Line-Ups, Results and Recaps from SDS DIRTcar Nationals Night Four – DTD Exclusive

BARBERVILLE, FL – Billy Decker, Matt Sheppard and Larry Wight have picked up feature wins so far at Volusia Speedway Park at the DIRTcar Nationals.  Tonight is the final night with $5,000 on the line.

Who will win the 50-lap finale on Saturday night? Stay tuned here to Dirt Track Digest for coverage all night long including recaps and results.

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Super DIRTcar Series ROSTER (39 cars)
1 Billy Pauch
1G Darwin Greene
2L Jack Lehner
3 Justin Haers
5 Ryan Godown
5* Tyler Siri
7 Rick Laubach
8 Rich Scagliotta
9 Will Thomas
9s Matt Sheppard
18 Anthony Perrego
19 Tim Fuller
19m Jessey Mueller
20 Brett Hearn
21 Yan Bussiere
21a Peter Britten
23c Kyle Coffey
25 Erick Rudolph
27J Danny Johnson
29J Chris Ostrowsky
30 JoJo Watson
33 Marc Johnson
35 Francois Bellemare
35c Mario Clair
42 Kyle Sheldon
42p Pat Ward
44R Russ Morseman
46 Jeremy Smith
44 Stewart Friesen
48t Davde Rauscher
65 Scott Hitchens
72 Cass Bennett
88 Mat Williamson
91 Billy Decker
98t Tyler Thompson
99L Larry Wight
111 Demetrios Drellos
118 Jim Britt

Subtract: 88a Dave Allen

Qualifying Groups
Group #1: Ward, Haers, Lehner, Smith, Bennett, Thomas, Siri, Thompson, Clair, Rauscher

Group #2: Hitchens, Wight, Mueller, Morseman, Drellos, Godown, Perrego, Laubach, Pauch, Decker

Group #3: Britt, D Johnson, Coffey, Sheldon, Ostrowsky, Scagliotta, Bellemare, Hearn, Greene

Group #4: Fuller, Britten, Rudolph, Williamson, Sheppard, Watson, Friesen, M Johnson, Bussiere

Warm-Ups / Time Trial Results
Group #1 Time Trials: Will Thomas 17.755, Haers, Ward, Siri, Lehner, Rauscher, Thompson, Smith, Clair, Bennett

Group #2 Time Trials: Larry Wight 17.996, Mueller, Hitchens, Decker, Pauch, Labauch, Perrego, Godown, Drellos, Morseman

Group #3 Time Trials: Brett Hearn, 18.175, D Johnson, Coffey, Scagliotta, Greene, Britt, Sheldon, Bellemare, Ostrowsky

Group #4 Time Trials: Stewart Friesen 17.656, Sheppard, Williamson, Britten, Rudolph, Watson, Bussiere, M Johnson, Fuller

Heat Race Line-Ups
Heat 1 LU: Thomas, Haers, Ward, Siri, Lehner, Rauscher, Thompson, Smith, Clair, Bennett

Heat 2 LU: Wight, Mueller, Hitchens, Decker, Pauch, Labauch, Perrego, Godown, Drellos, Morseman

Heat 3 LU: Hearn, D Johnson, Coffey, Scagliotta, Greene, Britt, Sheldon, Bellemare, Ostrowsky

Heat 4 LU: Friesen, Sheppard, Williamson, Britten, Rudolph, Watson, Bussiere, M Johnson, Fuller

Heat Race Recaps and Finishes
Heat 1 Recap: Heat one got under way with Will Thomas taking the lead from his pole position to lead lap one over Justin Haers and Pat Ward.

The battle for second was the good early with Ward and Haers battling for the second position.  Haers asserted himself on lap three taking the spot.

Halfway through it was Thomas, Haers, Ward, Lehner and Siri in transfer spots.

Ward got back to Haers bumper and on lap six while looking for a redraw spot.  Ward stayed low while Haers worked the cushion.

Thomas went on to win over Haers, Ward, Jack Lehner and Tyler Siri.

