Back-to-Back Sportsman Shootout Series Wins for Rocky Warner at Weedsport Speedway

WEEDSPORT, NY – For the second consecutive event, Rocky Warner drove atop Victory Hill at Weedsport Speedway on Sunday, this time as the winner of the Beyea Custom Headers Sportman Shootout Series 1420 WACK AM ESS Legends Reunion special fueled by Pit Stop Convenience Stores.

Warner redrew the fourth starting position in his No. 1J and after falling back to fifth from his outside second row starting position, eventually found the outside of the Speedway to challenge early race leader Zach Sobotka passed the halfway point of the 25-lap feature go.

Sobotka, who started on pole position, led the first 19-laps of the feature event in spectacular fashion behind the wheel of the No. 38 before giving way to Warner by inches at the stripe as a caution flag fell on lap 20.

Warner was able to restart as the race leader with only five laps remaining, and drove away to a smooth victory over Sobotka and new Sportsman Shootout Series point leader, Kevin Ridley.

Starting 7th, Ridley put on a tremendous drive in the No. 20X as he battled Warner, Dave Marcuccilli, and Kevin Root for the majority of the race, eventually besting championship rival Marcuccilli to wind up on the podium.

The No. M1 of Marcuccilli, who led the series standings by two points coming into the night, now trails Ridley by two points after narrowly avoiding disaster on two separate occasions.

Early on Marcuccilli slapped the fourth turn wall battling on the high side and later collected a spinning Ron Davis III, who spun across the field after making a low side bid for the lead on Sobotka.

In each instance, Marcuccilli was able to continue on and fight for his fourth top five finish in four starts this season, chasing Kevin Root across the line in fifth position.

Matt Guererri, Corey Barker, Tyler Trump, Glenn Forward, and hard charger Jeremy Pitcher finished in the top ten. Pitcher came from 23rd to 10th after having to run the night’s B-Main.

A total of 32 Sportsman competitors were on hand Sunday with Matt Guererri, Warner, Root, and Will Shields winning heat races. Bob Henry Jr. took the checkered flag in the night’s B-Main.

Weedsport Speedway returns to action on Monday, September 4 with the Labor Day Double Play featuring the Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modifieds, the winged 360 Sprint Car Open, and the DIRTcar Pro Stock Series.

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Beyea Custom Headers Sportsman Shootout Series

Feature (25-laps): 1. 1J – Rocky Warner, 2. 38 – Zach Sobotka, 3. 20X – Kevin Ridley, 4. 34R – Kevin Root, 5. M1 – Dave Marcuccilli, 6. 12G – Matt Guererri, 7. 31 – Corey Barker, 8. 9X – Tyler Trump, 9. 7C – Glenn Forward, 10. 14 – Jeremy Pitcher, 11. 32 – Ron Davis III, 12. 713 – Tom Collins, 13. 25G – Nick Guererri, 14. 52 – Jessica Power, 15. 99 – Ben Wheeler, 16. 60 – Jackson Gill, 17. 66W – Taylor Caprara, 18. 82 – Will Shields, 19. 18 – Tyler Singleton, 20. 9 – Brett Draper, 21. 1 – Jim Spano, 22. 4T – Bob Henry Jr., 23. 1X – Willy Decker Jr., 24. 33J – Robbie Johnston

Heat #1 (8-laps, 5-Qualify) 1. 12G – Matt Guererri, 2. 7C – Glenn Forward, 3. 713 – Tom Collins, 4. 9 – Brett Draper, 5. 52 – Jessica Power, 6. 4T – Bob Henry Jr., 7. 18P – Casey Pavlick, 8. 90 – Nate Peckham

Heat #2 (8-laps, 5-Qualify): 1. 1J – Rocky Warner, 2. 32 – Ron Davis III, 3. M1 – Dave Marcuccilli, 4. 31 – Corey Barker, 5. 18 – Tyler Singleton, 6. 33J – Robbie Johnston, 7. 49C – Carl Warren, 8. 21 – Jeff Davolli

Heat #3 (8-laps, 5-Qualify): 1. 34R – Kevin Root, 2. 25G – Nick Guererri, 3. 20X – Kevin Ridley, 4. 1 – Jim Spano, 5. 1X – Willy Decker, 6. 66W – Taylor Caprara, 7. 99C – Billy Clark Jr., 8. 7S – Troy Stougthenger

Heat #4 (8-laps, 5-Qualify): 1. 82 – Will Shields, 2. 99 – Ben Wheeler, 3. 38 – Zach Sobotka, 4. 9X – Tyler Trump, 5. 60 – Jackson Gill, 6. 14 – Jeremy Pitcher, 7. 15D – Kyle Demetro, 8. 66 – AJ Custodi

Consi (8-laps, 4-Qualify): 1. 4T – Bob Henry Jr., 2. 66W – Taylor Caprara, 3. 14 – Jeremy Pitcher, 4. 33J – Robbie Johnston, 5. 15D – Kyle Demetro, 6. 7S – Troy Stoughtenger, 7. 66 – AJ Custodi, 8. 49C – Carl Warren, 9. 18P – Casey Pavlick, 10. 90 – Nate Peckham – DNS: 21 – Jeff Davolli, 99C – Billy Clark Jr.

About Weedsport Speedway: Purchased in 2013 by Al Heinke, Weedsport Speedway has returned to a real racers track, providing a complete venue for racers, their families and friends, and for the fans looking for motorsports entertainment. Officially opened for the first time on July 24, 1955 – the Weedsport Speedway 3/8 mile dirt oval has produced a legendary list of drivers and champions including Will Cagle, Danny Johnson, Bob McCreadie, Alan Johnson, Jack Johnson, and Dave Lape to name a few. Today the facility welcomes the best of the best in dirt short track racing from the Craftsman World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series to the Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modifieds along with the DIRTcar 358-Modifieds, Sportsman, Pro Stocks, and more. While racing entertainment is the focal point, Weedsport Speedway has gone the extra mile in welcoming Weedsport Productions, which brings the facility full circle with a dedicated digital entertainment team for web, television, and on site screen usage.