Matt Sheppard ($11,000) & Matt Stangle ($2,800) Officially Crowned American Racer Cup By Sunoco 2017 Champions

MILLSBORO, DE – Matt Sheppard (Modified) and Matt Stangle (Sportsman) have been officially crowned champions of the 2017 American Racer Cup presented by Sunoco.

Sheppard, of Waterloo, N.Y., utilized Outlaw Speedway in Dundee, N.Y., as his home track on Friday nights and will collect $10,000 from the point fund for his efforts plus regional bonus money and additional tire certificates. Sheppard’s total cash take is $11,000.

The teenager Stangle, of Neshanic Station, N.J., called the spacious Bridgeport Speedway in South Jersey home. Stangle will receive $1,500 in point fund money for the Sportsman overall crown plus regional money and tire certificates.  Stangle’s cash total is $2,800.

A total of 253 drivers registered for the program during the 2017 season. $51,450 will be distributed to competitors in cash.

The American Racer Cup counts a driver’s best 12 finishes toward the overall, regional and track standings.

Sheppard lived up to his ‘Super Matt’ moniker, winning 10 times from mid-April to Labor Day at Outlaw. He accrued a total of 770 points en route to the overall crown.

Boyertown, Pa., driver Ryan Watt – a Bridgeport Speedway regular – finished second with 746 points, worth $5,000. Dan Pompey of Kingsley, Pa., representing Penn Can Speedway in Susquehanna, Pa., was third overall (728 points – $4,000). New Egypt (N.J.) Speedway driver Billy Pauch Jr. of Milford, N.J., ranked fourth (719 points – $3,500) and Craig Von Dohren of Oley, Pa., representing Grandview Speedway in Bechtelsville, Pa., completed the front five (713 points – $2,500).

Finishing sixth through 15th, respectively were Woodhull (N.Y.) Raceway regular Billy Van Pelt of Westfield, Pa. (711 points – $2,000); Outlaw’s Alan Johnson of Middlesex, N.Y. (708 points – $1,750); Penn Can regular Joey Grammes of Lehighton, Pa. (697 points – $1,500); Grandview’s Duane Howard of Oley, Pa. (696 points – $1,250); Rick Laubach of Hellertown, Pa., representing Bridgeport (688 points – $1,000); Grandview’s Mike Gular of Boyertown, Pa. (688 points – $900); Woodhull regular Donnie Lawson of Addison, N.Y. (682 points – $800); Danny Creeden representing Thunder Mountain Speedway in Center Lisle, N.Y. (680 points – $700); New Egypt’s Ryan Godown of Ringoes, N.J. (672 points – $600); and Steve Paine of Waterloo, N.Y., from Outlaw (671 points – $500).

Insinger Performance of Dushore, Pa., sponsors North and South regional bonuses.

The North Region went to Sheppard ($1,000) over Van Pelt ($750), Creeden ($500), Johnson ($350) and Lawson ($250).

In the South Region, Watt ($1,000) led Pauch Jr. ($750), Von Dohren ($500), Howard ($350) and Pompey ($250).

Stangle utilized nine wins in his ‘best of 12’ at Bridgeport to take the overall Sportsman title. The second-generation Garden State driver earned a total of 780 points. He is also credited with fifth in the overall points for his Friday night efforts competing at Big Diamond Speedway in Minersville, Pa.

Belle Mead, N.J., driver Brian Papiez completed a one-two sweep by Bridgeport drivers in second spot (727 points – $1,000). Mike Schane of Lake Ariel, Pa., from Penn Can was third (723 points – $750), with Dale Welty of Montour Falls, N.Y., fourth representing Woodhull (709 points – $600) and Stangle completing the front five from Big Diamond (707 points – $500).

Rounding out the top-15 paid positions were Kyle Rohner of Bushkill Falls, Pa., representing Accord (N.Y.) Speedway (692 points – $450); Stacy Jackson of Woodhull, N.Y., running Crate Sportsman at Skyline Raceway Park in Blodgett Mills, N.Y. (686 points – $400); Brian White of Candor, N.Y., from the Thunder Mountain Open division (679 points – $350); Eric Kormann of Vineland, N.J., from Bridgeport (674 points – $300); Kyle Rohner representing Five Mile Point Speedway in Kirkwood, N.Y. (669 points – $250); Tim Guild of Cameron Mills, N.Y., representing Woodhull (668 points – $200); Brandon Butler of Horseheads, N.Y., (666 points ($150); Jacob Dgien of Hornell, N.Y., from Woodhull (665 points – $100); Chance Spoonhower of Berkshire, N.Y. from Thunder Mountain (664 points – $100); and Welty representing Outlaw (656 points – $100).

Insinger Performance also sponsored North and South regional money for Sportsman.

Welty won the North Region ($500) over Rohner (Accord – $400), Jackson ($300), Rohner (Five Mile Point – $200) and Brian White ($100).

Stangle (Bridgeport – $500) earned the South honors over Papiez ($400), Stangle (Big Diamond – $300), Schane ($200) and Kormann ($100).

Each of the participating American Racer Cup speedways declares individual champions, with the top-five in track points based on the driver’s 12 best finishes getting tire certificates as follows (registered drivers only): in the Modified division: 1st) five tires; 2nd) four tires; 3rd) three tires; 4th) two tires; 5th) one tire; in the Sportsman division: 1st) two tires; 2nd) one tire; 3rd) $85 tire certificate.

