Sodeman Gets Career First at Tri-City; Lynch Notches First Track Championship

FRANKLIN, PA – Tri-City Raceway Park concluded the 2018 racing season with the End of Summer Showdown, featuring the third round of the Born 2 Run Lubricants Sprint Series, presented by Hovis Auto Supply. Taking the win was Jack Sodeman, Jr., earning his first career win at the speedway after 25 years of trying. But the track championship went to Sye Lynch, who crossed the line in third this night. The 410 Sprint Car feature event was presented by Donovan & Bauer Auto Group.

Also reaching victory lane was Mike Pegher, Jr. on RUSH Late Model Manufacturer’s Night, Mike Potosky in the e-Mods, and Dave Myers in the Vintage Modifieds.

“This was the first race I’ve won in 25 years down here,” Sodeman said. “I was close plenty of times before, but something would happen, I’d run out of fuel or whatever.” Sodeman had nothing go wrong this night. “I had to be patient and hit my marks,” he said. With regard to the final four-lap run to the checkers, Sodeman knew that he was going to run the inside line. “That is what got me here, I’ll see if it keeps me here, ” he explained regarding his strategy. He added, “I needed the tires to warm up. I probably turned my best lap on the last lap.”

Max Stambaugh was making his first start at Tri-City Raceway from the pole position. To his outside was Jeremy Kornbau. Sye Lynch, whowas seeking the biggest chunk of the Born 2 Run Lubricants bonus money, was in row two, along with Vinny Daugherty. Brandon Matus and George Hobaugh were in row three, followed by Jack Sodeman, Jr. and Bryan Salisbury.

Stambaugh jumped out to the early lead, with Jeremy Kornbaugh, Sye Lynch, Vinny Daugherty, and George Hobaugh, Jr. trailing. Lynch reached second spot by the time that the field came thundering off turn four to complete lap one. Stambaugh was starting to stretch his advantage over Lynch when the first caution was displayed on lap four for Daugherty, who brought Cal Hall’s new car to a stop in turn four.

Stambaugh shot out again to the lead when the green lights flashed on. Lynch maintained second over Hobaugh, Kornbaugh, and Sodeman.

With the halfway mark recorded, Andy Cavanaugh and Paul Kish tangled in turn four. Cavanaugh was able to continue, but Kish had to be towed from the track.

Once again, Stambaugh resumed the point, but the car on the move was Sodeman. He restarted third and was pressing Lynch for second. In just two laps, Sodeman had the position, and he began the chase of Stambaugh.
Within just a couple of laps, Sodeman narrowed the gap. He got his opportunity to make a move on the leader as they entered turn one on the 19th lap. Sodeman ducked to the inside and got his nose out ahead of Stambaugh.
Stambaugh hung tough, but Sodeman began to pull away. Meanwhile, Lynch settled into third, ahead of Hobaugh and Brandon Matus.

Stambaugh got a break on lap 21 when the final caution was displayed. Gerald Hairhoger stopped his car too close to the front stretch, so the officials slowed the action for safety reasons. After Hairhoger’s car was moved to a safer spot in the infield, the final four laps were completed.

Sodeman continued to use the inside, and Stambaugh went upstairs again. This time, he got some bite, and he was threatening to take the lead away. Sodeman dug deep, and found some moisture on the very inside of the speedway, and he got a car length or two on the pesky Stambaugh.

At the finish, it was Sodeman getting his first of the season at Tri-City Raceway Park. Stambaugh was second and then came Lynch, Hobaugh, and Brandon Matus. Sixth went to Dan Kuriger, Kornbaugh, Brent Matus, Salisbury, and Jimmy Morris.

The heat race winners in the 410 Sprint division were Max Stambaugh and Jeremy Kornbaugh. There was no B Main necessary for the 18 car field.

Taking the track championship in the Born 2 Run Lubricants Sprints presenthed by Hovis Auto Supply was Sye Lynch by 15 counters over Brandon Matus. It was Lynch’s first title in his brief career. George Hobaugh, Jr. took third, followed by Jack Sodeman, Jr., and Brent Matus.

