Brian Brown Invades At Selinsgrove And Comes Home Victorious

SELINSGROVE, PA – With racing in the Midwest wrapped up Brian Brown has traveled east to compete in Pennsylvania and on Sunday night he brought home a win at the Selinsgrove Speedway.

Dylan Cisney finished in second with Ryan Smith, Blane Heimbach and Lucas Wolfe completing the top five.

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410 Sprint Car Feature (25 Laps):  BRIAN BROWN, Dylan Cisney, Ryan Smith, Blane Heimbach, Lucas Wolfe, Austin Bishop, Landon Myers, TJ Stutts, Jason Shultz, Derek Locke, Garret Bard, Kody Lehman, Jake Karklin, Devon Borden, Ryan Newton, Dustin Bayn, Hunter Mackison, Todd Allen, Shane Yost, Brie Hershey