Kyle Smith Comes From Massachusetts For Port Royal 305 Blue Collar Classic Win

PORT ROYAL, PA – Kyle Smith of South Egremont, Massachusetts, scored the big victory in the sixth annual Port Royal Speedway Blue Collar Classic for the IMCA Keystone RaceSaver 305 sprint cars on Saturday night.

Smith surged during the final five laps to drive down leader Tyler Reeser and swoop past for the $1,350 win in the final two turns of the 25-lap feature event.

The 20-lap Mason Dixon Shootout limited late model main was taken by Justin Weaver after Weaver also made a late race pass for the victory.

The make-up Butch Renninger Memorial for xtreme stocks went to local driver Herm Renninger after he led 17 laps of the main and the four cylinder main was scored by Matt Chronister.

Nearly 140 cars filled the pits for action in the big October event.

Polesitter Nick Sweigart led only the first lap of the Blue Collar Classic for the 305 sprint cars before Tyler Reeser took over.

In a race for the track title, Reeser tried pulling away after he got to the front while point leader Jeff Miller battled into third spot behind Darren Miller.

Reeser hit the halfway point of the race with a .7 second lead over Darren Miller and Jeff Miller and then just as Jeff Miller put a move on for second with 10 laps to go, he lost control and spun the car in the fourth corner, ending his title hopes.

The restart saw 12th starter Kyle Smith taking the green from fourth spot and Smith raced up to third when action resumed.

With five laps to go, Reeser still had a .898 second lead over Darren Miller however Smith was clearly getting faster during the final stages, using great runs off of the cushion on the second corner to gain ground.

He took second with three laps to go and then ran down the leader to duck to his inside in the third and fourth turns as the leaders headed toward the finish line.

Smith was able to come out of turn four as the leader with Reeser glued to his tail back to the checkers.

Smith’s margin of victory was a scant .080 seconds.

Reeser ended up second and recorded the 2017 Creasy Signs Port Royal 305 Sprint Series track title.

Darren Miller was third followed by Nick Sweigart and Ken Duke Jr.

Sixth through 10th went to Zach Newlin, Jeff Geiges, Drew Ritchey, Scott Lutz and Jeff Miller.

Heats for the 57-car field went to Reeser, Dylan Schatzer, Darren Miller, Kyle Smith, Sydney Prince and Jeff Miller.

Twin consolations went to Austin Bishop and Greg Dobrosky with Tim Tanner Jr. setting fast time with a lap of 18.307 seconds.

Kyle Ganoe led all 15 laps of the Founders Cup non-qualifiers race for the 305 sprints to earn a guaranteed starting spot in the 2018 Blue Collar Classic main.

James Lichliter led the first 16 laps of the limited late model main over fourth starter Justin Weaver.

But Weaver’s bottom groove came in as the race wore into the late stages and with three laps to go, Weaver drove into control for the $1,000 victory.

Lichliter rode home second followed by George Dixon, Derrick Garman and Jim Yoder.

Heats went to Lichliter, Garman, Dillan Stake and Dixon. Andrew Stotler took the consolation race.

Herm Renninger took control from Bob Bussey on the third lap to speed to the Renninger Memorial xtreme stock main.

Bill Powell raced into second on a lap four restart and ended up finishing second and scoring the 2017 Juniata Junction xtreme stock track title.

Kevin Imes rode home third followed by Mike Goodwin and Ryan Zook.

Heats went to Renninger, Josh Bender and Imes.

Polesitter Matt Chronister wired the field for the four cylinder feature win.

Chronister was challenged by Chris Anderson for the win but Anderson would finish second followed by Noah Swank, Tim Campbell and Tim Raup.

Twin heats went to Chris Anderson and Justin Williamson.

Feature Finishes 10/7/17

305 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Kyle Smith, 2. Tyler Reeser, 3. Darren Miller, 4. Nick Sweigart, 5. Ken Duke Jr., 6. Zach Newlin, 7. Jeff Geiges, 8. Drew Ritchey, 9. Scott Lutz, 10. Jeff Miller, 11. Austin Bishop, 12. Dave Brown Jr., 13. Tim Tanner Jr., 14. Jaremi Hanson, 15. Rick Stief, 16. Scott Ellerman, 17. Greg Dobrosky, 18. Scott Frack, 19. Samantha Lieberman, 20. Kassidy Kreitz, 21. Dylan Schatzer, 22. Cale Reigle, 23. Mark Watkins, 24. Sidney Prince

DNQ: Kyle Ganoe, Christian Rumsey, Brendon Poff, Nathan Gramley, Colby Dice, Ryan Lynn, Stevie Kennawell, Brian Lawson, Colton Hoover, Randy Sterling, Fred Arnold, Tim Smolenyak, Mike Alleman, Kristen Hess, Erin Statler, Darren Bolac, Dave Guss Jr., Dan Hennessy, Zack Burd, Jonathan Jones, Bradley Mellott, John Walp, Jay Krout, Brian Sweitzer, Tom Humphries, Kyle Craker, Ian Cumens, Jacob Gomola, Kurt Knepper, Matthew Kline, Andrew Hake, Roger Irvine, Mike Schuckers

Limited Late Model Feature, 20 laps: 1. Justin Weaver, 2. James Lichliter, 3. George Dixon, 4. Derrick Garman, 5. Jim Yoder, 6. Matt Cochran, 7. Andrew Yoder, 8. Dillan Stake, 9. Derrick Quade, 10. Jason Schmidt, 11. Brad McGinnis, 12. Todd Snook, 13. Eric Irvin, 14. Doug Ishler, 15. Andrew Stotler, 16. Curt Dunn, 17. Andrew Shoop, 18. Taylor Farling, 19. DJ Mease, 20. Matt Nailor, 21. Ralph Morgan Jr., 22. Dalton Bigler, 23. Shaun Jones, 24. Jared Fulkroad

DNQ: Rick Lias, John Myers, Matt Wilson, Donnie Farling, Kenny Yoder, Shaun Miller, Brandon Seibert, Devin Frey

Xtreme Stocks, 20 laps: 1. Herm Renninger, 2. Bill Powell, 3. Kevin Imes, 4. Mike Goodwin, 5. Ryan Zook, 6. Dylan Rutherford, 7. Alex Boozel, 8. Jeremy Stremmell, 9. Will Brunson, 10. Charlie Bryner, 11. Smith Cope, 12. Chase Kepner, 13. Jimmy Kessler, 14. Carl Graves, 15. Gary Calimer Jr., 16. Tom Brunson, 17. Pete Leister, 18. Walt Peters, 19. Jason Davis, 20. Bob Bussey, 21. Curtis Lawson, 22. Bryan Neff, 23. Keith Bissinger, 24. Josh Bender, 25. Darren Rice, 26. Tyler Amtower, 27. XX, 28. Chase Bowsman, 29. Nick Gentile

Four Cylinders, 15 laps: 1. Matt Chronister, 2. Chris Anderson, 3. Noah Swank, 4. Tim Campbell, 5. Tim Raup, 6. Jeff Foster Jr., 7. Ryan Smith, 8. Travis Semple, 9. Anthony Varner, 10. Zach Wright, 11. Bruce Beatries, 12. Brandon Hedstrom, 13. Pap Moist, 14. Adam Campbell, 15. Jared Rudy, 16. Justin Williamson, 17. Tony Hubler, 18. Andrew Moist