Eckert Claims Late Race Pass for $11,000 Ron Keister Memorial Win at Selinsgrove

SELINSGROVE, PA Mason Ziegler of Chalk Hill looked like he was going to make his four hour tow payoff in a big way Saturday night at Selinsgrove Speedway but it was Rick Eckert of York who made a late-race pass on the 49th of 52 laps to take the win and $11,000 that was posted for the Ron Keister Memorial for super late models.

Keister, a rookie driver who was killed in April of 1976, was honored by the speedway and his family.

The victory was Eckert’s seventh career at the famed Snyder County half-mile oval.

Michael Walter of Selinsgrove scored his first career 360 sprint car win in the 25-lap feature that was worth $2,000.

Kyle Bachman of Selinsgrove capped off the night with his second win of the season in the 15-lap pro stock feature.

Selinsgrove Speedway returns to action at 7 p.m. next Saturday, May 25th, with the United Racing Club Jack Gunn Memorial for 360 sprint cars along with limited late models, pro stocks and roadrunners. Track gates will open at 5 p.m.

Starting on the pole in what was his first ever race at Selinsgrove Speedway, Mason Ziegler slid underneath Coleby Frye for the early lead in the late model race. The pair were followed by Rick Eckert, Randy Christine Jr. and Kyle Hardy.

In the early laps, Eckert got by Frye as Hardy followed. By lap 10 Ziegler had run into traffic and Eckert drew to his rear bumper.  Hardy and Greg Satterlee soon joined the front runners.

Ziegler continued to slice through traffic while Eckert, a former World of Outlaw Champion stayed in contact but did not pressure him. Satterlee got by Hardy for third and was soon tracking down Eckert.

With the first 41 laps run without a caution, a planned competition yellow was thrown to allow for an 11 lap shootout in honor of Keister’s former car number.

The cars restarted using the Delaware restart with Ziegler choosing the bottom lane.  As Ziegler took off, Dylan Yoder used the restart to drive into third.  Eckert stayed glued to Ziegler’s bumper and tried to test him high but on the 49th lap Ziegler came off the fourth turn high.  Eckert drove low and into the lead.

Almost immediately the caution came out as Jeff Rine, Ken Moreland, Jim Yoder and Shaun Jones got together in the third turn.

After a lengthy caution because a bumper got caught in the guardrail the race resumed for a green-white-checkered showdown.

Eckert checked out winning by .448 seconds over Ziegler, Yoder, Satterlee and Jared Miley.

Late model heats went to Ziegler, Alex Feree, Eckert and Frye.  The B-Mains were won by Kenny Trevitz and Gene Knaub.  Satterlee set fast time of 19.355 seconds over the 36-car field.

Mallie Schuster rocketed into the sprint car lead from the pole position. He was followed by Derek Locke, Michael Walter, Jason Shultz and Kyle Reinhardt.

Locke took the lead on the next go around and the race was cautioned on lap three for a spin by Dave McGough and Jim Schuster.

Walter, Schuster, and Shultz raced the next lap three wide before Walter grabbed second and Schultz settled into third.

Shultz running low and Walter racing high in a side by side race allowed Locke to open a lead by over four seconds when he slowed and pulled off the track on lap 19.

“I saw him go low and pull in.” Walter said.  “My engine was getting hot and I was hoping it would hold up just a few more laps. We’ve tried and failed so many times it feels great to win this one.”

Walter was followed by Shultz, Layton, Reinhardt and Mallie Schuster.

The win was Walter’s first at the speedway after starting his career on the 1/5th mile inner oval and the third generation of his family to race at the speedway.

Sprint car heats were won by Locke and Layton

Shaun Lawton blasted to the front of the pro stock feature followed by Kyle Bachman, Brandon Moser, AJ Hoffman and Tommy Dawson.

Bachman pulled even with Lawton and the pair ran side by side until lap eight when Bachman inched into the lead.

