Precision Hydraulic & Oil to Be Present at Motorsports 2018 in Oaks, Pa.

WRIGHTSTOWN, NJ – Precision Hydraulic & Oil is ready to have a major presence at this weekend’s Motorsports 2018 Race Car and Trade Show in Oaks, Pa. The New Jersey company will have a wide variety of products available to meet the needs of several in the racing community from kart racing to the top tier of the sport in both dirt and asphalt racing.

Precision Hydraulic & Oil carries a full line of Xtreme Lubricants for every division of racing, but they are excited about a new line of oils designed specifically for use in crate engines.

“I’m real excited about a new product from Xtreme Lubricants that’s being tested for the 602 or 604 crate engines,” commented Precision Hydraulic & Oil owner Joe Infante. “It’s a new 5w-40 product developed specifically for those engines. So far in the testing it’s been put against three other racing oils and the numbers are coming back very strong. I’m excited that we’ll be one of the dealers that will be carrying it.”

While the company carries products for the top end of the racing spectrum, they also have products for those just getting into the sport as they stock several products for use in kart racing.

“We also carry a full line of synthetic oils for the karting and quarter midget industry,” mentioned Infante. “These oils are from Talon Performance Products and can be run in the typical kart engines. It can be run in the Honda’s and the Briggs & Stratton motors. That is what it is designed for and we carry those products as well.”

Precision Hydraulic & Oil also stocks several Brad Penn Oil products as well NANO Pro MT. The NANO products were designed and proven by use in the military. Their products can be used time and again. Their designed to hold up to the most rigorous circumstances, even after 2500 to 2700 hours of usage.

For more information about these products visit or check out the booth at Motorsports 2018 Race Car and Trade Show this weekend.