podium. Logan Wagner and Jeff Halligan completed the top-five.

Danny Dietrich, Mike Wagner, Mike Walter II, Dylan Cisney and AJ Flick rounded out the top-ten. Mike Wagner earned the $1000 J&S Fabrication Warrior Award via a random draw and Cisney got the Valley Supply hard charger going +7 from 16th.

Greg Hodnett Dream Classic, 30 Laps: 1. Brent Marks; 2. Anthony Macri; 3. Lance Dewease; 4. Logan Wagner; 5. Jeff Halligan; 6. Danny Dietrich; 7. Mike Wagner; 8. Mike Walter II; 9. Dylan Cisney; 10. A.J. Flick; 11. Pat Cannon; 12. Tyler Reeser; 13. George Hobaugh; 14. Lucas Wolfe; 15. Blane Heimbach; 16. T.J. Stutts; 17. Jared Esh; 18. Justin Whittall; 19. Gerard McIntyre Jr.; 20. Michael Bauer; 21. Tyler Walton; 22. Ryan Taylor; 23. Dave Blaney; 24. Devon Borden.

DNQ: Curt Stroup; Austin Bishop; Ryan Smith; Dustin Baney; Drew Ritchey; Kody Lehman; Doug Hammaker; Dan Shetler; Tyler Bear; Trenton Sheaffer.

Marks drew the number nine for the invert of the second $5000 to win feature presented by Krill Recycling LLC and that put Cisney and Walter on the front row for the 25-lap event. Cisney jumped out to the early advantage, but it was Logan Wagner on the move going from sixth to third on the extreme high side of the track on lap one.

Knowing he needed to get moving fast, Wagner threw a slide job on Walter for second entering turn one and nearly spun out, which caused Walter to make contact and sent him tipping over. Wagner was able to do a 360-spin and kept moving to retain the second spot. Walter would walk away, but his night was done.

Wagner went right back to the top of the track on the restart and one lap later he was able to dispatch of Cisney for the lead exiting turn two. Dewease, who started eighth, was on the move early as well and was up to fourth by lap four.

Five laps later Dewease moved into the third spot, but the red flag flew on lap 10 for a flipping Jeff Halligan to halt momentum. Halligan walked away safely form the accident.

Two more cautions flew over the remaining 15 laps, but nobody had anything for Wagner as he took the checkered flag by a margin of 1.973 seconds for his second win of the season. Danny Dietrich, Dewease, Marks and Cisney all battled it out over the final laps for the runner-up position and ultimately it was Dewease grabbing the second finishing spot.

Dietrich, Cisney and 15th-place starter Blane Heimbach rounded out the top-five. Marks, Anthony Macri, AJ Flick, Lucas Wolfe and Tyler Reeser completed the top-ten. Devon Borden finished 11th and earned the Valley Supply Hard Charger after starting 24th. 13th-place finisher Pat Cannon earned the J&S Fabrication $1000 Warrior Award via random draw.

Second 410 Sprint Car Feature Finish, 25 Laps: 1. Logan Wagner; 2. Lance Dewease; 3. Danny Dietrich; 4. Dylan Cisney; 5. Blane Heimbach; 6. Brent Marks; 7. Anthony Macri; 8. Mike Wagner; 9. A.J. Flick; 10. Lucas Wolfe; 11. Tyler Reeser; 12. Devon Borden; 13. T.J. Stutts; 14. Pat Cannon; 15. Gerard McIntyre Jr.; 16. Jared Esh; 17. Tyler Walton; 18. Michael Bauer; 19. Ryan Taylor; 20. George Hobaugh; 21. Justin Whittall; 22. Jeff Halligan; 23. Dave Blaney; 24. Mike Walter II.

Gregg Satterlee passed Ross Robinson on lap six to take the lead and he cruised form there to earn his third River Valley Builders Super Late Model victory of the season. The win was worth $3000 and was his first since going back-to-back on consecutive nights to start the season.

Kyle Lee, making his first start at the track since a hand injury earlier this season, and Robinson led the field to the green flag and it was Robinson getting the lap one jump on the outside of the track.

Satterlee, who started fifth on the grid, moved into the third spot on lap two before a caution came out for debris.

Following the restart, Satterlee continued his march to the front as he moved into second on lap four and set his sights on the leader. Following another caution and restart on lap six, Satterlee made his move for the lead entering turn three as he dove under Robinson and exited turn four with the point.

Satterlee was in cruise control for the next handful of laps, but as lapped traffic started to play into the race Robinson closed the distance in half. Robinson got into the back of a lapped car to bring out the caution with five to go and set up one final opportunity in clean air.

He tried on the restart, but it was Satterlee’s race to lose. He went on to claim the checkered flag by a margin of 1.997 seconds over Robinson, Gary Stuhler, Dylan Yoder and Colton Flinner. Seventh-place finisher Trevor Feathers earned the George’s Used Cars Hard Charger Award by going +7 from his 14th-place Starting spot.

Super Late Model Results- 1. Gregg Satterlee 2. Ross Robinson 3. Gary Stuhler 4. Dylan Yoder 5. Colton Flinner 6. Marvin Winters 7. Trevor Feathers 8. Kyle Lee 9. Jeff Rine 10. Hayes Mattern 11. Dillan Stake 12. Gene Knaub 13. Austin Berry 14. Jim Bernheisel 15. Brett Schadel 16. Kirk Baker 17. Andrew Yoder 18. Tim Wilson 19. Jim Yoder 20. Jason Schmidt 21. Nathan Long 22. Andy Huas 23. Chris Casner 24. Nick Dickson