A last lap caution for Dawson and Wayne Shaffer bunched the field on Bachman’s rear but the defending track champion won his second race of the season over Moser, Lawton, Hoffman and AJ Stroup.

Kyle Bachman and Brandon Moser won the pro stock heats.


360 Sprints – 13 Entries

25-Lap A-Main:  1) 33W Michael Walter  ($2,000) 2) 29 Jason Shultz  3) 35 Chad Layton  4) 1W Kyle Reinhardt  5) 49 Malle Shuster  6) 66 Ryan Kissinger  7) 99K Cody Keller  8) 4 Jimmy Stitzel  9) 669 Brandon McGough  10) 77 Derek Locke  11) 07 Curt Stroup  12) 1 Jake Hummel  13) 11 Jim Shuster

Heat Winners:  Derek Locke, Chad Layton

Late Models – 36 Entries

52-Lap Ron Keister Memorial A-Main:  1) 0 Rick Eckert ($11,000)  2) 25 Mason Zeigler  3) 24 Dylan Yoder  4) 22S Gregg Satterlee  5) 10M Jared Miley  6) 36V Kyle Hardy  7) 76 Andy Haus  8) 7 Ross Robinson  9) 22R Russ Erwin  10) 2T Kyle Lee  11) 1 Gene Knaub  12) 9 Hayes Mattern  13) 22 Brett Schadel  14) 61 Ken Trevitz  15) 32 Shaun Jones  16) F1 Coleby Frye  17) 2J Jeff Rine  18) 27 Jim Yoder  19) 24M Kenny Moreland  20) 6 Donnie Schick  21) 4S Danny Snyder  22) 4W Amanda Whaley  23) 66C Matt Cosney  24) 74 Randy Christine  25) 119 Bryan Bernheisel  26) 4 Alex Ferree

Heat Winners:  Mason Zeigler, Alex Ferree, Rick Eckert, Coleby Frye

B-Main Winners:  Ken Trevitz, Gene Knaub

Time Trials:  1) 22 Gregg Satterlee 19.355  2) 25 Mason Zeigler 19.373  3) 9 Hayes Mattern 19.420  4) 2J Jeff Rine 19.526  5) 0 Rick Eckert 19.548  6)  3 Tim Wilson 19.623  7)  24 Dylan Yoder 19.684  8) 32 Shaun Miller  19.782  9) 43A Tyler Bare 19.851  10) 36V Kyle Hardy 19.871  11) 4S Danny Snyder 19.907  12) 22 Brett Schadel 19.917  13) 10 Jared Miley 19.920  14) 66C Matt Cosner 19.950  15) 76 Andy Haus 19.997  16) 74 Randy Christine 20.007  17) 27 Jim Yoder 20.021  18) 4 Alex Ferree 20.024  19) 1 Gene Knaub 20.035  20) 10 Dave Stamm 20.054  21) 119 Bryan Bernheisel 20.098  22) 24M Kenny Moreland 20.199  23) 17 Nick Dickson 20.208  24) 7 Ross Robinson 20.234  25) 2 Dan Stone 20.255  26) 6 Donnie Schick 20.357  27) F1 Coleby Frye 20.360  28) 115 Shaun Miller 20.447  29) 61 Ken Trevitz 20.468  30) 4W Amanda Whaley 20.524  31) 2T Kyle Lee 20.568  32) 14Z Dave Brouse Jr. 20.605  33) 22R Russ Erwin 20.638  34) 99Z Dave Zona 21.062  35) 59 Chad Jones 21.146  36) 14 Bill Conrad 22.897

Pro Stock – 11 Entries

15-Lap A-Main:  1) 99B Kyle Bachman  2) 8M Brandon Moser  3) 92 Shaun Lawton  4) AJ Stroup  5) Lori Croop  6) AJ Hoffman  7) 00 Cory Long  8) 89 John Schoch  9) 16 Tommy Dawson  10) 86 Wayne Shaffer  11) 85 Terry Lauver

Heat Winners:  Kyle Bachman, Brandon Moser