Lucas Wolfe Tops Port Royal Speedway Sprint Main

PORT ROYAL, PA – Lucas Wolfe capitalized on a two- lap restart to score his first Weikert’s Livestock 410 Sprint Car win of the season at Port Royal Speedway over Danny Dietrich, Gerard McIntyre Jr., Anthony Macri and Logan Wagner.

The win was worth $5000 for Wolfe and was the 13th of his career at the Juniata County oval. It moved into a tie for 30th on the all-time win list at the track with Barry Camp, Chad Layton, Mike Wagner and Stevie Smith.

“It’s obviously been a good bit for me here and this is my first time in this specific victory lane, so I’m pretty happy,” said Wolfe. “I’ve got to thank all the people who have stuck with me and keep working with me and hopefully we can be here more.”

AJ Flick and Jason Schultz lined up from the front row of the 25-lap A-main event and it was Schultz getting the quick jump on the field.

10th-place starter, Logan Wagner was making himself known early in the event as he was up to sixth by the completion of lap five. Three laps later he cracked the top five, while Schultz was in control up front.

One lap later Schultz hit lapped traffic and three laps later McIntyre had closed to the tail tank of the leader down the backstretch.

Dietrich, who started sixth on the grid, was in third and with 11 laps remaining the podium drivers were all under a blanket coming to the flag stand.

Dietrich got by McIntyre Jr for the runner-up spot exiting turn four on the following lap and he set his sights on Schultz up front.
Wolfe and Wagner swapped the fourth position with nine laps to go and seeing the five-time defending track champion on the prowl gave Wolfe the knowledge he needed to move forward.

“Logan showed me his nose there and I knew I kind of had to get going,” said Wolfe. “He made me have to kind of start searching and it seemed like the car just really came to me.”

With five laps remaining Dietrich made his move on the leader as he pulled a Hail Mary slider in turn’s one and two, but on the slick daytime surface, he was unable to hold the spot and Schultz regained the lead.

One lap later Wolfe dispatched of McIntyre for the final podium spot, while the top two were duking it out in front of him.

Wolfe appeared to overtake Dietrich for second with two laps later, but the caution came out when Schultz came to a slow while leading with a flat right-rear tire. Not only did it end Schultz’s storybook night, but it gave the lead to Dietrich and negated Wolfe’s pass.

However, when the green-flag waved for the two-lap dash, Wolfe wasted no time as he slipped under Dietrich for the lead exiting turn two and the Mechanicsburg native never looked back.

Devon Borden, Flick, Kody Lehman, Justin Whittall and Mike Walter II completes the rest of the top ten. 12th-place finisher TJ Stutts earned the $1000 J&S Classics Warrior Award via random draw, while 11th-place finisher Jeff Halligan earned the $500 Valley Supply Hard Charger Award after starting 18th on the grid.

Results-1. Lucas Wolfe, 2. Danny Dietrich, 3. Gerard McIntyre Jr, 4. Anthony Macri, 5. Logan Wagner, 6. Devon Borden, 7. AJ Flick, 8. Kody Lehman, 9. Justin Whittall, 10. Mike Walter II, 11. Jeff Halligan, 12. TJ Stutts, 13. Steve Buckwalter, 14. Blane Heimbach, 15. Mike Wagner, 16. Dylan Cisney, 17. JJ Hickle, 18. Austin Bishop, 19. Garrett Bard, 20. Jarrett Cavalet, 21. Jason Schultz, 22. Jake Karklin, 23. Kassidy Kreitz, 24. Rick Lafferty

Drake Troutman went start to finish as he led all 25 laps of the Selinsgrove Ford Super Late Model feature to score his first career victory at the Port Royal Speedway. Dylan Yoder went sixth to second, followed by Gregg Satterlee, Rick Eckert and Trever Feathers.

Jeff Rine, Colton Flinner, Hayes Mattern, Andrew Yoder and Gary Stuhler completed the top ten.

“This is huge for sure and it’s our first night out on a Longhorn Chassis,” said Troutman. “This is pretty special to get this win and hopefully we can keep the momentum going.”

The win was worth $4000 for Troutman.

Results- 1. Drake Troutman, 2. Dylan Yoder, 3. Gregg Satterlee, 4. Rick Eckert, 5. Trever Feathers, 6. Jeff Rine, 7. Colton Flinner, 8. Hayes Mattern, 9. Andrew Yoder, 10. Gary Stuhler, 11. Jason Schmidt, 12. Mike Lupfer, 13. Scott Flickinger, 14. Chad Myers, 15. Tim Wilson, 16. Shaun Jones, 17. Colin Knaub, 18. Nick Dickson, 19. Dillan Stake, 20. Austin Berry, 21. Justin Weaver, 22. Jim Yoder, 23. Justin Kann, 24. Tylor Emory

Devan Hart started second on the grid for the Dack’s Trucking Limited Late Model feature event and he’d go on the score the victory worth $1500 over Shawn Shoemaker, Taylor Farling, Trent Brenneman and Ryan Zook.

Hart held off a last lap attempt from Shoemaker to score the victory, which was his 10th career in the division at the track.
Casey Steinhoff, JR Toner, Eric Irvin, Matt Murphy and Chase Bowsman made up the rest of the top ten. 11th-place finisher Maddox Smith earned the night’s $150 River Valley Builders Hard Charger Award.

“The track was tough to race on with the conditions, but I think me and everybody else in the pit area were just happy to get the racing season started,” said Hart. “We were not really good in the heat, but honestly, we got pretty good in the feature. The laps cars had me worried a bit late, but we were able to make it to the end and I just got to thank my guys.”

Results- 1. Devin Hart, 2. Shawn Shoemaker, 3.Taylor Farling, 4. Trent Brenneman, 5. Ryan Zook, 6. Casey Steinhoff, 7. JR Toner, 8. Eric Irvin, 9. Matt Murphy, 10. Chase Bowsman, 11. Maddox Smith, 12. Cayden Ranck, 13. Chad Smith, 14. Jake Moser, 15. Jaxton Garman, 16. Kenny Yoder, 17. Shaun Miller, 18. Eddie Cornett, 19. Harold Ranck, 20. Jared Fulkroad