Halligan Claims Wild Port Royal Feature Event Win

PORT ROYAL, PA – Jeff Halligan was the last driver standing in a wild night of racing for the Weikert’s Livestock 410 Sprint Cars as the young gun picked up his second victory of the season Saturday night.

The win was worth $4500 courtesy of an added bonus via Mike Cleck Paving & Sealcoating and came over Mike Wagner and Mike Walter II.

Rookie series driver Derek Hauck and Trenton Sheaffer led the field of 22 410 Sprint Cars to the green flag and it was Hauck getting the early jump over Sheaffer, Ryan Timms, Halligan and Ryan Taylor on the opening lap.

Dylan Cisney moved into the fourth position on lap two before cracking the podium for the first time one lap later. By lap four Cisney was up to second and one lap later it was Timms, the 15-year old from Oklahoma, moving into the final podium spot.

However, it was all Hauck up front for the first ten laps of the event. Cisney and Timms were putting on a spirited battle for the runner-up position, while simultaneously gaining quickly on the leader.
One lap later Hauck had caught the tail end of the field and that was the opportunity needed for Cisney as he was able to garner the top spot with 13 laps to go of the 25 lap event coming out of turn four.

Timms followed suit and moved into the runner-up spot on the same circuit, while four-time defending track champion and ninth-place starter, Logan Wagner, was coming fast and up to fifth as well.

Cisney’s advantage on the field sat at 1.044 seconds with 10 laps remaining, but that would be wiped out two laps later when Tyler Walton came to a stop on the frontstretch. This is where things started to get wild.

It appeared the crowd was set to witness an epic battle between a pair of No. 5’s up front, however Timms blew a right rear tire while under caution and was forced to the pit area for repairs. He would rejoin the field.

Cisney led the field back to the green flag, with Hauck, Halligan and a pair of Wagner’s in tow. Halligan got by the rookie for the runner-up position and brought Logan Wagner with him.

However, with the three drivers locked ever-so-tightly coming down the backstretch, Wagner and Hauck made contact and sent both of them spinning. Wagner broke a rear axle and got on his side to bring out the red flag, but both drivers were ok.

Halligan and Cisney swapped lines for the lead following the restart, which allowed Mike Wagner to slide into the second position past Halligan. However, two laps later Cisney’s hopes at victory went away as he flipped over while leading in turn three as a result of a flat left-rear tire. He was ok, but would not return to the field.

With the lead now in his hand, Mike Wagner brought the field back to the green flag with five laps remaining. However, it only took one lap for Halligan to get by the veteran for the top spot. From there it was smooth sailing as the driver of the No. 45 went on the score the victory over Wagner and Mike Walter II.

Ryan Taylor and Sheaffer rounded out the top five, while Gerard McIntyre Jr., Kassidy Kreitz, Timms, Justin Whittall and Tyler Bear completed the top ten. McIntyre Jr. earned the $500 Valley Supply Hard Charger award after starting 19th on the grid, while Whittall earned the $1000 J&S Classics Warrior Award with a random draw of nine.

Sprint Car Results- 1. Jeff Halligan, 2. Mike Wagner, 3. Mike Walter II, 4. Ryan Taylor, 5. Trenton Sheaffer, 6. Gerard McIntyre, 7. Kassidy Kreitz, 8. Ryan Timms, 9. Justin Whittall, 10. Tyler Bear, 11. Alex Bright, 12. Nick Sweigart, 13. Bill Jones Jr., 14. Ron Aurand, 15. Dylan Cisney, 16. Derek Hauck, 17. Logan Wagner, 18. Dan Shetler, 19. Tyler Walton, 20. Lucas Wolfe, 21. Austin Burke, 22. Rick Lafferty

Jeff Rine capitalized on a front row starting spot to score his 28th career Krill Recycling, LLC Super Late Model victory in a 25-lap non-stop feature event over Gary Stuhler and Jared Miley.

Rine and Tim Wilson led the field of 24 cars to the green flag with Rine getting the early jump on the field. After five laps of racing were completed, third-place starter Austin Berry sat in the runner-up position with fifth-place starter Stuhler in third.

