Scarborough Twins Finish 1-2 in Quenneville Sr. Memorial at Devil’s Bowl Speedway

WEST HAVEN, VT – Sometimes things fall into place perfectly, and that’s just what happened for the Scarboroughs at Devil’s Bowl Speedway on Sunday, July 15. Twin brothers Joey and Jake Scarborough of Brandon, Vt., wanted to perform well in the Vince Quenneville Sr. Memorial event to bring full circle more than 50 years of racing lineage between the Scarborough and Quenneville families, and they did so in fine style by finishing first and second, respectively.

Other drivers to land in victory lane at the event – which offered up double points for the annual Mid-Season Championships – included Jessey Mueller, Neil Stratton, Curtis Condon, and first-time Devil’s Bowl winners Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald and Kaleb Shepard.

The Central Vermont Motorcycles Sportsman Modified division pulled down another solid field of 28 entries for the event, and veteran drivers Mike Palmer and Ron Proctor dominated the first half of the special 38-lap race honoring the late Quenneville’s most famous car number. The first caution flag waved at the halfway mark, and that’s when Jake Scarborough took over; he paced the field for the next six laps before being challenged and eventually overtaken by his brother.

The Scarborough twins drive cars bearing numbers 24 and 38, which each pay tribute to the late Norm Scarborough – one of the most accomplished car owners and chassis builders at Devil’s Bowl Speedway history, who won two championships in the late 1960s with Vince Quenneville Sr. as his driver. It was Joey Scarborough’s No. 38 in victory lane at the end of the race, with Jake’s No. 24 the runner-up.

Kenny Tremont Jr. rebounded from a tough week to finish third and reclaim the lead in the championship standings. Justin Comes earned his first top-five result of the season in fourth place ahead of the quickly-improving Allan Hammond. Kevin Chaffee was sixth, followed by Scott Duell, Adam Pierson, Alex Bell, and Tim LaDuc. Unofficially, Tremont’s lead is 11 points (362-351) on LaDuc.

The 358 Modified division returned to Devil’s Bowl for a double-feature format, running twin 20-lap races. Jessey Mueller of Olmstedville, N.Y., carried his recent string of success to his home track in the opening round, taking his first win on a dirt surface at the facility; he won 11 times on the former asphalt track at Devil’s Bowl. Neil Stratton of Bennington, Vt., was second, followed by Demetrios Drellos, Hector Stratton, and Frank Hoard III.

Neil Stratton was the winner of the second feature, taking his first win at Devil’s Bowl since an event held on the former 3/10-mile infield dirt track in 2014. Drellos finished second ahead of Mueller, Brian Whittemore, and Hoard. Travis Bruno walked away uninjured after a nasty flip in the second feature.

Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald of Gansevoort, N.Y., was a first-time winner in the O’Reilly Auto Parts Limited Sportsman division, gathering the victory in a right-place-right-time situation. Former Mini Stock champion Mike Ryan dominated the 20-lap race but had a hard-charging Kyle Hoard chasing him in the final laps. Hoard gave it his all entering the final corner, but contact with Ryan sent both cars off the track and allowed Wagner-Fitzgerald to dart from third place to the win. Brent Warren finished a tight second with point leader Travis Billington third. R.J. Germain and Mike Parodi round out the official top five runners.

Curtis Condon of Queensbury, N.Y., was a popular winner in the Super Stock division’s 15-lap feature race. A short field was certainly not short on excitement, as the dominant Chris Murray recovered from two spinouts to take the lead away from Condon on the white flag lap. The pair raced hard over the final half-mile, and Condon was able to survive contact in the final corner to take his first win of the season. Murray was second with Kevin Elliott third, Josh Bussino fourth, and rookie Andrew FitzGerald a career-best fifth.

Kaleb Shepard of Vergennes, Vt., was a first-time winner in the Portland Glass Mini Stock division, capping the night with a victory in a 15-lap feature. The popular Subaru driver, sometimes-known by his alter-ego “Snarve Bloomquist” took the lead from Mike Lique at lap 7 and never looked back. Lique was the runner-up, beating out point leader Chris Conroy, Shawn Moquin, and Chad White.

