Mark Smith Defends Home Turf and Wins Patriot Sprint Tour Inaugural Visit to BAPS Motor Speedway

Ray Tilley Classic- Selinsgrove Speedway - M1 Mark Smith

YORK HAVEN, PA – Despite across the course of the A-Main, Mark Smith was able to hold off Chuck Hebing and Kyle Reinhardt for his fourth career Patriot Sprint Tour A-Main and second in Central Pennsylvania.

Polesitter Adam Carberry would be the one who brought the 23 car field to the green flag and as they raced into the first set of corners, Carberry would spin collecting sixth place starter, Jimmy Stitzel. Both of their nights would be complete.

Jordan Thomas was able to avoid the crash but suffered a left rear flat tire and had to go to the work area. The 79 team was able to get the tire changed quickly and get him back out on the race track to tag the tail end of the field.

On the restart, it was current PST Point Leader, Chuck Hebing on the pole as he would take early command in the event over Kyle Reinhardt.

Mark Smith was fortunate to advance forward from the first may lay and he would immediately take third after starting eighth.

Kyle Reinhardt would be all over Hebing from the get go and on lap four, Reinhardt was able to get a solid inside run on the 45 taking the lead on lap five.

The very next lap, Mark Smith would also get by Hebing for second and start to track down the race leader in Reinhardt.

A heavily contest battle for positions fourth through eight would be between Chad Layton, Derek Locke, Davie Franek and Kyle Drum as the four drivers would change positions lap after lap.

On lap nine, Reinhart was running the middle to top groove of the race track and would over cook turn four which allowed both Smith and Hebing to get by the race leader.

Reinhardt would get the car going good again and start battling for the top spot with Hebing and Smith. Another driver coming into play was the 35 car of Chad Layton who began to battle for that final podium spot with Reinhardt.

Then on lap 18, Chad Layton was able to get by Kyle Reinhardt for third but lost control of the car heading to turn one, he ended up backing it into the wall which would end his night early.

Seven laps remained and it would still be Mark Smith, Chuck Hebing, and Kyle Reinhardt atop the leader board followed by Derek Locke, and Kyle Drum the top five.

Hebing was granted one last opportunity for the race lead on a lap 23 restart getting a great run on the bottom of turn two but Smith was still able to clear him down the back stretch.

Smith would go on to take the win over Hebing, and Kyle Reinhardt would complete the podium. Davie Franek had an excellent lap 23 restart and was able to get by both Kyle Drum and Derek Locke to take home fourth.

Heat race wins went to Adam Carberry, Davie Franek, and Jimmy Stitzel. The G&N Lawn Care Hard Luck Awards went to Jordan Thomas and Steve Glover.

The tour concludes its three day trek through central PA at the Selinsgrove Speedway tonight for our final full point night of the season. Chuck Hebing still remains as the point leader, followed by Jordan Thomas, Kyle Drum, Scott Goodrich, Pete Richardson, and Steve Glover.

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A-Verdi Storage Containers Patriot Sprint Tour

Quick Results

A-Main: 1) M1-MARK SMITH (1) 2) 45-Chuck Hebing 3) 1W-Kyle Reinhardt 4) 28f-Davie Franek 5) 77-Derek Locke 6) 47-Kyle Drum 7) 22-Bryn Gohn 8) 9-Ryan Linder 9) 66-Jeff Halligan 10) 8c-Brian Carber 11) 79-Jordan Thomas 12) 28-Keith Prutzman 13) 91-David Quackenbush 14) 30-Scott Goodrich 15) 67-Pete Richardson 16) 35-Chad Layton 17) 32-Gregg Foster 18) 19W-Colby Womer 19) 121-Steve Glover 20) 47c-Adam Carberry 21) 4-Jimmy Stitzel 22) 3- Todd Gracey

Heat 1: 1) 47-Adam Carberry 2) 79-Jordan Thomas 3) 45-Chuck Hebing 4) 28-Keith Prutzman 5) 30-Scott Goodrich 6) 3-Todd Gracey 7) 121-Steve Glover 8) 32-Gregg Foster

Heat 2: 28-Davie Franek 2) 1W-Kyle Reinhardt 3) 47-Kyle Drum 4) 35-Chad Layton 5) 22-Bryn Gohn 6) 19s-Steve Drevicki 7) 67-Pete Richardson 8) 66-Jeff Halligan

Heat 3: 1) 4-Jimmy Stizel 2) 77-Derek Locke 3) M1-Mark Smith 4) 91-David Quackenbush 5) 19W- Colby Womer 6) 8c-Brian Carber 7) 9L-Ryan Linder