Kevin Root Gets Second OktoberFAST Trophy at Weedsport – DTD Exclusive


WEEDSPORT, NY – Kevin Root found himself in the right place at the right time Sunday night at Weedsport Speedway, as Root took over the lead with just a couple of laps remaining to score the win at “The Port” in the DIRTcar Sportsman division as part of DIRTcar Racing’s OktoberFAST.

Alan Fink and Adam Pierson brought the 32-car field to the green flag for their 35-lap feature with Fink showing the way. Root worked his way to the top five early on and would be a contender throughout the contest.

As Fink hit lap traffic at the halfway mark, Root was in a three-car battle for second with Pierson and Fulton Speedway race winner Matt Janczuk. Root moved to third on lap 20 and then second just one lap later after Fink pulled into the infield with an issue.

Root took the lead coming to the white flag and he would go on to score the win over Janczuk and Zach Sobotka to earn his second win of OktoberFAST.

“The outside of the track was good, and we had a badass car tonight,” Root said in victory lane.  “We had our work cut out for us starting seventh, but we got up on the wheel and could roll through the middle so well. This is really awesome. What a great way to cap off the week.”

Janczuk had to be happy with second.

“Kevin was just a little bit better than us, but we had a great car here tonight,” commented runner-up finisher Janczuk.

Third place finisher Zach Sobotka said, “We will take that third-place finish any day, especially with Kevin and Matt up there”.

Adam Pierson ended up with a fourth-place finish and rounding out the top five in the finale feature was Mike Fowler.

Feature Results (35 Laps) – 1. 34-Kevin Root [7][$2,000]; 2. 33X-Matt Janczuk [4][$1,000]; 3. 38S-Zach Sobotka [8][$500]; 4. 15P-Adam Pierson [2][$400]; 5. 410-Mike Fowler [3][$300]; 6. 82S-Will Shields [5][$225]; 7. 12-Addison Bowman [9][$200]; 8. 22-Tim Hartman [16][$180]; 9. 56-Garrison Krentz [15][$160]; 10. 33-Richard Murtaugh [11][$140]; 11. 70P-Alex Payne [20][$120]; 12. 12G-Matt Guererri [24][$110]; 13. 132-Dalton Martin [19][$100]; 14. 7Z-Zachary Payne [26][$100]; 15. 20K-Kyle Inman [28][$100]; 16. O8-Jack Speshock [29][$100]; 17. 5-Brian Krummel [22][$100]; 18. 21C-Brian Calabrese [27][$100]; 19. 14A-Zach Arquiett [18][$100]; 20. 3-Christopher Mackey [32][$100]; 21. 99M-Mike Phelps [23][$100]; 22. 92-Andrew Buff [21][$100]; 23. 18-Gavin Eisele [10][$100]; 24. 80W-Cody Wolfe [30][$100]; 25. 64-Tyler Corcoran [13][$100]; 26. 27Z-Dylan Zacharias [14][$100]; 27. 1X-Willy Decker [31][$100]; 28. 138-Sean Beardsley [12][$100]; 29. 8-Alan Fink [1][$100]; 30. 29-Nick Heywood [6][$100]; 31. 87-Rocco Leone [17][$100]; 32. 14AJ-AJ Miller [25][$100].

Lap Leader(s): Fink 1-22; Pierson 22-23; Root 24-35.

Hard Charger Award: 20K-Kyle Inman[+13]