Second Annual Northeast Racing Products Auction and Trade Show Set for November 16 and 17, 2018

SYRACUSE, NY – Coming off a very successful first ever event, the Northeast Racing Products Auction, Trade Show and Swap Meet (NRP) is ready for it’s second annual endeavor. The weekend of November 16 and 17, 2018 are the dates and the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY is the site.

“We all are very excited for the second annual show. Looking back at last year I still can’t believe the response we got. We were just a few booths short of a sell out,” said first year promoter Jeremie Corcoran, “We had the Fairgrounds all set for a long time we just wanted to see what weekend worked best for everyone and it was definitely clear that the vendors wanted to stay the same weekend.”

The show in 2017 saw a wide array of vendors from dirt track, to asphalt, modified, sprint car, any type of racing you can think of, it was represented. “We had a very good variety last year and I hope we can even have more this year,” said Corcoran, “If someone has a product they want to get the word out no matter what surface or class of car we would love to have them.”

As stated earlier, the show floor was near a sellout and Corcoran expects to sell all booths and is prepared to add if he has too. “Invites have already been sent out to last years vendors and we encourage to new ones to contact us as soon as they can to get the best available spot,” Jeremie went on, “If we have to add more booths we have a plan to do so.”

As for the auction side of the show, Corcoran wants to grow that as well. “All the feature cars are back and some are adding to what they did last year. We also had a real good variety of used cars and real good parts go through on Friday night as well as Saturday. We will have even more to auction off.”

Any company that is interested in the 2018 NRP event can contact Jeremie at (315) 374-2839 or email The website is getting revamped and will be updated in the next few weeks. You can also find info on the Facebook page by simply searching Northeast Racing Products.

November 16 ad 17, 2018…The Northeast Racing Products Auction and Trade Show is getting ready to be bigger and better than 2017!