Dewease Wins Sprint Car Showdown at Susquehanna


YORK HAVEN, PA – Lance Dewease survived some mid-race drama with Logan Schuchart before capturing the big $5,000 payday in Saturday’s 30-lap BAPS Auto Paints and Supplies 410 Sprint Showdown at Susquehanna Speedway.

The event closed the curtain on the 2017 racing season at Susquehanna and in Central Pennsylvania.

Chase Dietz dominated the 25-lap 358 Sprint car feature for his second win of the season.

After setting quick time and winning the Dash, World of Outlaws regular Logan Schuchart took control of the 410 Sprint car feature as Joey Saldana settled into the runner-up spot.

As Schuchart set the pace, a lap four incident brought out a yellow flag when contact was made between Danny Dietrich and Greg Hodnett that also collected Freddie Rahmer and Cory Haas. Heavy damage to Hodnett’s car sidelined him for the day as was Dietrich and Rahmer.

On the restart, Anthony Fiore brought out a red flag after flipping.

Saldana got high on the restart allowing Lucas Wolfe and Dewease by as Dewease began his charge to the front after starting sixth.

Dewease made the race winning pass on Schuchart with 14 laps complete but action got heated when Schuchart attempted to get back around Dewease but ran over the front end causing front wing damage to the Kreitz Racing 69K machine. After some dramatics while the field was under caution, Schuchart pitted with a flat tire and rejoined the rear of the field.

Despite the damage, Dewease was able to keep Saldana at bay for the remainder of the event to score his 19th career Susquehanna win, 13th overall this season and second of the year at the York Haven oval.

Saldana finished second ahead of Wolfe, ninth starting Brock Zearfoss and 10th starting Brian Montieth with Mark Smith earning the Hard Charger coming from 18th to sixth ahead of Anthony Macri, Haas from the rear of the field, Brandon Rahmer and Schuchart.

Schuchart set fast time over the 30 car field with a lap of 15.655 seconds while heat races were won by Dewease, Ryan Smith and Dietrich. Brett Michalski won the consolation.

Dave Brown, Jr. led the first two laps of the 358 Sprint car main before Dietz took control and never looked back.

A late race red for a flip by Jake Eldreth would close the field on the Spring Grove racer but he was not to be denied the win as he took the checkered flag.

Brent Shearer raced by Kevin Nouse on the final turn to steal the runner-up finish with Nouse, who started 12th settling for third over Chris Frank and 10th starter Brett Wanner with Cody Fletcher earning the Hard Charger after starting 20th, Tyler Ross, Mike Bittinger, Troy Wagaman, Jr. and Brown completing the top ten.

Nouse, Wanner and Eldreth won heats for the 31 car field. CJ Tracy was the consolation race winner.


1) 69K Lance Dewease, 2) 71 Joey Saldana, 3) 24 Lucas Wolfe, 4) 3Z Brock Zearfoss, 5) 21 Brian Montieth, 6) M1 Mark Smith, 7) 39M Anthony Macri, 8) 39 Cory Haas, 9) 88 Brandon Rahmer, 10) 1s Logan Schuchart, 11) 16 Gerard McIntyre, Jr., 12) 5 Tyler Ross, 13) 1A Jacob Allen, 14) 5T Tyler Reeser, 15) 73B Brett Michalski, 16) 10 Joe Kata, 17) 49 Bradley Howard, 18) 2w Glenndon Forsythe, 19) 7K Dan Shetler, 20) 91 Tony Fiore, 21) 27 Greg Hodnett, 22) 48 Danny Dietrich, 23)51 Freddie Rahmer, 24) 94 Ryan Smith.
Did Not Qualify: 15 Vince Snyder, 12J Jonathan Jones, 12w Troy Fraker, 74JR JR Berry, 17 George Streaker Jr., 19M Landon Myers

358 SPRINTS (25 Laps):
1) 4R Chase Dietz, 2) 12 Brent Shearer, 3) 1J Kevin Nouse, 4) 00 Chris Frank, 5) 54 Brett Wanner, 6) 66a Cody Fletcher, 7) 41B Tyler Ross, 8) 12 Mike Bittinger, 9) 19 Troy Wagaman, Jr., 10) 44x Dave Brown, Jr., 11) 97 Brie Hershey, 12) 59 Steve Wilbur, 13) 4 Dwight Leppo, 14) 21 CJ Tracy, 15) 49 Bradley Howard, 16) 22m Hank Donovan, Jr., 17) 7 Trey Hivner, 18) 3x Jeff Paulson, 19) 22B Nat Tuckey, 20) 23J Jake Eldreth, 21) F1 Andrew Frye, 22) 19s Steven Drevicki, 23) 14T Tyler Walton, 24) 8 Kenny Kuhn,
Did Not Qualify: 3 Chris Priar, 27 Jake Galloway, 12x Alyison Dietz, 10T Brody Treaster, 13s Jon Stewart, 44 Dylan Norris, 21T Scott Fisher