Blane Heimbach Bests Ryan Smith At Selinsgrove

Middleswarth Potato Chips Opperman-Bogar-Heintzelman Memorial - 32nd Annual Pennsylvania Sprint Car Speedweek presented by Red Robin -Selinsgrove Speedway - 12 Blane Heimbach

SELINSGROVE, PA –  Blaine Heimbach beat Ryan Smith by nearly a second on Saturday night to win the 410 Sprint Car A-main event at the Selinsgrove Speedway.

Nick Sweigart finished in third place with Chad Trout and Steve Buckwalter rounding out the top five.

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Selinsgrove Speedway 410 Sprint Car A-Main (25-Laps) – BLANE HEIMBACH, Ryan Smith, Nick Sweigart, Chad Trout, Steve Bucalter, Mark Smith, Michael Walter, Bradley Howard, Niki Young, Jordan Giveler, Derek Locke, Ron Aurand, Ryan Linder