Matt Sheppard Comes From 19th to Win STSS Melvin L Joseph Memorial At Georgetown

GEORGETOWN, DE – Matt Sheppard pocketed $10,049 on Saturday night in the Short Track Super Series South Region season opener at the Georgetown Speedway.

Stewart Friesen led the field to the green flag and quickly jumped out to the early lead with Mike Mahaney in tow while eventual race winner Matt Sheppard was mired back in traffic after starting the race in 19th.

A mid race yellow brought the field back together and allowed Sheppard to make a move on the restart that saw him go from 6th to 3rd.  Once in the third position the 9s machine stalked then 2nd place runner Mike Mahaney, eventually moving by the 35 machine on the outside of the speedway.

From there, Sheppard started to reel in race leader Stewart Friesen.

The two battled side by side for a number of laps, with Sheppard taking the lead away from the 44 machine on two occasions, only to have the yellow flag fly and have his passes negated.

A late race restart saw Matt Sheppard get the jump on Friesen and lead the field down into turn 1.  That was all the 9s needed as never looked back from there, cruising to victory in the 49 lap main event.

“I can’t say enough about this car tonight; we started 19th and drove by the field. Anybody who beats Stewie right now definitely had a good night.  Those guys are on top of their game” said an excited Sheppard in victory lane.  “My car really seemed to work in the middle to the top better and a lot of the guys I raced with were better on the bottom and maybe that was the case with him (Friesen).”

Stewart Friesen capped off a solid weekend by finishing in the runner up spot, while Mike Mahaney completed his weekend with another podium finish coming in third.


Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series Fueled By Sunoco Modified Velocita-USA South Region Presented By Design for Vision & Sunglass Central Round No. 1 Feature Finish (49 laps): MATT SHEPPARD, Stewart Friesen, Mike Mahaney, Tyler Dippel, Anthony Perrego, Michael Maresca, H.J. Bunting, Ryan Godown, Brandon Grosso, Erick Rudolph, Max McLaughlin, Danny Bouc, Ryan Watt, Dominick Buffalino, Joseph Watson, Billy Pauch Jr., Tim Buckwalter, Matt Stangle, Rick Laubach, Jordan Watson, Andy Bachetti, Cale Ross, Craig Von Dohren, Demetrios Drellos, Neal Williams, Mike Gular, Larry Wight, Duane Howard, J.R. Heffner, Richie Pratt Jr.

Did Not Qualify: Alex Yankowski, Kevin Sockriter, Rocky Warner, Ryan Krachun, Jimmy Horton, Dan Creeden, Danny Hieber, David Van Horn, John Willman, Marshall Hurd, Carson Wright, Derrick McGrew Jr., Brandon Hightower, Jeff Taylor, Mike Franz, Allison Ricci, Ryan Riddle, David Schilling , Ron Roberts, Jr., Brett Haas, Danny Tyler, Stan Frankenfield, Norman Short, Brad Trice.

Melvin L. Joseph Construction Company Lap Money ($2,401 Total): Full breakdown to be posted Sunday

Ad-Art Sign Company Heat Winners ($50 Each): Stewart Friesen, Matt Stangle, Mike Mahaney, J.R. Heffner & Cale Ross

American Racer/Lias Tire Bonuses (FREE Tire Certificates): Ryan Godown (8th) & Ryan Watt (13th)

Behrent’s Performance Warehouse Bonuses ($50 Gift Cards): Tyler Dippel (fourth) & Brandon Grosso (ninth)

Beyea Custom Headers Redraw Bonus ($50): Cale Ross (Redrew 11th)

Bill Brown & Company Heat-Race Hard Charger ($50): Dominick Buffalino (10th to fourth)

Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz Halfway Leader Award ($100): Stewart Friesen

Design for Vision/Sunglass Central Winner’s Award (Oakley Sunglasses): Matt Sheppard

Henry’s Exhaust System Power Position ($50 Certificate): Max McLaughlin (11th)

Kruger Trailers Inc. Hard Charger Award ($250): Matt Sheppard (19th to first)

Sunoco Race Fuels/Insinger Performance Bonuses ($50 Certificates): Stewart Friesen (second), Danny Bouc (12th) & Cale Ross (22nd)

Taylor & Messick Hard Luck Awards ($250 Each): David Schilling & Danny Tyler

Wilwood Brakes ‘Lucky 7’ Award ($75 Certificate): H.J. Bunting (seventh)

Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series Fueled By Sunoco Crate 602 Sportsman Belmont’s Garage South Region Round No. 1 Feature Finish (25 laps): A-JAY POTRZEBOWSKI, JR., Corey Cormier, Payton Talbot, Joe Toth, Matt Janczuk, Justin Grosso, L.J. Lombardo, Stephen Kemery, Steve Davis, Brad Trice, Kyle Smith, Adam White, Joey Bruning, Tommy Collins, Michael Ballestero, Greg Reed, Paul Mancini, Dylan Swinehart, Zachary Payne, Ryan Godown, Jr., Scott Hitchens, Doug Snyder, James Hill, Robby Dunn, Tanner Van Doren, A-Jay Potrzebowski, Sr., Brendon Gibbons, Tighe Sherlock, Bobby Flood, Anthony Tramontana, J.J. Courcy, Michael White.

Did Not Qualify: Sean Metz, Addison Bowman, Chas Wolbert, Danny Maher, Greg Humlhanz, Ryan Simmons, Jake Mason, Jared Labagh, Sammy Martz, Jr., Cody Manmiller, Chad Sandt, John Stevenson, Kevin Borden, Joshua Allen, Ricky Quick, Lance Irwin, Isabella Van Orden, Pat Wall, Sean Weiss, Kenny Bock, Logan Watt, Jared Miller, Dakota Kohler, Brett Buono, Trent Willey, Tracy Gauger, Nick Van Wickle, Jimmy DeVitt, Scott Kohler, David Jenkins, Daniel Morgiewicz, Jim Dallett, Jordan Lawrence, Rodney Henri, Greg Nailor, Jr., Kerry Ryder, Matt Smith, Zac Weller, William Adams, Zachary Steffy, Anthony Raisner, Ryan Stangle, Shawn McPhee.

American Racer/Lias Tire Bonus (FREE Tire Certificate): L.J. Lombardo (seventh)

Beyea Custom Headers Redraw Bonus ($25): Stephen Kemery (Redrew ninth)

Evergreen Fuels Inc. “Worst Hand” Redraw ($75): Stephen Kemery (redrew ninth)

Mancini Custom Homes Hard Charger ($200): Michael Ballestero (29th to 15th)

Little Lincoln Feature Finish (12 laps): TODD SAMMONS, Kirk Lawson, M.J. White, Jordan Herbert, Mel Joseph Jr., Eric Reed, Terry Chaney, Sean Smith, Wayne Seaton, Bunky White, James Harmon, Bryan Piercy.

Delaware Super Truck Feature Finish (12 laps): JERRY HILL, David Smith, Robert Smith, Jesse West, Michelle Jackson, Zack Phillips, Dickie Beauchamp, Scott Trice, Blake Esham, Brian Jones, Thomas “Action” Jackson, Matt Esham.

Delmarva Charger Feature Finish (12 laps): ASHLEY MERRITT, Jay Lowman, Kevin Taylor, Joe Waters, Randy Merritt, Chris Carroll, Jeffery Tubbs, Sean Martinez, Paul Gary, Scott Dunn, Jeff DeGroat.