Heat 1 Finish: Will Thomas, Justin Haers, Pat Ward, Jack Lehner, Tyler Siri DNQ Thompson, Smith, Rauscher, Clair, Bennett

Heat 2 Recap: Larry Wight quickly gained the advantage the drop of the green flag in heat two.

Wight continued to lead on lap two as the race for second between Jessey Mueller and Billy Decker developed.  Decker took over the spot the next lap.

Wight controlled the pace at the halfway point with Decker continuing in second.  Mueller bobbled giving third to Scott Hitchens on the same lap.

Wight went on to check out for the win with Decker finishing second followed by Hitchens, Billy Pauch and Mueller.

Heat 2 Finish: Larry Wight, Billy Decker, Scott Hitchens, Billy Pauch, Jessey Mueller DNQ Godown, Perrego, Drellos DNS Laubach, Morseman

Heat 3 Recap: Brett Hearn got things going at the green by leading the way into turn one.  He brought Danny Johnson with him.

As Hearn and Johnson raced for the lead, Rich Scagliotta and Kyle Coffey challenged one another for the third spot on lap three.

Hearn led at the halfway point but D Johnson was right there.  Two laps later they nearly came together as they came to the line to complete the lap.

D Johnson got the lead by a nose on lap seven.

D Johnson went on to win over Hearn, Scagliotta, Coffey and Kyle Sheldon.

Heat 3 Finish: Danny Johnson, Brett Hearn, Rich Scagliotta, Kyle Coffey, Kyle Sheldon DNQ Britt, Bellemare, Greene, Ostrowsky

Heat 4 Recap: The heavyweight battled continued between Matt Sheppard and Stewart Friesen in heat four with Friesen grabbing the lead.

Friesen opened the lead on Sheppard with Britten and Williamson racing for third.

Friesen stretched the lead by the halfway point as the field strung out.

With two laps to go Rudolph tried to find a way by JoJo Watson for the final transfer spot.  He went low but couldn’t get there.

Friesen went on to win over Shepard, Britten, Williamson and Watson.

Heat 4 Finish: Stewart Friesen, Matt Sheppard, Peter Britten, Mat Williamson, JoJo Watson DNQ Fuller, Bussiere, M Johnson

Redraw Cars: Will Thomas, Larry Wight, Danny Johnson, Stewart Friesen, Justin Haers, Billy Decker, Brett Hearn, Matt Sheppard

Last Chance Showdowns Line-Ups, Recaps and Finishes
Last Chance Showdown 1 LU: Thompson, Godown, Smith, Perrego, Rauscher, Drellos, Clair, Laubach, Bennett, Morseman

Last Chance Showdown 2 LU: Britt, Rudolph, Bellemare, Fuller, Greene, Bussiere, Ostrowsky, M Johnson

Last Chance Showdown 1 Recap: Thompson started on the pole but it would be Anthony Perrgo taking the lead on lap one.

Ryan Godown and Tyler Thompson battled for second with Godown taking the spot away on lap four.

It was all Perrego out in front as the race for fourth picked up between Thompson and Smith.  Thompson continued to keep him at bay as lap six was completed.

Perrego got the win with Godown and Thompson also going to the main-event.

Last Chance Showdown 1 Finish: Anthony Perrego, Ryan Godown, Tyler Thompson DNQ Smith, Drellos, Rauscher, Bennett DNS Clair, Labauch, Morseman

Last Chance Showdown 2 Recap: Jim Britt and Erick Rudolph opened the race battling for the lead which Rudolph was able to secure at the start finish line on lap one.

The top two ran away with Tim Fuller moving around Yan Bussiere for the final transfer position on lap three.

Fuller then began to track down Britt at the halfway point to take second with Rudolph leading.

Britt then had to contend with Bussiere as they challenged one another for the final transfer position.  Bussierre drove by on the outside of turns three and four to take it.

Rudolph got the win over Fuller and Bussiere.