Tenth-place starter Miley was up to fourth with 18 laps to go, while Rine was buried in heavy lapped traffic six laps later. Stuhler slipped by Berry for the runner-up position one lap later while Miley continued his march to the front by moving into third with 11 laps remaining.

With 10 laps remaining the lead for Rine sat at 2.305 seconds and with six laps to go, Stuhler had cut nearly half a second off the advantage. However, that was close as he’d get ads Rine cruised home to the victory worth $3000.

Stuhler, Miley, Berry and Tylor Emory completed the top five followed by Dylan Yoder, Tim Wilson, Kyle Lee, Logan Zarin and Jim Yoder. Miley earned the $200 Georges Used Cars Hard Charger award as well.

Miley was able to find his way to victory lane in the second feature that was a make-up from earlier in the season as he bested Stuhler and Chad Myers.

Kyle Lee and Myers led the field the green flag and it was Lee grabbing the lead on lap one. Miley up to third after five laps, while Stuhler was up to fourth. Two laps later Miley moved into the runner-up spot and with 13 to go he was all over the leader.

Coming to the start-finish line on the following lap, Miley slipped underneath Myers for the lead and that was all she wrote. Stuhler would get by Myers for the runner-up spot with seven laps remaining, but Miley cruised home for the victory uncontested for his second win of the season at the track.

Stuhler, Myers, Kyle Lee and Colton Flinner rounded out the top five with Dylan Yoder, Trever Feathers, Chad Julius, Tim Smith Jr. and Hayes Mattern closing out the top ten. Mattern earned the $200 George’s Used Cars Hard Charger award.

Super Late Model Results Feature 1- 1.Jeff Rine, 2. Gary Stuhler, 3. Jared Miley, 4. Austin Berry, 5. Tyler Emory, 6. Dylan Yoder, 7. Tim Wilson, 8. Kyle Lee, 9. Logan Zarin, 10. Jim Yoder, 11. Tim Smith Jr., 12. Andy Haus, 13. Colton Flinner, 14. Danny Snyder, 15. Chad Myers, 16. Hayes Mattern, 17. Jason Schimdt, 18. Mike Lupfer, 19. Chad Julius, 20. Brandon Little, 21. Kody Lyter, 22. Larry Neiderer, 23. Trever Feathers, 24. Kyle Hardy

Super Late Model Results Feature 2- 1. Jared Miley, 2. Gary Stuhler, 3. Chad Myers, 4. Kyle Lee, 5. Colton Flinner, 6. Dylan Yoder, 7. Trever Feathers, 8. Chad Julius, 9. Tim Smith Jr., 10. Hayes Mattern, 11. Andy Haus, 12. Jason Schmidt, 13. Larry Neiderer, 14. Brandon Little, 15. Kody Lyter, 16. Mike Lupfer, 17. Bryan Bernheisel, 18. Chris Casner, 19. Nick Dickson, 20. Drew Weisser, 21. Tyler Hershey, 22. Deshawn Gingerich, 23. Del Rougeux, 24. John Garvin

Andrew Yoder used a mid-race restart to get by Matt Parks to pick up his first Selinsgrove Ford Limited Late Model feature victory of the season.

Parks led early form the front row over Daulton Bigler before giving way to Yoder. Seventh-place starter Dillan Stake moved into a podium position at the halfway point of the 20-lap feature event and got by Parks for the runner-up position with six to go.

However, it was all Yoder up front as he eased his way to the victory over Stake, Parks , Devin Hart and Bigler.

Limited Late Model Results- 1. Andrew Yoder, 2. Dillan Stake, 3. Matt Parks, 4. Devin Hart, 5. Daulton Bigler, 6. Ryan Zook, 7. Justin Kann, 8. Trent Brenneman, 9. Shaun Miller, 10. Shawn Shoemaker, 11. Kenny Yoder, 12. Taylor Farling, 13. Kyle Bachman, 14. Ethan Beasom, 15. Rance Garlock, 16. JR Toner, 17. Chase Bowsman, 18. Maddox Smith, 19. Danny Atherton, 20. DJ Groft, 21. Matt Williamson, 22. Harry Shipe, 23. Eddie Cornett