Brent Marks Caps Season With $5,000 Victory At BAPS – DTD Exclusive

Select Collision Kevin Gobrecht Classic - BAPS Motor Speedway - 19 Brent Marks

By:  Bobby Sweeney

YORK HAVEN, PA – Brent Marks and Danny Dietrich capped off Pennsylvania’s Sprint Car season with a battle at BAPS Motor Speedway. After a handful of sliders between the two, it was Marks scoring the $5,000 payday and another win with his new team.

Marks was under fire from Dietrich right from the start of the 30-lap main event, with Dietrich hawking Marks until the pair reached lapped traffic. Marks got a moment to breathe in traffic around the lap ten range, but Dietrich quickly erased Marks’ lead once the duo hit some open track. Dietrich took his first bid for the lead at halfway, throwing a slider on Marks.

While Marks crossed under Dietrich to defend that slide job, Dietrich tossed another slider and stuck this one a little better. However, Dietrich got hung up in traffic the next lap, and Marks slipped back to the lead. A yellow on lap 17 erased the traffic, putting Marks in clean air.

On the restart, Dietrich shot two more sliders at Marks, but Marks dove under both times to keep the lead. Around lap 20, Dietrich started to lose touch with Marks, as Marks seemed to be getting quicker and quicker. Marks expanded his lead over the final handful of laps, reaching the checkered first to claim the final Pennsylvania Sprint Car win of the season. Dietrich came home second, fending off a late charge from Logan Schuchart. With Schuchart third, Freddie Rahmer came from 14th to fourth, and Justin Peck fifth.

“Danny was really good, I thought he was better than me at one point,” Marks said. “I just had to wait for some fuel to burn off for the car to come to us. We got to trading slide jobs there and I had to open up my entry and kind of let him slide me, if I went to the middle to defend he could go up top and get a great run, I just had to work with the momentum to my advantage. It’s been a great year, and awesome to finish it out like this with our new team with three wins in four races.”

Capitol Renegade Sprint Showdown (30 Laps):  BRENT MARKS, Danny Dietrich, Logan Schuchart, Fred Rahmer, Justin Peck, Anthony Macri, Kyle Rinehart, Jacob Allen, Chase Dietz, Ryan Smith, Matt Campbell, Devon Borden, Tyler Ross, Troy Wagaman, Dylan Norris, Kyle Moody, Tim Glatfelter, Luas Wolfe, Anthony Fiore, Zachary Newlin, Denny Peebles, Davie Franek, Landon Price, Brie Hershey