Northeast Racecar Show to be Held at the Viaport Mall Rotterdam in 2019

SCOTIA, NY – On the traditional St. Patrick’s Day weekend, as it has been held for many years in the past, the 2019 version of the NORTHEAST RACECAR SHOW will be held at the Viaport Mall in Rotterdam on Friday, March 15 through Sunday, March 17. Spots for the car show will be available to any driver from any racetrack in the NORTHEAST area, GO KARTS and SLINGSHOTS included.

A total of 75 spots will be available for the show, which is great exposure for any race team in any division of racing. Entrees for the show will be taken starting December 1 with a form to fill out and mail for the show located on the Bobco Video website at that time. Any interested race teams that want to be a part of the show will have to contact Bob James at 518-399-0937.

Stay tuned for more updates on the event as the next couple months go by and we look forward to spring and the start of the 2019 racing season!