Mike Pegher, Jr., who suffered through numerous engine failures this season in his Lynn Geisler car, had the pole for the RUSH Late Model race and he took maximum advantage of the preferred starting spot. “Four Super Late Motors later, we gave up on that for the rest of the year. We got this crate motor from Ingram in just four days,” he said. “It’s fun to come back to this stuff.” Pegher explained that the competition is intense, with 15 or 20 drivers capable of winning. “We just lucked out that we got it tonight.” Pegher noted that he was shorthanded this weekend, working with just one crew memeber, but they made the needed adjustments to get the car ready for the challenge of the big track.

With Pegher cruising out front, Jason Genco ran second, followed by Brady Wonderling, Christian Schneider, and Damian Bidwell in the early going.

Pegher stretched his lead to over four and a half seconds over the first 26 laps, which ran without interruption. Jenco held down second throughout, but the battle was raging for positions three through six.

A brief caution set up a four-lap dash for the cash. Pegher took the inside line for the restart, and Genco’s position on the outside was a distinct disadvantage. In the final laps, Bidwell slipped into second, followed by Brady Wonderling, Schneider, and Genco.

Sixth went to Darrell Bossard, who led Eric Wilson, Nico Dabecco, Jeremy Wonderling, and Colby Beighey to the finish line.

The heat winners were Brady Wonderling, Schneider, Pegher, Jenco, and Bidwell. Pegher won the Dash. B Mains went to Tommy Schirnhofer, Jr. and John Mollick. The evening’s fastest qualifier was Brady Wonderling, who toured the big track in 19.752 seconds. The non-qualifier’s race belonged to Gary Troyer.

In the fifteen lap e-Mod feature, Shawn Shingledecker stormed into the lead, but the action behind him was intense. On lap 6, Shingledecker was outflanked by Mike Potosky on the inside, and Dennis Lunger. Potosky grabbed the lead, with Shingledecker keeping second for the time being.

While Potosky was alone out front, the battle for second was raging.

At the checkers, it was Potosky ahead of Mike McGee, Mike Kinney, Shingledecker, Kurt Thorpe, Randy Hall, and Joe Betz.

Dave Myers raced to victory in the Vintage Modifieds. The son of veteran Les Myers grabbed the lead halfway through the eveny. Jim Kirkwood, who led the first half of the rece, was second. Third went to Rick Hall, followed by Dale Zimmer, Jeff Manners, and Jeff Mitchell. Zimmer was the first Sprotsman car across the line.

Please stay tuned for announcements regarding the 2019 season at Tri-City Raceway Park. Thanks to all of the fans and competitors for the exciting 2018 season.

410 Sprint Cars: Jack Sodeman, Jr., Max Stambaugh, Sye Lynch, George Hobaugh, Jr., Brandon Matus, Dan Kuriger, Jeremy Kornbaugh, Brent Matus, Bryan Salisbury, Jimmy Morris, Bob Lime, Gale Ruth, Sr., Dan Shetler, Andy Cavanaugh, Gerald Hairhoger, Paul Kish, Vinny Daugherty, and Russ Sansosti.

RUSH Late Models: Mike Pegehr, Jr., Damon Bidwell, Brady Wonderling, Christian Schneider, Jason Genco, Darrell Bossard, Eric Wilson, Nico Dabecco, Jeremy Wonderling, Colby Beighey, Scott Gurdak, Matt Latta, Bruce Hordusky, Jr., Dennis Lunger, Khole Wanzer, Mike Franklin, Chad Sines, J.J. Mazur, Tommy Schirnhofer, Jr., Andy Proper, Adam Ferri, Al Brewer, Kyle Murray, Jason Fosnaught, John Mollick.

RUSH Non-qualifiers Race: Logan Zarin, Jakob Piper, Brian Knowles, Bob Mitcham, III, Tony Iarrapina.
DNS: Jacob Peterson, Robby Marhefka, Matt Dobnak, Gary Troyer, Steve LeBarron, Andy Michael, Bob Schwartzmiller, Bill Kessler, Ward Schell, Paul Norman, Zach Gunn, Joe Chamberlain, Tony White, Jamie Wrightsman.

e-Mods: Mike Potosky, Mike Mcgee, Mike Kinney, Shawn Shingledecker, Kurt Thorpe, Randy Hall, and Joe Betz.
Vintage Mods: Dave Myers, Jim Kirkwood, Rick Hall, Dale Zimmer, Jeff Manners, Jeff Mitchell.

Tri City Raceway Park is located at 3430 Route 417, Franklin Pennsylvania. Information about Tri City is always available at

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