Zack Carley and “Zeke” Ray Bliss Zoom to Wins at Genesee

Sportsman Feature Race at Genesee Speedway Batavia, New York on July 15, 2017 Photo Rick Franclemont/Francletography


BATAVIA, NY – On autograph night where 100 cars filled the pit area, Zack Carley led wire-to-wire to hold back a stout Crate Late Model field for his second feature win of the season at Genesee Speedway.

Carley, of Freedom, starred from the outside pole in his feature, pulling out in front of potent pole sitter Jeremy Wonderling on the initial start and then dominating for much of the race. Wonderling began to reel in Carley for the top spot in the final five laps but a caution flag with three laps remaining allowed Carley to get it gathered back up and hold it steady for the final mile to collect the victory. Wonderling would cross in second for the second time this season, while last week’s winner Brad Mesler came home in third. Mikey Wonderling and point leader JJ Mazur rounded out the top five.

Ray Bliss became the last driver in the top six of the Sportsman point standings to score a feature win, as he held off the late challenges of Sarah Johnson to score the victory. “Zeke the Streak” took the lead on a lap two restart from Tony Muscato and found himself fending off Ricky Newton in the early stages of the 20-lap event. Just after halfway, Sarah Johnson made her move around Newton for second and set her sights on Bliss, but the veteran from Warsaw was smooth and was able to hold his advantage all the way back to the checkered flags. Kyle Inman would make a late-race maneuver around Ricky Newton to cross in third while Andrew Smith ran up to complete the top five.

To conclude the night, John Zimmerman capitalized on his front row starting spot to lead all 20 laps for his second 360 Late Model win of the season. Zimmerman, of Burt, was challenged on a slew of late race restarts by Tommy Kemp but held true to his line on the top of the track in turn two as he kept throttling back out in front. On the final lap, Dave DuBois, who had spun earlier in the event, would move by Kemp to take second place, as well as the point lead in the process. After kemp were Tom Baker and Brian Kotarski, who rounded out the top five.

Adam DePuy made his second start at Genesee Speedway in 2017 look just as good his first visit, as he once again ran away to the win in the 20-lap Street Stock Feature. DePuy, of Macdeon, took the lead from point leader Byron Dewitt on lap nine and then drove off as Dewitt would have to pull in a few laps later with mechanical issues. The best battle on the track would be for second, with Jesse Qutermous slipping by Mike Jackson off the final corner to get the runner-up spot. Butch Zimmerman finished a close fourth with Dalton Martin completing the top five.

The Mini Stocks put on another epic battle, this time with three cars duking it out for the win. Mike Taddonio led nearly the entire way, but on the final lap, while in the midst of lapped traffic, he got crossed up and lost his momentum, allowing Donald Newton and Brad Shepard to close entering the final set of corners; Newton dove deep in to turn three and all three drivers made contact, with Newton coming out with his second feature win of the year. Brad Shepard would slip by for second while Mike Taddonio would have to settle for third. Top point runners James Gayton and Dante Mancuso completed the top five.

Marcus Jackson scored his second Bandit Feature win of the year, taking the lead from Bailey Logsdon on lap two and then holding her at bay for the victory. The top two drove away from the field after a wreck on lap one took out three cars, including point leader Jessica Traxler. Adam Jackson scored a third place finish, with Olivia Coniber and Jessica Schleede rounding out the top five.

In all, five of the six winners won for their second time this season. Next up is the special Genesee County Fair Week race this Thursday, featuring a $1500-to-win GRIT Series Sportsman event, as well as $1000-to-win for the Crate Late Models. Start time is at 7:00 P.M. For more information, visit

Genesee Speedway Results: 7/15/2017-
Beamer’s Sales and Service Night

MHL Performance Crate Late Model Feature (20 Laps)- ZACK CARLEY, Jeremy Wonderling, Brad Mesler, Mikey Wonderling, JJ Mazur, Jimmy Johnson, Beamer Guzzardi, Josh Pangrazio, Alan Chapman, TJ Downs, Kyle Murray, Val Stephens, Bill Holmes, Doug Ricotta, Billy DuBois, Jon Rivers, Greg Mrzywka, Andy Michael, Carl Shetler, David Pangrazio.

Lap Leaders- Carley 1-20.
Heat Winners- Ricotta, Carley, Mesler.

Cornerstone Eye Associates Sportsman Feature (20 Laps)- RAY BLISS, Sarah Johnson, Kyle Inman, Ricky Newton, Andrew Smith, Phil Vigneri III, Brett Clarke, Jim Harbison, Greg Mrzywka, Ray Smith, Shane O’Grady, Ed Cain, Tony Muscato, Carl Inman, Chuck Kuhn, Tim Downs, Zachary George, Dan Kolb, Alan Bratek, Matt Steffenhagen, Dan Machaud, Ruben Coffey, Ray Bliss Jr., Zach Sam.

Lap Leader- Muscato 1, Bliss 2-20.
Heat Winners- Steffenhagen, Muscato, Michaud.

Ken’s Charcoal Pits BBQ 360 Late Model Feature (20 Laps)- JOHN ZIMMERMAN, Dave DuBois, Tommy Kemp, Tom Baker, Brian Kotarski, Rich Hale, Kevin Olinger, Aaron Johnson, Tommy Butler, Bob Bartlett, Shawn Hazlitt, Austin Kotarski, Carl Shetler, Wally Wade.

Lap Leaders- Zimmerman 1-20.
Heat Winners- DuBois, B. Kotarski.

Yasses Trucking & Construction Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- ADAM DePUY, Jesse Qutermous, Mike Jackson, Butch Zimmerman, Dalton Martin, Tommy Cooper, Clark Preston, Ryan Allen, Byron Dewitt, Bill Kowsky, Kenny Begnouche, Morgan Dewitt, Tiffany Rumsey, Roy Amadick.

Lap Leaders- Jackson 1-5, B. Dewitt 6-8, DePuy 9-20.
Heat Winners- B. Dewitt, DePuy

Pellegrino Auto Sales Mini Stock Feature (15 Laps)- DONALD NEWTON JR., Brad Shepard, Mike Taddonio, James Gayton, Dante Mancuso, Ryan Allen, Mike Jackson, Lee Hicks, Eddie Kowalczyk, Cole Hicks, Todd Westmoreland, Tony Kulesza, Jenn Galbo, Ruben Coffey, Hot Sauce, Gary Williams, Tyler Williams (DNS), Jacob Cornelius (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Taddonio 1-19, Newton 20.
Heat Winners- Newton, Jackson.

DML Sealing Bandits (12 Laps)- MARCUS JACKSON, Bailey Logsdon, Adam Jackson, Olivia Coniber, Jessica Schleede, Trinity Reynolds, Ally Rider, Jessica Traxler, Allison Dewitt, Drew Westmoreland.

Lap Leaders- Logsdon 1, M. Jackson 2-12.
Heat Winner- Logsdon.