Kody Lehman Tops Port Royal Speedway Feature

15H Sam Hafertepe Jr., 47K Kody Lehman

PORT ROYAL, Penn (August 6, 2023)- In a race where it seemed that nobody wanted to win it, Kody Lehman capitalized to score his first career Weikert’s Livestock 410 Sprint Car feature event over Logan Wagner, TJ Stutts, Blane Heimbach and Devon Borden.

The win was worth $5000 and added Lehman’s name to the historic list of drivers who have claimed victory at the Juniata County oval.

Tyler Walton and Lucas Wolfe lined up on the front row for the feature event and it was Walton getting the early jump on the field. Ninth place starter Borden was on the move early as he cracked the top five with a two-for-one move on lap three.

By lap seven Walton, who was filling in for Bill Jones Jr in the number 12J, was mired in heavy lapped traffic when disaster struck. Walton attempted to go to the bottom of a lapper entering turn one when he lost control and slid backwards up into the outside guardrail. With nowhere to go, second place Lucas Wolfe was also collected with heavy impact and both cars would be done for the night.

Third place Mike Walter II inherited the lead because of the accident, and he quickly opened a large lead after a return to green over Lehman, who had been running fourth prior to the accident.

Jeff Halligan, who started seventh for the A-main, got by Borden for the final podium spot on lap nine. Two laps later disaster struck for the second time of the night for a leader as Walter shredded a left rear tire in turn three and came to a slow against the outside frontstretch guardrail.

Borden also entered the pit area while under caution with an issue while running inside of the top five. He would rejoin the field.

Now the leader, Lehman blasted out front following the restart. 20th place starter Stutts cracked the top five one lap later. It only took five laps for Lehman to hit the tail end of the field and as a result Halligan was chipping away at the leader.

However, his night ended five laps later when he blew a tire entering turn three and went flipping wildly out over the outside guardrail. He would walk away from the incident unharmed.

This set up a three-lap shootout for the win, with Heimbach in second followed by Wagner, Steve Buckwalter and Stutts. Lehman stayed true to the top on the restart, while Heimbach tried the middle in turn’s one and two. He blasted off the cushion down the backstretch and from there he just had to hold on.

Wagner, making his first start of the year in the Kreitz Racing 69k, moved into second and Stutts continued his march forward as he gained third. Both drivers battled for the runner-up spot over the final two circuits, but it was all Lehman as he came to the checkered in front of an enthusiastic crowd for the win.

Buckwalter, Mike Wagner, Lance Dewease, Garrett Bard, and Dylan Cisney rounded out the top ten. Stutts earned the $500 Valley Supply Hard Charger Award while 16th-place finisher Dustin Baney scored the $1000 J&S Classics Warrior Award via random draw.

410 Sprint Car Results- 1. Kody Lehman, 2. Logan Wagner, 3. TJ Stutts, 4. Blane Heimbach, 5. Devon Borden, 6. Steve Buckwalter, 7. Mike Wagner, 8. Lance Dewease, 9. Garrett Bard, 10. Dylan Cisney, 11. Gerard McIntyre Jr, 12. Dan Shetler, 13. Tyler Bear, 14. Trent Sheaffer, 15. Cody Fletcher, 16. Dustin Baney, 17. Jeff Halligan, 18. Cory Thornton, 19. Jarrett Cavalet, 20. Devin Adams, 21. Derek Locke, 22. Mike Walter II, 23. Tyler Walton, 24. Lucas Wolfe

Devin Hart made it count Saturday night as he bested Andrew Yoder and Taylor Farlling to score a $3500 triumph in Limited Late Model competition as part of the Ron Zimmerman Tribute Race sponsored by Zimmerman Truck Lines Inc and Zimmerman Truck Repair.

Shaun Miller and Hart started on the front row for the event, and it was Miller getting the early lead for the increased purse 25-lap event. A three-car battle broke out up front for the lead, but it was Hart capitalizing as he slid by Miller for the top spot with 17 laps to go.

Farlling moved into the runner-up spot one lap later and Yoder cracked the podium with 12 laps remaining. Coleby Frye, who earned $500 earlier in the night as the night’s fast time award winner, moved into fourth one lap later.

Yoder continued his march forward two laps later as he moved into second with nine laps to go and Hart would see his lead wiped away with five laps to go because of a caution for debris.

However, Hart would not be denied as he raced away from the field over the final five laps with ease to score the big payday and the big check. Frye and Trent Brenneman completed the top five, while Miller, Shawn Shoemaker, Ryan Zook, Brad McGinnis, and Justin Weaver made up the top ten. McGinnis earned the $150 River Valley Builders Hard Charger Award.

Limited Late Model Results- 1. Devin Hart, 2. Andrew Yoder, 3. Taylor Farlling, 4. Coleby Frye, 5. Trent Brenneman, 6. Shaun Miller, 7. Shawn Shoemaker, 8. Ryan Zook, 9. Brad McGinnis, 10. Justin Weaver, 11. Jacon Piper, 12. Spike Moore, 13. Jim Yoder, 14. Matt Cochran, 15. Daulton Bigler, 16. JR Toner, 17. Kenny Yoder, 18, Chad Smith, 19. Lane Snook, 20. Maddox Smith, 21. Jared Fulkroad, 22. Danny Atherton, 23. Casey Steinhoff, 24. Eric Irvin

Trevor Feathers used a late pass of Bryan Bernheisel to score the $4000 Selinsgrove Ford Super Late Model victory over Gregg Satterlee Saturday night. The win was the third career triumph at the Speedway for Feathers.

It was a family affair on the front row as Bryan and Jim Bernheisel lined up first and second. Bryan, who recently scored his first career win at the track, jumped out to the early lead.

Satterlee, who started eighth on the grid, cracked the top five on lap six. Feathers, who started third, dispatched of the elder Bernheisel on lap 11. Two laps later Satterlee followed suit to earn the final podium position as well.

With nine laps to go Feathers got by Bernheisel for the top spot and one lap later Satterlee grabbed the runner-up spot. Satterlee gave it everything he had over the final seven circuits, but Feathers would not be denied as he grabbed the checkered flag.

Bernheisel, Ross Robinson, and Rick Eckert made up the rest of the top five, while Jeff Rine, Dillan Stake, Jim Bernheisel, Dylan Yoder, and Nick Dickson completed the top ten.

Super Late Model Results- 1. Trever Feathers, 2. Gregg Satterlee, 3. Bryan Bernheisel, 4. Ross Robinson, 5. Rick Eckert, 6. Jeff Rine, 7. Dillan Stake, 8. Jim Bernheisel, 9. Dylan Yoder, 10. Nick Dickson, 11. Chad Myers, 12. Hayes Mattern, 13. Justin Kann, 14. Austin Berry, 15. Andrew Yoder, 16. Chad Julius, 17. Trevor Collins, 18. Nathan Long, 19. Brian Booze, 20. Cory Lawler, 21. Scott Flickinger, 22. Tim Wilson, 23. Shaun Jones, 24. Mike Lupfer

Photos by Jeremy Zarfos Photography