Badlands Motor Speedway Suspends Racing

Badlands Motor Speedway held its annual Silver Shootout race, and we would like to thank the thousands of fans who enjoyed perfect weather and a great night of racing.

On Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 BMS made a necessary business decision to discontinue the services provided by the Med Star Dirt Track Rescue Team. Along with the discontinuance notice, we enclosed a check to pay them their fees for the entire 2017 season and let them know we would be going in a different direction at this time.

The safety of our drivers, crew, fans and staff is always our No. 1 priority.

After receiving this notice, Jay Masur of Med Star expressed his opinion on this matter to social media, texts and calls to some of our employees, and an appearance on KELOLAND news on Wednesday, May 18.

Since that time BMS has received an onslaught of negativity, attacks on our social media forcing us to deactivate them, and threats of boycotts on our track from fans, race teams, officials, vendors, sponsors and staff.

At this time we will be suspending racing at Badlands Motor Speedway until we can complete our search for a new ownership group to take over. We will keep the facility race-ready for whomever purchases BMS so they can take advantage of the 2017 season if they would like.

To help accommodate a quick sale we will be re-pricing the entire operation at $7,500,000, which is approximately half of what we have put into the entire project and complete remodel of the facility.

Everyone who has purchased tickets either on-line or in person will receive full refunds for their purchases. If they were bought on-line, the refund will be posted to the credit card that was used to purchase the tickets. If you bought them in person, you will be able to bring them to that point of purchase for a full refund plus $10 in gas money, starting on Monday, May 22nd.

All advertisers, suite holders, season ticket holders, etc… will be contacted personally by our staff and issued a full refund for your 2017 purchases.

All of us at Badlands Motor Speedway wish this would have worked out much better than it did. We had some great racing at a great facility and we are looking forward to passing the torch on to a new ownership group as soon as we can. We want to see cars back on the track and fans back into the bleachers.

Thank you very much to those who supported us along the way and joined us in our journey to build a great facility for a great sport in the great city of Brandon, South Dakota. And a big thank you to all of our staff, contractors, sponsors, vendors, officials, media and everyone else who helped bring this dream to life.


Badlands Motor Speedway

Our reasoning for the separation from Med Star: Normally Mr. Masur and his Med Star team show up to our events hours prior to the event as no racecars can be fired up until a medical services team is on site. Last year they were always set up 2-3 hours early so this is when we expected them this year, especially for our largest event and our season-opener. When they were not there by 5:00pm as when expected, General Manager Tom Savage spoke with Mr. Masur who said they were on their way. Multiple calls were made thereafter, and they finally entered our property at 6:30pm, which was after the gates were already open to the fans. They did not get to the infield until 6:45pm. These unexpected delays put management in the very difficult position of having to determine if refunds needed to be made to all of the fans and what to do with the race teams who came from all over the area to compete. Cancelling a live event like this on the spot would have been very difficult and surely would have caused some major disruptions and inconveniences to unsuspecting fans and drivers.

Normally following every event, Mr. Masur and Med Star always stayed on the facility grounds to be sure the drivers, race teams and fans exited the facility safely, and that there are no medical emergencies or patrons in need. On Saturday they packed up immediately and left the property while the majority of the fans and race teams were still on property. We are thankful there were no emergencies during that time, but this was simply unacceptable and unprecedented.