Smith Wins Third URC Kramer Cup at Selinsgrove


SELINSGROVE, PA. – Saturday night marked the fourth annual running of the Kramer Cup at Selinsgrove Speedway. The Kramer Cup, a literal pink cup presented to the winner each year, went home with Sunbury’s Mark Smith for the third time out of the four tribute races in memory of sprint car driver Kramer Williamson.

Williamson was the 2008 Knoxville Sprint Car Hall of Fame driver Kramer who lost his life in a racing accident in 2013. He is a former track champion a Selinsgrove Speedway and had unmeasured success and impact on central PA Sprint Car racing.

Timed hot laps set heat races with inversions. When everything was said and done Smith was on the pole of the 30-lap main event in search of Kramer Cup number three. Derek Locke was the first challenger for Smith, and Locke was the only driver other than Smith to see the daylight of the race lead in the early laps. Locke took advantage of a restart and led the field into turn one before his car turned sideways and Smith went back into the lead. Cody Keller took advantage of the sideways Locke to take second.

On lap 11 the race leader was into traffic, but Keller could not make up ground as Smith sliced his way through the back of the field. A caution flag flew at half way that put Keller aside of the Smith for the double file restart with new challenger Greg Hodnett joining the front duo. Derek Locke climbed back into the race for second with Keller and Hodnett while Smith started to drift away.

Keller’s strong run came to an end when he lost his right rear tire on lap 18. Hodnett was the challenger to Smith on the restart before Selinsgrove point leader Davie Franek moved into second. Franek closed on Smith initially after taking the spot, but never got close enough to challenge Smith for the win.

Smith crossed the line ahead of Franek, Hodnett, Locke, and Jason Shultz, who started 19th. Robbie Stillwagon, 2015 winner of the event, Josh Weller, Chad Layton, Chris Coyle, and Mallie Shuster were the top ten finishers. Heat races were won by Franek, Weller, and Nate Snyder. Shultz won the B-Main.

Kramer Williamson’s daughter, Felecia Williamson, paced the field in the “Pink Panther” number 73 before the feature event. The Williamson family also joined Mark Smith in victory lane with the 73 at the conclusion of the feature race.

The beautiful Kramer Cup was custom finished by Keller’s Auto Body in Selinsgrove.

Last lap heroics were written all over the first ever Econo Late Model feature at Selinsgrove Speedway on Saturday night. Shaun Miller led the whole feature event with Andrew Yoder in chase. Miller ran the middle of the track, while Yoder peddled around the bottom of the race track. Yoder kept constant pressure on Miller the whole race.

On lap 12 the front runner began to catch lap traffic and soon Tim Fedder had joined the duo at the front. Miller’s line around the outside allowed him to move past the traffic until the white flag was given. Miller tried to pass a lap car around the outside and although he completed the pass, it was not before Yoder turned down across the speedway to pull even with the leader.

As they drove under the white flag Yoder began to inch ahead securing the race leader in turn two. Yoder made a bold move on the back stretch and into turn three splitting some laps cars leaving Miller and Fedder behind on his way to the win.

The feature ran green to checkered. Yoder, Fedder, and Miller led Todd Snook and Tim Krape across the line. Sixth through tenth finishing positions went to Kenny Yoder, Ander Shoop, Troy Miller, Jared Fulkroad, and Chase Bowsman.

Miller and Yoder won heat races.

There is an old saying that if you continue to put yourself in good spots, good things will happen. That was the case for the A&A Auto Store Pro Stock winner. Shawn Lawton has been in contention all season long and finally overcame the challenges to pick up his first win on Saturday night. Lawton dominated the feature event running through mostly unchallenged.

AJ Hoffman and Dustin Snook waged a tight battle for second while Lawton drove away. Hoffman won out on that battle to finish in the runner up spot.

It was Lawton’s first career Selinsgrove Speedway win. Hoffman, Snook, Jake Buck, and AJ Stroup were the top five finishers. John Fowler, Brandon Moser, Bill Conrad, Nate Stroup, and Nick Gentile made up the top ten finishers in the feature event.