Last Chance Showdown 2 Finish: Erick Rudolph, Tim Fuller, Yan Bussiere DNQ Britt, M Johnson, Bellemare, Greene DNS Ostrowsky

Super DIRTcar Series Feature Line-Up, Recap and Finish

50-lap @SuperDIRTcar Series Feature LU: 1 Danny Johnson 2 Justin Haers 3 Billy Decker 4 Brett Hearn 5 Matt Sheppard 6 Will Thomas 7 Larry Wight 8 Stewart Friesen 9 Pat Ward 10 Scott Hitchens 11 Rich Scagliotta 12 Peter Britten 13 Jack Lehner 14 Billy Pauch 15 Kyle Coffey 16 Mat Williamson 17 Tyler Siri 18 Jessey Mueller 19 Kyle Sheldon 20 JoJo Watson 21 Anthony Perrego 22 Erick Rudolph 23 Ryan Godown 24 Tim Fuller 25 Tyler Thompson 26 Yan Bussiere PROV 27 Demetrios Drellos 28 Jim Britt

We will have a brief recap of the main-event for the Super DIRTcar Series big-blocks before a full story that will be posted within the hour after the feature. We’ll also post full results here prior to posting the feature story.

Short Feature Recap: Johnson got the lead to open the 50-lap race over Haers and Decker.

Thomas spun in turn two for the first caution on lap two with Johnson the leader over Decker, Haers, Sheppard.

Decker worked over Johnson off of turn two on lap two, Johnson kept the lead.

Sheppard , Friesen and Decker went three-wide for second on lap four with Johnson continuing to lead the way.  Decker kept everyone at bay for now.

Friesen goes by Decker on lap six to take second.

On lap nine Friesen was all over Johnson then he took the lead on lap 10 on the bottom of turns three and four.

A lap later traffic became an issue for the leader Friesen.

Johnson began to real Friesen back in on lap 16 as he was bottled up in slower traffic.  He got to his bumper as they raced to turn one.

Friesen changed lanes on lap 17 opening the door for Johnson on the outside.  They were side-by side for the lead on lap 18.

Johnson bobbled on lap 21 with Friesen looking low to no avail.

At the halfway point Johnson began pulling away as Freisen struggled to get through traffic.  Then it was Sheppard, Wight and Decker.

Lap 30 the caution came out for the 30 as Watson slowed with issues.  Johnson was the leader over Friesen, Sheppard, Wight and Decker.

At the green Johnson maintained the lead in turns three and four, then Friesen got a run off two and used a slider in turns three and four to take the lead to have it negated by a yellow.

On the next restart Johnson went low in turns one and two and then yellow as Pauch spins in two.

Friesen gets by Johnson at the next green.  He motored around him on the outside of turns three and four on lap 31.

With 15 laps to go Friesen checked out then it was Johnson, Wight, Decker, Haers with Sheppard fading to sixth.

Decker began challenging Wight for third on lap 38 as he moved to the bottom of the speedway.

On lap 40 the race for second was a good one, Wight got by Johnson with Decker and Haers in the mix.  Friesen continued to lead the way.

And with one lap to go the caution is necessary as Godown slams the wall in turn two.

On the restart Thompson got the wall in turn two to setup another restart after Wight had nearly taken the lead from Friesen.

The race resumed with a single-file green-white-checkered finish with Friesen going on to win over Wight who wins DIRTcar Nationals title then Decker, Haers and Johnson.


UNOFFICIAL VOLUSIA SPEEDWAY PARK SUPER DIRTCAR SERIES FINISH (50-LAPS): 1 Stewart Friesen 2 Larry Wight 3 Billy Decker 4 Justin Haers 5 Danny Johnson 6 Anthony Perrego 7 Matt Sheppard 8 Peter Britten 9 Pat Ward 10 Brett Hearn 11 Jack Lehner 12 Jessey Mueller 13 Mat Williamson 14 Demetrios Drellos 15 Kyle Coffey 16 Rich Scaglotta 17 Jim Britt 18 Kyle Sheldon 19 Ryan Godown 20 Tyler Thompson 21 Yan Bussiere 22 Will Thomas 23 Billy Pauch 24 Erick Rudolph 25 JoJo Watson 26 Tim Fuller 27 Scott Hitchens 28 Tyler Siri