New Ownership Partner with GRIT Racing Series and over $30,000 in Point Fund Money

CORTLAND, NY – Paul Cole, owner of SuperGen Products, has reached an agreement with GRIT originators, Dick and Nick Stark, thus forging a three-headed management team at the helm of the established series. Series President, Dick Stark, stated, “Paul has been an outstanding sponsor for the series, and has a great business mind, along with a strong political background. He brings a unique perspective to what Nick and I have previously done, and it’ll really allow us to continue growing and maturing as a series.”

“Everything we do will be bounced off of each other. No willy nilly, fly by the seat type attitude. Paul brings the necessary structure that a successful business needs. Business sense doesn’t get lost in the fold just because we’re talking about a hobby/sport”, Stark (Nick) said.

“As a multi-faceted supporter of racing, I recognize the power of marketing relationships. Our hope is that while growing the Sportsman Class of racing that more racers/owners will be able to enhance relationships with their sponsors, so that the racing industry will continue to flourish across the region. Race cars can be expensive, but are an excellent way for advertisers to get their products in front of much more of the public. By growing the purses and regionalizing the tours, GRIT will be enhancing Sportsman racers a bigger commodity for their marketing partners while earning good money that can offset the rising costs of racing,” said Paul Cole. His business SuperGen Products is a distributor of Champion Power Equipment (generators, pressure washers, winches) based in Newark, NY.

Speaking of structure, here is the established format for the upcoming season. The GRIT Racing Series is broken into 4 separate tours (2 American Racer/2 Hoosier), with each tour having small 5 to 7 race schedules. Each respective tour will pay its’ own $7500+ point fund, a significant change from the previous GRIT format of a much longer, more taxing workload for racers. Another change that will be implemented is that committed GRIT competitors will pay a $20 entry fee at each show on the tour, which majority will go back into the point fund, while the other amount will be used for necessities on the tour like added tech, dyno cost, awards, and more. This allows racers to choose their commitment level, and ultimately create their own destiny at the season end payout line. Listed below is the respective MINIMUM payout for EACH tour on the Champion Power Equipment GRIT Racing Series. The payout will go out to the top 25 in tour points. Listed below is the respective MINIMUM payout for EACH tour on the Champion Power Equipment GRIT Racing Series. The previously established minimum touring requirement is no longer in effect, while also no drops will be implemented. How you finish in the events is how they will tally up. There WILL, however, be bonus points awarded for following all events.

2017 is upon us. It’s time… to GRIT it done.

1) 1500
2) 1000
3) 700
4) 600
5) 500
6) 450
7) 375
8 ) 275
9) 225
10) 200
11) 175
12) 150
13) 125
14 – 25) 100