Lawton and Hoffman were heat race winners.

Selinsgrove Speedway returns to racing action at 7 p.m. Saturday, June 10, hosting the finale to the Appalachian Mountain Late Model Speedweek Series plus 360 sprint cars and pro stocks. Track gates will open at 5 p.m. The 40-lap super late model main event will pay $4,000 to win.

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360 Sprints – 30 Entries

30-Lap A-Main:    1) M1 Mark Smith  2) 28F Davie Franek  3) 27 Greg Hodnett  4) 77 Derek Locke  5) 29 Jason Shultz  6) 89 Robbie Stillwaggon  7) 63 Josh Weller  8) 35 Chad Layton  9) 56C Chris Coyle  10) 49S Mallie Shuster  11) 5G Curt Michael  12) 67W Justin Whittall  13) 22 Troy Betts  14) 76 Larry Kelleher  15) 66 Ryan Kissinger  16) 3Z Colby Womer  17) 7A Ed Aiken  18) 13 Ryan Higgins  19) C4 Jim Shuster  20) 7K Kriss Lilick  21) 99K Cody Keller  22) 1W Eric Tomecek  23) 45 Kevin Nagy  24) 33 Michael Walter  25) 73B Brett Michalski  26) 56 Nate Snyder

Heat Winners:  Davie Franek, Nate Snyder, Josh Weller

B-Main Winner:  Jason Shultz

Time Trials (Overall):  1) 27 Greg Hodnett 17.609  2) 56C Chris Coyle 17.657  3) 28F Davie Franek 17.744  4) 77 Derek Locke 17.922  5) 35 Chad Layton 18.109  6) M1 Mark Smith 18.112  7) 5G Curt Michael 18.189  8) 63 Josh Weller 18.201  9) 66 Ryan Kissinger 18.222  10) 29 Jason Shultz 18.267  11)99K Cody Keller 18.282  12) 1W Eric Tomecek 18.365  13) 67 Justin Whittall 18.457  14) 56 Nate Snyder 18.505  15) 49S Mallie Shuster 18.559  16) 73B Brett Michalski 18.647  17) 22 Troy Betts 18.725  18) 76 Larry Kelleher 18.738 19) 89 Robbie Stillwaggon 18.834  20) 7A Ed Aikin 18.880  21) JJ Grasso 18.931  22) 13 Ryan Higgins 18.934  23) 3Z Colby Womer 18.985  24) 7K Kris Lilick 19.253  25) 45 Kevin Nagy 19.292  26) 33 Michael Walter 19.335  27) 29S Derek Steward 19.490  28) C4 Jim Shuster 19.552  29) 706 Mark Sasso 20.650  30) 71 Jessica Whitenight DNT

355 Econo Late Models – 15 Entries

15-Lap A-Main:  1) 2 Andrew Yoder  2) 24 Tim Fedder  3) 115S  Shaun Miller  4) 23 Todd Snook  5) 07 Tim Krape  6) 7 Kenneth Yoder  7) S8 Andrew Shoop  8) 115 Troy Miller  9) 12K Jared Fulkroad  10) 79 Chase Bowsman  11) 13H Jess Trometter  12) 4 Jason Nace  13) 30 Andy Snyder  14) 7 Jason Davis  15) 11 Derick Garman Heat Winners:  Shawn Miller, Andrew Yoder

Pro Stocks – 15 Entries

15-Lap A-Main:  1) 92 Shawn Lawton  2) 6C AJ Hoffman  3) 15 Dustin Snook  4) 11B Jake Buck  5) 26 AJ Stroup  6) 02 John Fowler  7) 8M Brandon Moser  8) 14C Bill Conrad  9) 26N Nate Stoup  10) 40G Nick Gentile  11) 55 Lori Croop  12) 40 Tommy Slanker  13) Wayne Shaffer  14) 55T John Troxell  15) 89 John Schoch Heat Winners:  Shawn Lawton, AJ Hoffman