BAPS Motor Speedway Ready to Host Saturday Night Modifieds – DTD Exclusive


The Modifieds are back at BAPS Motor Speedway.

What was once a tradition for the former Susquehanna Speedway is now returning in a big way on Saturday night.

Kolton Gouse and the crew have wanted to bring back the Modifieds to BAPS Motor Speedway on a Saturday night. They finally got their chance this Saturday, June 6, in an event paying $3,000 to win for the Pennsylvania 358-Modifieds.  The best Pennsylvania and New Jersey has to offer are expected to attend, including Billy Pauch Jr.

“I’ve always wanted to have a Saturday night at Modified race at BAPS, back in the day, the mid-90s, the Modifieds were a weekly division here at the speedway,” stated Gouse. “Even in the early 2000’s, Vince Vicari ran the Modifieds. There has always been a strong tradition of racing them here.”

Gouse looked over the schedules at nearby tracks and saw that both Big Diamond Speedway and Grandview Speedway were off this coming weekend due to COVID-19, that opened the door for the 358 Modifieds to come to BAPS.

“Obviously, there are other tracks that race them full-time on Friday and Saturday,” mentioned Gouse. “It’s just difficult to get a Saturday night date. With everything going on with COVID, some tracks being able to open and some not, and with the scheduling and divisions that have been moved around and jumbled up, we basically had to change our program on Saturday night to give some divisions to other tracks.

“We looked around to see what we could bring in that would give us a good opportunity for our fans to see something different and give the track a shot in the arm to get things rolling for the summer time. All the stars lined up this weekend.  We needed to really change and see what was available. So, the Modifieds made perfect sense.”

Even though Gouse is admittedly is a Sprint Car guy, he does love the Modifieds. He’s hard pressed to find a night when he didn’t see a good Modified race which leads to the excitement of the Modifieds returning to BAPS.

“I’m really excited,” said Gouse. “I’m a Sprint Car guy, grew up in Sprint Cars and all that stuff. Even the Sportsman, but I love the Modifieds. They always put on great racing. Whether it’s BAPS or wherever. Modifieds always put on really good racing. Every race we’ve had in our area has always been good.

“I’m super excited to have them and to have them on a Saturday night. It’s always tough for these guys to travel during the week or on Sundays.  Hopefully fans and drivers will be able to travel and attend on Saturday night. We are looking forward to it.”

BAPS Motor Speedway is $20 for their Saturday night show with students just $15. Kids 12 & under are free. The pits are $35. If you can’t make it to the event, it will be broadcast for just $24.99 on Dirt Track Digest TV.