Delormier Takes DIRTcar Sportsman North Region Win At Mohawk

AKWASANE, NY – Robert Delormier took the DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series North Region victory in the 40-lap, $1,000-to-win Feature on a late-restart pass on Justin Stone who had lead the entire race up until that point.

“It took a few races to get this thing figured out but we did it,” Delormier said. “This is a brand new DKM chassis too. I am glad we ran well tonight but it’s a work in progress.”

“I was good on the bottom in Turns One and Two,” he said of his racing lines. “I just stayed on the high side of Turns Three and Four. I am worn out that was a good race to end the night.

The podium steps were rounded out by Ryan Shannahan and Daryl Nutting. Shannahan was in the hunt for the win throughout the race after rushing up from the ninth-place starting position.

Albany-Saratoga Speedway standout Daryl Nutting made the tow and it was worth it as he crossed the finish line in third.

Taylor Doxtator finished 11th and picked up a free Hoosier Racing Tire from the random drawing.

FEATURE (40 Laps)

1. 1D-Robert Delormier [5][]; 2. 32RS-Ryan Shannahan [9][]; 3. 42-Daryl Nutting [8][]; 4. 14A-Zach Arquiett [10][]; 5. 1X-Justin Stone [1][]; 6. 29H-Nick Heywood [11][]; 7. 6XX-Travis Back [4][]; 8. 04G-DJ Gonyo [2][]; 9. 71X-Delbert Legrow [3][]; 10. 83D-Dustin Bradley [12][]; 11. 2D-Taylor Doxtator [16][]; 12. 19B-Jamy Begor [15][]; 13. 357J-Chris Jackubiak [17][]; 14. 84P-Joshua Pete [7][]; 15. 10X-Corey Castell [14][]; 16. 71D-Delbert Legrow [25][]; 17. 18C-Chris Cayea [18][]; 18. 18x-Blayden Arquiette [26][]; 19. 11W-Ben Wheeler [13][]; 20. 15H-Greg Henry [27][]; 21. 48E-Derrick Ellsworth [24][]; 22. 0-Cameron Reif [23][]; 23. 88S-Fire Swamp [19][]; 24. 9S-Bentley Gray [22][]; 25. 1R-Ricky Thompson [21][]; 26. 44S-Casey Swamp [6][]; 27. 7D-Eugene Tarbell [28][]; 28. 22D-Micheal Delmorier [20][]

Hard Charger Award: 71D-Delbert Legrow[+9]