Huppunen, Rainer, Mutton and Anderson Score Wins at Brighton

Knights of Thunder - Jim Huppunen

BRIGHTON, ON – The Knights of Thunder 360 sprint cars made their much anticipated first appearance of the 2021 season in front of a roaring crowd at Brighton Speedway on Saturday night. The hot summer night saw over 100 cars in the pits with Sprints, Late Models, Canadian Modifieds, Thunder Stocks, Mini Stocks, Comp 4’s and Stingers dialed in for an even hotter night of racing action.

Huppunen wins sprint feature

Polesitter Jim Huppunen captured his first Pinty’s Knights of Thunder 360 Sprint Car series win on Saturday night, and he was smiling from ear to ear as he celebrated the win which was also his first at Brighton Speedway. Huppunen led every lap of the caution-riddled 25-lap main event with No. 91 Ryan Turner waging an epic side-by-side battle from the high side. Never losing his cool as a series of cautions brought the action to a halt. One mishap saw Paul Pekkonen’s 98 car end up flipped on its side while exiting turn four. Huppunen was flawless as he flew to victory lane in his No. 14H machine with Turner in second, No. 88H Josh Hansen in third, No. 68 Aaron Turkey fourth and points leader No. 28 Jordan Poirier fifth.

Checkers rain for Rayner

Determined to score his first Late Model win of the season No. 55 Bradley Rayner jumped on the lead from his number 2 starting position on the second lap and never looked back. Still nursing an injury from the week before, Rayner muscled his way through the 30-lap affair one-handed as No. 46 Brandon Mowat stayed close behind and at many times door-to-door. Rayner parked it with Mowat in second in the green to checkered event. No. 87 Andrew Hennessy placed third, No. 57 Charlie Sandercock fourth and No. 01 Eli Mayhew finished fifth.

Mutton captures modified win

It only took No. 39 Jonah Mutton six laps to work his way up to the top spot from his fifth starting position in the Canadian Modified 25-lap event. Mutton and No. 1 Shawn Gregory waged a thrilling war for the front but a spin-out into turn two forced the No. 1 machine to the back of the pack. On the restart, Mutton took off and rode to victory lane capturing his first win of the season. No. 32 Doug O’Blenis took a much-deserved second as Gregory charged his way to a third-place finish. No. 29 Rich Sanders was fourth and No. 51 Mike Freeman fifth.

Anderson parks it

No. 72 Doug Anderson took off from the drop of the green flag in the 20-lap Thunder Stock feature and never loosened his grip on the lead. Hungry for his first win of the season, Anderson held off No. 40 Ronnie Wadforth, No. 03 Justin Ramsay and No. 88 Patrick Easton as they charged from behind. Anderson parked it with Wadforth in second, Ramsay third, No. 17 Jeff Humphry fourth and Easton fifth.

Whyte wins Mini Stock main

No. 25 Lawrence Evenden and No. 11w Mike Whyte led the field of 16 Mini Stocks to green in the 15-lap feature. On the second time by Whyte snapped up the lead and took off to victory lane leaving Evenden to settle for second. No. 96 Cole Abrams was third, No. 16 Dawson Evans fourth and No. 7 AJ Rinaldi fifth.

Gregory grabs Comp 4 victory

No. 42jr Aidan Fletcher and No. 97 Kyle Gregory started on the front row in the Comp 4 15-lap main event. Gregory took the lead on the first lap and worked to hold off No. 43 Devon Kippen. On lap 5 No. 15 Josh Bogaard got into Kippen’s right corner panel and the 43 spun out going into turn one. Gregory took off on the restart as No. 44 Tommy Bailey bit down on the inside and tried to catch the 97. Gregory took checkers with Bailey in second. Fletcher was third, Boggard fourth and No. 24 Travis Fox Conner fifth.

Rhodes rides to victory lane

No. 18 Carter Rhodes rode with the hammer down on the outside line as he worked his way from his thirteenth starting position to first in the Stingers 12-lap feature. While a series of cautions continued to slow the pace, Rhodes didn’t let it sway his momentum as he drove to victory lane with No. 95 Chris Lammle scoring second. No. 67 Josh Whitney was third, No. 93 Jordan Pickell fourth and No. 07 Megan Golden fifth.

This weekend Lange & Fetter Ford bring back the Workman OK Tire School Bus races as well as the Gord’s Water Vantastics, Late Models, Canadian Modifieds, Thunder Stocks, Mini Stocks and Comp 4’s. This action-packed Saturday night is also sponsored by LeClair Electric, J. Bryant Plumbing and Quinte West Auto Repair. Tickets for Saturday, August 28th are available online at We encourage you to buy in advance to secure your assigned seat, walk ups are permitted but will be first come first serve.

Racing on Dirt, as it should be!

