Satterlee Claims ULMS Feature at Selinsgrove

SELINSGROVE, PA – Gregg Satterlee of Rochester Mills scored the super late model season opener at Selinsgrove Speedway in Saturday night’s high-speed 30-lap United Late Model Series-sanctioned event on Performance Food Group Night.

The $3,000 victory was the third of Satterlee’s career at the Snyder County half-mile oval and third overall this season at the wheel of the Keyser Manufacturing No. 22.

Defending track champion Jeff Rine of Danville set a new one-lap late model track record in qualifying with a 18.536 lap time.

Justin Mills of Bloomingburg, N.Y., came out the victor of a multi-car duel in the 20-lap Apache Tree Service PASS/IMCA 305 sprint car main event.

After being shut out of Victory Lane last year, Keith Bissinger of Orangeville scored his 58th career roadrunner feature in the division’s 12-lap season opening race.

The amount of $2,308 was raised from a driver helmet collection Saturday night to benefit driver Bryan Bernheisel who was injured in a late model accident at Williams Grove Speedway March 26.

Next on Selinsgrove Speedway’s 75th anniversary schedule will be the Ray Tilley Classic for the 410 sprint cars and super late models at 6 p.m. Sunday, April 25. The 30-lap sprint car tribute race sponsored by Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes will pay $5,088 to win. The super late models will compete in a 25-lap main event paying $3,000 to win. Track gates will open at 4 p.m.

Front row starters Max Blair and Gregg Satterlee, both late model feature winners in central Pennsylvania this season, drag raced for the lead into the turn one with Satterlee getting the edge. Fourth-place starter Jeff Rine closely trailed the leaders in third.

The first caution flag waved on lap 11 when Larry Neiderer’s machine fell off the pace. On the ensuing restart, several cars collided in turns one and two but were able to restart.

Satterlee held the lead while storming around the smooth, fast half-mile in the 18-second lap bracket. For most of the race, Blair kept the leader in his sites while Rine struggled to catch them in third.

On a lap 14 restart, Rine, eighth-place starter Dylan Yoder, and sixth-place starter Mason Zeigler raced three-wide for the third spot while Satterlee and Blair continued to lead the way at the halfway point.

D. Yoder eventually settled into the third position after a spirited battle with Rine and Zeigler. The final caution flag regrouped the field on lap 23 when Kenny Trevitz fell off the pace.

At the finish, Satterlee was victorious over Blair, D. Yoder, Rine, and seventh-place starter Dan stone.

Polesitter Christian Rumset powered into the lead at the start of the 305 sprint car feature. Rumset was chased by third-place starter Justin Mills and second-place starter Dakota Sweigart.

The race was stopped on lap six when 19th-place starter Kassidy Kreitz hit the frontsretch wall and rolled over in her 69K. Kreitz was not injured. When the race resumed, a duel for the lead unfolded between Rumsey and Mills for several laps.

On the 13th circuit, Mills made the winning pass using the inside lane off turn four but not without being challenged the rest of the way. On the final lap, the red flag unfurled when Jared Zionkowski’s car burst into flames. Zionkowski escaped without injury.

For the one-lap chase to the checkered flag, Rumsey made a last-ditch effort to pass Mills for the lead and win to no avail. Mills scored a narrow victory over Rumsey, sixth-place starter Doug Dodson, seventh-place starter Ken Duke, and Sweigart.

Outside front row starter Keith Bissinger took the lead on the initial start of the roadrunner feature. On a second attempt Bissinger led original third-place starter Jake Jones at the drop of the green flag.

On each subsequent restart, Bissinger and Jones pulled away from the field in a showdown of past champions. The race was stopped on lap seven when Scott Dunham struck the inside backstretch guardrail. He was not injured.

When the race restarted, Bissinger kept Jones at bay for the victory. Seventh-place starter Nate Romig finished in third with a strong showing, followed by Terry Kramer and Adam Campbell in the top five.

SELINSGROVE SPEEDWAY RACE SUMMARY – 10 April 2021 ULMS Super Late Models – 23 Entries 30-Lap A-Main: 1) 22 Gregg Satterlee 2) 111 Max Blair 3) 24 Dylan Yoder 4) 2J Jeff Rine 5) 2 Dan Stone 6) 33K Kyle Knapp 7) 25 Mason Zeigler 8) 61 Kenny Trevitz 9) 15 Scott Flickinger 10) 0G DeShawn Gingrich 11) 14Z Dave Brouse 12) 1W Billy Wampler 13) 10 Dave Stamm 14) 27 Jim Yoder 15) 0X Ryan Scott 16) 31 Jim Bernheisel 17) F1 Coleby Frye 18) 86 Austin Berry 19) 121 Larry Neiderer 20) 25K Kody Lyter 21) 76 Andy Haus DNS 22) 63 Nathan Long DNS 23) 32 Shaun Jones DNS

Heat Winners: Jeff Rine, Max Blair, Mason Zeigler

Time Trials: 1) 2J Jeff Rine 18.536 2) 111 Max Blair 18.543 3) F1 Coleby Frye 18.668 4) 22S Gregg Satterlee 18.703 5) 33K Kyle Knapp 18.703 6) 32 Shaun Jones 18.838 7) 2 Dan Stone 19.013 8) 24 Dylan Yoder 19.023 9) 25 Mason Zeigler 19.075 10) 15 Scott Flickinger 19.276 11) 27 Jim Yoder 19.281 12) 14Z Dave Brouse Jr. 19.361 13) 1W Billy Wampler 19.492 14) 0G DeShawn Gingrich 19.508 15) 86 Austin Berry 19.595 16) 0X Ryan Scott 19.655 17) 61 Ken Trevitz 19.671 18) 10 Dave Stamm 19.952 19) 121 Larry Neider 20.365 20) 63 Nathan Long 21.200 21) 25K Kody Lyter 21.272 22) 76 Andy Haus DNT 23) 31 Jim Bernheisel DNT

305 Sprint Cars – 40 Entries
20-Lap A-Main: 1) JM1 Justin Mills 2) 44 Christian Rumsey 3) 20 Doug Dodson 4) 67 Ken Duke 5) 8 Nick Sweigart 6) 33 Derek Hauck 7) 99A Devin Adams 8) 3D Dave Grube 9) 87 Austin Graby 10) 7 Drew Young 11) 83K Kristina Pratt 12) 83 Larry McVay 13) 55 Dominic Melair 14) 23 Tom Wise 15) 1 Rowdy Heffner 16) 78C Dakota Schweikart 17) 97 Kenny Heffner 18) 54 Mike Melair 19) 03 Brandon Shue 20) 11M Mikell McGee 21) 41Z Jared Zionkowski 22) 19 Kruz Kepner 23) 8B Will Brunson 24) 95 Garrett Bard 25) 69K Kassidy Kreitz 26) 25 Dustin Young Heat Winners: Dave Grube, Mikell McGee, Justin Mills, Doug

Dodson Roadrunners – 14 Entries 12-Lap A-Main: 1) Keith Bissinger 2) 7 Jake Jones 3) 25 Nate Romig 4) 992 Terry Kramer 5) 2 Adam Campbell 6) 75 Will Brunson 7) 14 Matt Ney 8) 60 Jimmy Kessler 9) 51 Hunter Whitcomb 10) 77 Scott Dunham 11) 60K Keegan Strawser 12) 12 Tom Underwood 13) 10M Brad Mitch 14) 1 Smith Cope DNS Heat Winners: Brad Mitch, Keith Bissinger