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American Racer Cup Modified Standings (listed alphabetically by track)

Accord Speedway

  1. Danny Tyler (five tires)
  2. Richard Smith (four tires)
  3. Danny Creeden (three tires)
  4. Rich Eurich (two tires)
  5. Anthony Perrego (one tire)

Afton Motorsports Park

  1. Andy Bachetti (five tires)
  2. Mitch Gibbs (four tires)
  3. Alan Barker (three tires)
  4. Nick Nye (two tires)
  5. Rusty Smith (one tire)

Big Diamond Speedway

  1. Craig Von Dohren (five tires)
  2. Jeff Strunk (four tires)
  3. Billy Pauch Jr. (three tires)
  4. Duane Howard (two tires)
  5. Rick Laubach (one tire)

Bridgeport Speedway

  1. Ryan Watt (five tires)
  2. Rick Laubach (four tires)
  3. Richie Pratt Jr. (three tires)
  4. Neal Williams (two tires)
  5. Sam Martz (one tire)

Delaware International Speedway

  1. Jordan Watson (five tires)
  2. Jamie Mills (four tires)
  3. Joseph Watson (three tires)
  4. Matt Jester (two tires)
  5. Scott Van Gorder (one tire)

Five Mile Point Speedway

  1. Nick Rochinski (five tires)
  2. Kevin Bates (four tires)
  3. Tyler Siri (three tires)
  4. Brad Szulewski (two tires)
  5. P.J. Goodwin (one tire)

Grandview Speedway

  1. Craig Von Dohren (five tires)
  2. Duane Howard (four tires)
  3. Mike Gular (three tires)
  4. Jeff Strunk (two tires)
  5. Doug Manmiller (one tire)

New Egypt Speedway

  1. Billy Pauch Jr. (five tires)
  2. Ryan Godown (four tires)
  3. Danny Bouc (three tires)
  4. David Van Horn Jr. (two tires)
  5. John McClelland (one tire)

Outlaw Speedway

  1. Matt Sheppard (five tires)
  2. Alan Johnson (four tires)
  3. Steve Paine (three tires)
  4. Tyler Siri (two tires)
  5. Justin Wright (one tire)

Penn Can Speedway

  1. Dan Pompey (five tires)
  2. Joey Grammes (four tires)
  3. Kevin Hartnett (three tires)
  4. Nick Petrilak (two tires)
  5. Alan Rudalavage (one tire)

Thunder Mountain Speedway

  1. Danny Creeden (five tires)
  2. Jeremy Smith (four tires)
  3. Nick Nye (three tires)
  4. Cory Costa (two tires)
  5. Brent Wilcox (one tire)

Woodhull Raceway

  1. Billy Van Pelt (five tires)
  2. Donnie Lawson (four tires)
  3. Dillon Groover (three tires)
  4. Brady Fultz (two tires)
  5. Kenny Peoples Jr. (one tire)


American Racer Cup Sportsman Standings (listed alphabetically by track)

Accord Speedway

  1. Kyle Rohner (two tires)
  2. Tony Kawalchuk (one tire)
  3. Shane Henion ($85 off cert.)

Afton Motorsports Park Crate

  1. Allan Hodge (two tires)
  2. A.J. Digsby (one tire)
  3. Matt Cole ($85 off cert.)

Afton Motorsports Park Open

  1. Claude Hutchings (two tires)
  2. Dennis Clapperton (one tire)
  3. Craig Pope ($85 off cert.)

    Travis Smith ($85 off cert.)

Bridgeport Speedway

  1. Matt Stangle (two tires)
  2. Brian Papiez (one tire)
  3. Eric Kormann ($85 off cert.)

Big Diamond Speedway

  1. Matt Stangle (two tires)
  2. Doug Hendricks (one tire)
  3. Wayne Witmer ($85 off cert.)

Grandview Speedway

  1. Craig Whitmoyer (two tires)
  2. Brian Hirthler (one tire)
  3. Mike Lisowski ($85 off cert.)

Five Mile Point Speedway

  1. Kyle Rohner (two tires)
  2. Randy Fox (one tire)
  3. Ryan Stone ($85 off cert.)

Delaware International Speedway

  1. Scott Hitchens (two tires)
  2. Jordn Justice (one tire)
  3. Jason Rush ($85 off cert.)

New Egypt Speedway Crate

  1. Tommy Tanner (two tires)
  2. Frank Dorry Jr. (one tire)
  3. John Criscione ($85 off cert.)

New Egypt Speedway Open

  1. J.R. Fulper (two tires)
  2. Billy Osmun III (one tire)
  3. Pat Wall ($85 off cert.)

Outlaw Speedway

  1. Dale Welty (two tires)
  2. Brian Fish (one tire)
  3. Todd Hayward ($85 off cert.)

Penn Can Speedway

  1. Mike Schane (two tires)
  2. Brian Mady (one tire)
  3. Nick Branning ($85 off cert.)

Skyline Raceway Park Crate

  1. Stacy Jackson (two tires)
  2. Pat Jordan (one tire)
  3. Ben Bushaw ($85 off cert.)

Skyline Raceway Park Open

  1. Kevin Jordan (two tires)
  2. Ben Bushaw (one tire)
  3. Chance Spoonhower ($85 off cert.)

Thunder Mountain Speedway Crate

  1. Kenny Hammond (two tires)
  2. Pat Jordan (one tire)
  3. Mike Austin ($85 off cert.)

Thunder Mountain Speedway Open

  1. Brian White (two tires)
  2. Chance Spoonhower (one tire)
  3. Larry Mekic ($85 off cert.)

Woodhull Raceway

  1. Dale Welty (two tires)
  2. Tim Guild (one tire)
  3. Brandon Butler ($85 off cert.)