Photo Credit, Rod Henderson,


Quinte Septic Stinger Division

1. NO.18 Carter Rhodes 2. NO.95 Chris Lammle, 3. NO.67j Josh Whitney, 4. NO.93 Jorden Pickell, 5. NO.7 Megan Golden, 6. NO.12 Shane Vale, 7. NO.78 Ethan Dorie, 8. NO.5kids Eric Conlin, 9. NO.87 Dawson Beaudrie, 10. NO.44 Rai-Ann Beaudrie, 11. NO.10 Michelle Claveau, 12. NO.7 Josh Toon, 13. NO.27 Kendal Hase, 14. NO.6 Tom Cole, 15. NO.17e Evan Minnie, 16. NO.17 Gavin Rushlow, 17. NO.11 Will Dorie, 18. NO.69 Alex Woods, 19. NO.14 Kevin Mutch, 20. NO.79 Robert Jenner, 21. NO.2 Frank Conlin, DNS. NO.0 Brady Murphy

Bill’s Johns Comp 4 Division

1. NO.97 Kyle Gregory, 2. NO.44 Tommy Bailey, 3. NO.42jr Aidan Fletcher, 4. NO.15 Josh Bogaard, 5. NO.24 Travis Fox Connor, 6. NO.4 Chris Tufford, 7. NO.33 Adam Milton, 8. NO.20 Cody Sager, 9. NO. 08 Josh French, 10. NO.22 Keith Dunk, 11. NO.43 Devon Kippen

Bill’s Johns Mini Stock Division

1. NO.11w Mike Whyte, 2. NO.25 Lawrence Evenden, 3. NO.96 Cole Abrams, 4. NO.16 Dawson Evans, 5. NO.7 Anthony Rinaldi, 6. NO.72 Austin South, 7. NO.14m Matthew Moore, 8. NO.11b Bailey Ferrill, 9. NO.01 Scott Simpson, 10. NO.5 Eric Conlin, 11. NO.71 Alesha Gerard, 12. NO.18 Blair McPherson, 13. NO.23 Austin Cole, 14. NO.12 Caleb Severin, 15. NO.61 Ryan Branscombe

Brighton Automotive Thunder Stock Division

1. NO.72 Doug Anderson, 2. NO.40 Ron Wadforth, 3. NO.3 Justin Ramsay, 4. NO.17 Jeff Humphry, 5. NO.88 Patrick Easton, 6. NO.85, Austin Reid, 7. NO.0 Tyler French, 8. NO.26 Kraig Handley, 9. NO.1 Brock Gregory, 10. NO.97 Dave Barrett, 11. NO.7 Ricky Phillips, 12. NO.11 GoFast Teeple, 13. NO.18 Kyle Anderson, 14. NO.9 Josh Black 15. NO.76 Cody Driscoll, 16. NO.8 Angie Kirby, 17. NO.16 Kaitlyn O’Blenis, 18. NO.19 Cory White, 19. NO.92 Adam Turner, 20. NO.23 Doug May, 21. NO.46 Dion Riley

Bainer’s OilGARD Anti Rust Canadian Modified Division

1. NO.39 Jonah Mutton, 2. NO.32 Doug O’Blenis, 3. NO.1 Shawn Gregory, 4. NO.29 Rich Sanders, 5. NO.51 Mike Freeman, 6. NO.52 Doug Galt, 7. NO.5 Wally Alderdice, 8. NO.41 Corey Halbert, 9. NO.33 Carissa Burrows, 10. NO.69 Julian Phillips, 11. NO.3 Nathan Rinaldi, 12. NO.56 Pat McEvoy, 13. NO.26 Bob Green, 14. NO.4 Tom Swerbrick

Vanderlaan Building Products Late Model Division

1. NO.55 Brad Rayner, 2. NO.46 Brandon Mowat, 3. NO.87 Andrew Hennessy, 4. NO.57 Charlie Sandercock, 5. NO. 01 Eli Mayhew, 6. NO.77 Caley Weese, 7. NO.92 Adam Turner, 8. NO.29 Phil Potts, 9. NO.22 Shawn Gregory, 10. NO.91 Kraig Handley, 11. NO.5 Steve Baldwin, 12. NO.89 Austin King, 13. NO.9 Bryan Sudsbury, 14. NO.12 Adam Whaley

Pinty’s Knights of Thunder 360 Sprint Car Division

1. NO.14H Jim Huppunen, 2. NO.91 Ryan Turner, 3. NO.88h Joshua Hansen, 4. NO.68 Aaron Turkey, 5. NO.28 Jordan Poirier, 6. NO.1 Holly Porter, 7. NO.5 DJacob Dykstra, 8. NO.70 Baily Heard, 9. NO.15 Dan Nanticoke, 10. NO.46 Kevin Pauls, 11. NO.13 Cory Turner, 12. NO.9 Liam Martin, 13. NO.98 Paul Pekkonen, 14. NO.90 Travis Cunningham, 15. NO.11 Jamie Turner, 16. NO.84 Tyler Rand