Mike Gular Takes Season Ending Victory At BAPS

Engler Machine and Tool Final Showdown presented by FK Rod Ends - BAPS Motor Speedway - 2A Mike Gular

YORK HAVEN, PA – Mike Gular closed out a busy season on Saturday night with a victory at BAPS Motor Speedway in the 358 Modified division over Doug Manmiller and Louden Reimert.

Jeff Strunk finished in the fourth position with Wade Hendrickson completing the top five.

(Full story to follow)

A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 2A-Mike Gular[3]; 2. 44-Doug Manmiller[4]; 3. 16-Louden Reimert[13]; 4. 126-Jeff Strunk[6]; 5. 51M-Wade Hendrickson[1]; 6. 5-Jack Butler[5]; 7. 7-Rick Laubach[7]; 8. 401-Frank Cozze Sr[8]; 9. 30-Craig Von Dohren[23]; 10. 51T-Joe Toth[12]; 11. 17X-Kevin Beach[2]; 12. 44D-Briggs Danner[22]; 13. 51-Jordan Watson[10]; 14. 15L-Mike Lisowski[19]; 15. 88X-Dave Dissinger[16]; 16. 456-Jesse Lieby[9]; 17. 01-Dan Waisempacher[11]; 18. 14RR-Joe Funk[14]; 19. 704-Kory Fleming[15]; 20. 221-Ryan Beltz[18]; 21. 88K-Mark Kratz[24]; 22. 64-Wayne Witmer[17]; 23. (DNF) 19-Shawn Light[21]; 24. (DNF) 7X-Rick Wegner Jr[20]