Devon Borden Picks Up Port Royal Victory

By Justin Snyder

PORT ROYAL, PA – Devon Borden outlasted Lance Dewease in a back-and-forth jockeying of position that lasted multiple laps to score his third career Weikert’s Livestock 410 Sprint Car feature win at the Port Royal Speedway on Saturday night.

Zeb Wise, Dylan Cisney and Mike Wagner completed the rest of the top five. The win was worth $5000 for Borden and makes him the third different winner in three events this season for the 410 Sprint Cars at the Juniata County oval.

Justin Whittall and Borden lined up on the front row for the 25-lap event and it was Whittall getting the early jump on the field. Dewease, who started fourth on the grid, slid into the runner-up position on the opening lap followed by Borden, Kyle Reinhardt, and Austin Bishop.

Ninth-place starter Wise, who was following up a victory the night prior at Williams Grove Speedway, was up to sixth by lap seven, while Whittall was setting sail out front of the field.

Whittall hit lapped traffic one lap later and while trying to make a move on the cars exiting turn four with 16 laps to go, he got into the outside guardrail. This put both Dewease and Borden right on his tail tank coming to the line.

The three drivers raced nearly three-wide coming through turn’s three and four on the following circuit and Dewease was able to edge ahead by inches coming to the line to lead lap 10. It only took one more turn for Borden to get by Whittell as well for the runner-up spot and the young gun set his sights on Dewease for the lead.

Three laps later Borden tried a slide job in turn’s three and four on Dewease for the lead, but Dewease was able to inch back ahead coming to the line to re-take the lead.

However, Borden had a head of steam coming through turn’s one and two and was able to overtake Dewease down the backstretch to lead for the first time with 10 laps remaining.
Borden now had lappers to deal with and he struggled to dispense the car of Scotty Theil over the next two laps. He bobbled slightly coming out of turn two and it allowed Dewease to close and take back the lead exiting turn four with eight laps remaining.

Borden was able to regroup on the following lap and with another head of steam he got back by Dewease for the top spot for good. Dewease got one more opportunity on the final circuit as Borden again struggled with lappers. However, the last-ditch move came up just short as Borden came home to the checkered flag.

Whittall, Bishop, Reinhardt, Gerard McIntyre Jr and Mike Walter II completed the top ten. Walter earned the J&S Classics $1000 Warrior Award via random draw, while Wagner scored the $500 Valley Supply Hard Charger Award after advancing 11 positions in the feature.

Results- 1. Devon Borden, 2. Lance Dewease, 3. Zeb Wise, 4. Dylan Cisney, 5. Mike Wagner, 6. Justin Whittall, 7. Austin Bishop, 8. Kyle Reinhardt, 9. Gerard McIntyre Jr, 10. Mike Walter II, 11. Lucas Wolfe, 12. Blane Heimbach, 13. TJ Stuts, 14. Jason Shultz, 15. Jeff Halligan, 16. Sye Lynch, 17. Ryan Taylor, 18. AJ Flick, 19. Scotty Theil, 20. Mark Smith, 21. Kody Lehman, 22. Jake Karklin, 23. Carl Bowser, 24. Davie Franek

Gregg Satterlee capitalized on a front-row starting spot to capture his 16th career Selinsgrove Ford Super Late Model victory and first of the season. Opening day winner Dillan Stake finished second, followed by Rick Eckert, Hayes Mattern and Mason Zeigler completing the top five.

Jeff Rine and Satterlee lined up on the front row and it was Satterlee getting the quick jump and taking the lead on the opening lap. Stake settled into second from his third starting spot, with Rine in third.

Eckert, who started fifth for the 25-lap A-main, cracked the podium for the first time on lap 11. Satterlee hit lapped traffic one lap later, but the veteran diced in and out of the cars with ease on his way to victory.

The win, worth $4000, moved Satterlee into a tie with Chris Shuey for 16th on the all-time win list at the Speedway in the division.

Dylan Yoder, Rine, Andrew Yoder, Drake Troutman and Kyle Lee made up the rest of the top ten. Lee, who started 19th, was the evening’s hard charger as well.

Results- 1. Ggegg Satterlee, 2. Dillan Stake, 3. Rick Eckert, 4. Hayes Mattern, 5. Mason Zeiler, 6. Dylan Yoder, 7. Jeff Rine, 8. Andrew Yoder, 9. Drake Troutman, 10. Kyle Lee, 11. Gary Stuhler, 12. Jason Covert, 13. Justin Weaver, 14. Colton Flinner, 15. Ross Robinson, 16. Deshawn Gingerich, 17. Kyle Hardy, 18. Amanda Robinson, 19. Nick Dickson, 20. Scott Flickinger, 21. Justin Kann, 22. Tim Wilson, 23. Roy Deese Jr, 24. Trever Feathers

Logan Spahr went start to finish to lead every lap of the PennsValley MeatMarket PA Sprint Series 305 Sprint Car A-main to score his second career triumph at the Port Royal Speedway. Seth Schnoke, Ken Duke, Dylan Shatzer and Zach Rhodes completed the top five.

Owen Dimm, Jeff Weaver, Doug Dodson, Austin Reed, and Logan Jones made up the rest of the top ten. 12th place finish Josh Spicer earned the $200 Hard Charger Award for the night after starting 20th.

Results-1. Logan Spahr, 2. Seth Schnoke, 3. Ken Duke, 4. Dylan Shatzer, 5. Zach Rhodes, 6. Owen Dimm, 7. Jeff Weaver, 8. Doug Dodson, 9. Austin Reed, 10. Logan Jones, 11. Mike Alleman, 12. Josh Spicer, 13. Jacob Gomola, 14. Timmy Bitner, 15. Fred Arnold, 16. Scott Frack, 17. Derek Swartz, 18. Stevie Kenawell, 19. Roger Irvine, 20. Josh Beamer, 21. Drew Young, 22. John Scarborough, 23. Jimmy White, 24. Dustin Young, 25. Mike Melair, 26. Kasey Weaver