Devil’s Bowl Speedway’s next event is on Sunday, July 22, as Brown’s Orchard & Farm Stand and Brown’s Quarried Slate present the annual Street-Legal Spectator Races. Any street-legal vehicle (except motorcycles) will be allowed to race in the one-on-one, single-lap, elimination-style races; drivers must wear a helmet and seat belt and purchase a pit pass. Also in action will be the Sportsman Modified, Limited Sportsman, Super Stock, Mini Stock, and 500cc Mini Sprint divisions.

Regular general admission pricing will be in effect at $12 for adults, $10 for seniors, $5 for teens (13-17), and free for kids age 12 and under; pit passes are $25 for NASCAR license holders and $35 for non-members. Racing starts at 7:00 p.m.

Devil’s Bowl Speedway is located on Route 22A in West Haven, Vt., four miles north of U.S. Route 4, Exit 2, and just 20 minutes from Rutland, Vt. For more information, visit or call (802) 265-3112. Devil’s Bowl Speedway is on Facebook at and on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat at @DevilsBowlSpeed; follow the action using the #DevilsBowl hashtag.

OFFICIAL RESULTS – “Vince Quenneville Sr. Memorial” Mid-Season Championships

Devil’s Bowl Speedway – West Haven, Vt.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Central Vermont Motorcycles Sportsman Modified Feature (38 laps)


# – denotes rookie

1. (8) Joey Scarborough, Brandon, Vt.

2. (5) Jake Scarborough, Brandon, Vt.

3. (9) Kenny Tremont Jr., West Sand Lake, N.Y.

4. (14) Justin Comes, Middlebury, Vt.

5. (3) Allan Hammond, Canaan, N.H.

6. (26) Kevin Chaffee, Bradford, Vt.

7. (18) Scott Duell, Ballston Spa, N.Y.

8. (17) Adam Pierson, East Corinth, Vt.

9. (6) Alex Bell, Cambridge, N.Y.

10. (16) Tim LaDuc, Orwell, Vt.

11. (24) John St. Germain Jr., West Sand Lake, N.Y.

12. (11) Josh Sunn, White River Junction, Vt.

13. (21) # Jeff Washburn, Benson, Vt.

14. (20) # Marty Kelly III, North Bennington, Vt.

15. (15) Vince Quenneville Jr., Brandon, Vt.

16. (4) # Tanner Siemons, Orford, N.H.

17. (13) Jimmy Ryan, Shoreham, Vt.

18. (12) David Schilling, East Greenbush, N.Y.

19. (1) Mike Palmer, Salisbury, Vt.

20. (7) Billy Lussier, Fair Haven, Vt.

21. (19) Terry Williams, Wells River, Vt.

22. (25) Jason Bruno, Morrisonville, N.Y.

23. (10) Brian Whittemore, Pittsford, Vt.

24. (2) Ron Proctor, Charlton, N.Y.

25. (22) Trevor Rocke, Canaan, N.H.

26. (23) James Fadden, Plainfield, N.H.

Did Not Start: Codie Aubin, Plattsburgh, N.Y.; Tomas Kimball, White River Junction, Vt.

Heat Winners: Ron Proctor, Mike Palmer, Allan Hammond

Shiley Fabrication Hard Charger Award: Kevin Chaffee (+20 positions)

Shiley Fabrication Hard Luck Award: Ron Proctor

358 Modified Feature #1 (20 laps)


1. (4) Jessey Mueller, Olmstedville, N.Y.

2. (2) Neil Stratton, Bennington, Vt.

3. (7) Demetrios Drellos, Queensbury, N.Y.

4. (1) Hector Stratton, Bennington, Vt.

5. (6) Frank Hoard III, Manchester Center, Vt.

6. (5) Brian Whittemore, Pittsford, Vt.

7. (3) Roger Henion Jr., Montgomery, N.Y.

8. (8) Ryan McLean, Au Sable Forks, N.Y.

9. (10) Nathan Johnson, Fitzwilliam, N.H.

10. (9) Travis Bruno, Morrisonville, N.Y.

Did Not Start: Matt Woodruff, Bloomingdale, N.Y.

