Marcuccilli Masters VP Racing Fuels Sportsman to Close Out 2017 Season with Win at World Short Track Championships

CHARLOTTE, NC – It’s been a magically season for Cayuga, N.Y., driver Dave Marcuccilli.  Coming off a win at Super DIRT Week, Marcuccilli kept the hot streak rolling on Saturday night at The Dirt Track at Charlotte.  Marcuccilli ended the season $4,000 richer for winning the 30-lap VP Racing Fuels Sportsman feature.

“What an amazing year it’s been,” said Marcuccilli. “I got to pinch myself.  To come here and be competitive, to battle it out with Ronnie (Davis III) and to keep Rocky (Warner) behind me is just amazing. To be on a roll like we have, its almost a shame to see the season come to a close.”

Eric Giguere led the field of Sportsman to the green flag for the feature event.  He was chased by Davis III and Kevin Ridley. Giguere’s lead didn’t last long, as Davis blasted around the top to take the lead on lap two.

A lap three yellow slowed pace, allowing Marcuccilli to slip into second.  On the restart, Marcuccilli stayed in close proximity to Davis searching for an opportunity to take over the top spot.

By halfway, Marcuccilli was hanging tough within two car-lengths behind Davis. Both drivers continuously changed lanes, trying to find the fast lane around the track.

On lap 17, Marcuccilli took his first shot at the lead, trying a slide job on Davis in turns one and two. His bid was unsuccessful.  He tried again the next lap.

Davis barely hung on as the two drivers entered traffic, swapping lanes and running door-to-door.

With five laps to go, Marcuccilli finally got the run he needed, sliding in front of Davis off of turn two to take the lead.

Once out front, Marcuccilli took off and cruised to another big win in the month of October.

Warner snuck under Davis III for second at the finish, followed by Eric Giguere and Brad Rouse.


VP RACING FUELS NE SPORTSMAN FEATURE RESULTS (30-LAPS): 1. David Marcuccilli (M1), 2. Rocky Warner (1J), 3. Ronnie Davis (32R), 4. Eric Giguere (67g), 5. Brad Rouse (18R), 6. Robert Delormier (1D), 7. Kevin Ridley (20X), 8. Todd Root (15), 9. Tyler T Thompson (98T), 10. Cedric Gauvreau (22c), 11. Mike Stacey (23), 12. Kyle Inman (20k), 13. James Henry (21H), 14. Anthony Stockman (57), 15. Matt Guererri (12G), 16. Adam Gage (21), 17. Chris Curtis (35), 18. Jackson Gill (60), 19. Jessica Power (52), 20. Steve Hartman III (15H), 21. Ricky Newton (11N), 22. Kevin Chaffee (73c), 23. Brent Cross (47), 24. Jeff Watson (22), 25. Matt Steffenbagen (86), 26. Carl Susice (24)