Heat Winners: Hector Stratton, Neil Stratton

358 Modified Feature #2 (20 laps)


1. (9) Neil Stratton, Bennington, Vt.

2. (8) Demetrios Drellos, Queensbury, N.Y.

3. (10) Jessey Mueller, Olmstedville, N.Y.

4. (5) Brian Whittemore, Pittsford, Vt.

5. (6) Frank Hoard III, Manchester Center, Vt.

6. (4) Roger Henion Jr., Montgomery, N.Y.

7. (11) Matt Woodruff, Bloomingdale, N.Y.

8. (3) Ryan McLean, Au Sable Forks, N.Y.

9. (2) Nathan Johnson, Fitzwilliam, N.H.

10. (1) Travis Bruno, Morrisonville, N.Y.

11. (7) Hector Stratton, Bennington, Vt.

O’Reilly Auto Parts Limited Sportsman Feature (20 laps)


1. (10) Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald, Gansevoort, N.Y.

2. (8) Brent Warren, Salisbury, Vt.

3. (9) Travis Billington, South Glens Falls, N.Y.

4. (1) R.J. Germain, Bristol, Vt.

5. (5) Mike Parodi, South Glens Falls, N.Y.

6. (13) Paolo Pascarella, Troy, N.Y.

7. (6) Adam Piper, Leicester, Vt.

8. (17) Joey Roberts, Fletcher, Vt.

9. (3) Tanner Forbes, Jay, N.Y.

10. (2) Matt Bilodeau, Pittsford, Vt.

11. (11) Matt Atwood, Whitehall, N.Y.

12. (15) Montgomery Tremont, West Sand Lake, N.Y.

13. (4) Mike Ryan, Chelsea, Vt.

14. (7) Kyle Hoard, North Granville, N.Y.

15. (12) Aaron Mulready, Wethersfield, Conn.

16. (14) Larry Gallipo, Rutland, Vt.

17. (16) Jason Baker, South Glens Falls, N.Y.

Heat Winners: Brent Warren, Travis Billington

Shiley Fabrication Hard Charger Award: Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald (+9 positions)

Shiley Fabrication Hard Luck Award: Mike Ryan

Super Stock Feature (15 laps)


# – denotes rookie

1. (3) Curtis Condon, Queensbury, N.Y.

2. (7) Chris Murray, Fair Haven, Vt.

3. (5) Kevin Elliott, Rutland, Vt.

4. (6) Josh Bussino, Mount Holly, Vt.

5. (1) # Andrew FitzGerald, West Rutland, Vt.

6. (2) Lou Gancarz, North Adams, Mass.

7. (4) Scott FitzGerald, West Rutland, Vt.

Did Not Start: Matt Cross, Bennington, Vt.

Heat Winner: Curtis Condon

Portland Glass Mini Stock Feature (15 laps)


# – denotes rookie

1. (9) Kaleb Shepard, Vergennes, Vt.

2. (4) Mike Lique, West Lebanon, N.H.

3. (8) Chris Conroy, Newport, N.H.

4. (6) Shawn Moquin, Milton, Vt.

5. (12) Chad White, Fort Ann, N.Y.

6. (7) # Craig Kirby, Winooski, Vt.

7. (15) Johnny Bruno, Castleton, Vt.

8. (16) Josh Kennedy, Rochester, Vt.

9. (13) # Corey Mossey, Pittsford, Vt.

10. (14) Willie Rice, Poultney, Vt.

11. (11) # Tanner Lunt, Fort Ann, N.Y.

12. (17) Cameron Kennedy, Rochester, Vt.

13. (5) Jake Barrows, Cornwall, Vt.

14. (10) Mike Preston, Panton, Vt.

15. (20) Erika Lilly, Castleton, Vt.

16. (1) # Shawn Rogers, Fair Haven, Vt.

17. (3) # Chris Guyette, North Clarendon, Vt.

18. (2) # Lynn Denton, Milton, Vt.

Did Not Start: Dakota Desabrais, Whitehall, N.Y.; # Andrew Kayhart, Addison, Vt.; Joe Malzac, Middlebury, Vt.

Heat Winners: Kaleb Shepard, Craig Kirby